[LIFE] 10 Things That Really Annoy Me

Hello everyone! I think it’s going to be a tradition for me to start every blog post saying what a rubbish blogger I am.. I think my blog posts are going to be spontaneously posted now so forget about my schedule, so sorry for confusing you! How’s everyone’s Summer going? Have you done anything nice lately? I went on holiday about a week ago *dances reggae style* and it was amazing, I genuinely had one of the most wonderful week of my life, I couldn’t be more grateful for it. I really wanted to appreciate my time there and take everything in so I actually went phone/device free for the majority of the holiday, which was so refreshing and enjoyable. Now I’m back home and I have the holiday blues.. I might do a post full of pictures from the holiday if it doesn’t bring too many tears to my eyes (I don’t think I can cope waking up to dull, grey, miserable English “Summer” weather much longer).

Anyway, ramble over! Today I thought I would do a little different post on 10 Things That Really Annoy Me. Lately I’ve really been enjoying writing about lifestyle related things over Beauty and Fashion, but I have been shopping (yes, again) so expect a haul coming up. I’m going to jump right into the main juicy bit of my post, I hope you like it and can maybe relate to it.

10 things that annoy me

  1. Mornings. I hate mornings. So. Much. No, genuinely I hate them with a passion and I can’t deal with the hatred I have towards them. Mornings are meant to be slept through until you wake up rested and ready for the day. Alarms are also frowned upon in Kavi land.
  2. People who think it’s okay to talk to you in the morning. Why?! Why on earth do you think it’s acceptable to talk to me in the morning and expect a response? The most you will receive is a mere grunt or nod, if I like you that is. However if you ask me to do anything in the morning please keep in mind that you will 100% get a very dirty look from me and multiple hate messages, telepathically.
  3. When people don’t smile back at you. I don’t understand why people don’t do this? I have gone out of my comfort zone to move my mouth up to try and make you and I feel a bit happier, and all I get in response is a blink. Well okay, don’t you worry about me I’ll just sink back down into my wormย hole of misery where no happiness is shared.
  4. When people think I wear make up or clothes to impress other people. Umm, no. Hate to break it to you honey, but I actually enjoy dressing up in clothes that I feel happy in and I like applying my make up every day if I’m going out or staying in.
  5. People who edit the living daylight out of their pictures. Now I don’t mean that literally, but I’m pretty sure we can all think of one person who seems to enjoy faking their way to look amazing online when in reality they look like ‘Waka Flocka’ (yes I stole that from Twitter). It’s fine to bump up the brightness, maybe add a filter because that doesn’t change your appearance, but blurring out your imperfections and inflating your bum does nothing for your self confidence. How can anyone else love you if you can’t accept and embrace your unedited self?
  6. When the English Forecast is rain, storms oh and did I mention, rain. Yesss, that’s exactly the kind of Summer weather we all look forward to every year!
  7. When people are blunt. If you know me in real life you will know that I am a very chatty person and will write long paragraphs/chat for days with you, and I am actually interested in your life and ask lots of questions. So when people reply bluntly like ‘ok’ or ‘hmm yeah’ it instantly puts me off and I can guarantee you that I will stop putting effort in with you.
  8. Being a girl. There are so many things we must do as a girls and I just can’t be bothered for that life. I mean sometimes it’s okay but there is so much you have to do and it really annoys me. Hair treatments, buying a new mascara every 4 months, making sure your eyebrows are ‘on fleek’..
  9. When people fill in their eyebrows too much. Okay, if there is one thing I will teach a little girl it will be to NOT fill in your eyebrows with a sharpie. Your face is not a colouring book, if you want to use sharpies simply use it on paper, do not block fill in in your eyebrows because I promise you in 10 years time you will regret that.
  10. 10. When people think their hair is frizzy. Darling, you think your hair is frizzy? You haven’t seen mine, I’m basically a caveman who’s just trekked through the Amazon Jungle and then decided it would be amazing to get electrocuted. Can you imagine the look I so regularly sport? So please, do not say your hair is frizzy unless you want me to politely slap you round the face and show you my hair ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know it was quite different to my usual stuff but I enjoyed writing it a lot.

What really annoys you?


Kavi xox

[LIFE] 25 Things On My Summer Bucket List

Hello everyone! I’m such a rubbish blogger, I know I know.. I promised I would blog every Sunday at least, but it was my birthday and I had a few parties, I was finishing up school and I also went to Wales for a school trip. So basically, I have had no time to sit down to write a post. I’m going to try and write a few and schedule them in, before I go abroad on Tuesday.

I’m so excited that Summer has begun, 6 weeks of paradise!! Have you guys got any summer plans?

Last year, I wrote the same post which you can read here, and I really liked sharing it and crossing things out as I did them. I actually have 50 things that I want to do this Summer, but I crunched it down for this blog post as it would get too much. I hope you enjoy reading my list..

  1. Visit Brighton beach
  2. Do something for charity
  3. Have a water fight
  4. Have a Nerf gun fight
  5. Have a movie marathon
  6. Watch a TV Series
  7. Complete a Spanish course
  8. Get my 2nd Ear Piercings
  9. Have a BBQ
  10. Make Lemonade
  11. Go Horse riding
  12. Become a running person
  13. Watch the sunrise
  14. Go to the Zoo
  15. Drink from a coconut
  16. Stargaze on a roof
  17. Go rock climbing
  18. Make ice lollies
  19. Play golf
  20. Try the new Starbucks drinks
  21. Make a summer playlist
  22. Meet internet friends
  23. Buy a new vinyl
  24. Make a slip and slide
  25. Learn a song on the piano

So that’s a few things I want to do this summer! I hope this list gave you guys some inspiration, and if you have any ideas please do comment them down below.

Thanks for reading, I hope this post wasn’t too boring!

Kavi xox

[LIFE] Guess who’s back?!

Hello everyone!! Remember me?! Yes, it’s me Kavi ๐Ÿ™‚

It feels so weird to be writing on here again… I’ve missed it though and I’m so glad I’ve finally started this post.

I am so sorry for not writing in ages, and leaving this blog with a massive cliff hanger.. Will she come back? Where is kavichick2000 at? I bet your minds were filled with these worried thoughts ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, a lot has changed whilst is was MIA, and whilst I didn’t mean to take such a long break without any update, I’ve been fairly busy and some things were quite big that I needed to prioritise.

However, after being overwhelmed with the amount of lovely and supportive comments on my ‘closure’ post and many questions face to face, I decided that I could never end this blog for good because it has been a part of my life for two years now and I have worked incredibly hard on it, so I am passionate continue writing on here, but with a few changes.

Firstly, I changed the password on my Bloglovin’ so I would forget it and never go on there. All of my posts will still publish on there so if you follow me on there only don’t worry! I haven’t unfollowed any blogs either, but I have bookmarked my favourites which I will check regularly, so not to worry I shall still be lurking somewhere on your blog. If you’re wondering as to why I did this, the answer is that I felt pressurised by all the amazing blogs in my feed which made me feel like blogging was a competition, which is certainly is not.

Secondly, I have given my blog a complete makeover! Feel free to look at the page hereย and give me your opinions on the new look. I have rearranged things and created 4 different menus (Life, Beauty, Fashion and Food) so that is much easier for my blog readers to navigate and find what you are looking for. I have also deleted many of my old posts or some posts that I was not proud of, although if you miss something that used to be on my blog do say and I shall try and recreate it. I am overall really happy with the new appearance of my blog as I spent ages on it so I hope you find it refreshing too.

I have also decided that I will be posting whatever I want in those four categories at 5pm (GMT) on a Sunday, and if possible the same time on a Tuesday. However, I am going to be much more chilled about the deadlines so that I feel less pressurised and can produce content that both you and I will enjoy.

I’m glad I had the chance to fill you in about how kavichick2000 is going to change, and I hope you will support me and continue to read even after such a long break.

I already have a list of things I want to post about, as the 4 months gave me plenty inspiration, so look forward to that. Also, if you have any post suggestions or questions please ask as you know I don’t bite ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope you are all well, I can’t wait to catch up on all your blogs! Please let me know how you’ve been in the comments as I have missed talking to everyone in this lovely community.

Thanks for all your amazing support guys, you are all incredible and your comments make my day. The lovely people in the blogging group is one of the reasons I continued, so thank you for being so nice!

It feels so weird to be ending a post again, but thanks for reading and I’ll see you on Tuesday for a Haul…

xoxo, Kavi

[LIFE] The End…?

Hi guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Lately, I’m questioning where my belonging in this community stands. I don’t really know what kind of blogger I am, what my unique reading point is for everyone and if I’m the kind of blogger that brands want to work with and people enjoy reading. At first, I started this blog because I really enjoyed writing it and I wanted to share my creative outlet online, even if no one was reading. But now, I feel like as blogs become more common, there is so much competition and pressure to be a certain blogger to attract brands and readers, and I seem to find it more of a ‘Things to tick off my To-Do list’ than a pastime activity that I look forward to.. I have been blogging for over two years now, and I may have gained multiple followers and some loyal readers who make me very happy, but I feel like most other bloggers have gone so much further in a shorter amount of time or the same amount as me and that doesn’t make me feel too great, even though I know it’s not about the follower count, or how many brands you work with, or the amount of likes you get. I check my statistics everyday, read blogs daily and absorb tips on how to become a better blogger all the time….

If I’m honest with you, I have considered starting a new blog with a completely different writing style and making myself more of an established blogger. But then, I have come quite far with this blog so it would be a shame to delete it and start a new one, which could also fail.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m not suited for blogging? Blogging is not supposed to be a competition but I feel so down when I don’t get a comment on a post I worked really hard on, or when I see how well other bloggers are doing. Maybe it’s time to find myself a new hobby…

What do you guys think? Have you ever felt like this? Shall I take a break in the hope for more inspiration and then write again?

Thanks for reading, sorry if this post made no sense and was too much for your brain!

Kavi xox

[LIFE] How To Instantly Feel Happy :)

Hello lovelies! Happy Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not feeling to great today and had an awful sleep which really sucks because Sunday’s are made for sleeping in late! How are you?

Today I’m back with a lifestyle post, which I haven’t done in a while. I love doing tips posts because I think people enjoy reading them most and it’s nice to share our tips with each other! As much as I love writing my beauty posts, I think this post is very much needed because sometimes we all feel a bit down in the dumps or miserable, and sometimes we don’t know what to do in this kind of situation. We all have those days where we just feel a little poop, or angry, or grumpy – for whatever reason! So today I’ve gathered some of the best tips that will instantly help to make you feel happier and better than before ๐Ÿ™‚ Enough of this long rambilicious introduction, onto the post!


1. Blast some tunes. This one is a really quick and easy way to feel happier within minutes! Play that Happy playlist you have on Spotify and turn the volume to the max. I do this all the time, and I’m not promising that I don’t hide in my room and pretend I’m a professional dancer.. Oh come on, tell me you haven’t done this before?!

2. Bake a cake. You don’t necessarily have to bake a cake, but baking always puts me into a happy place and makes little butterflies in my tummy when I know that I get to lick the bowl at the end.. Food is always and forever, the secret to happiness ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Workout. If you’re feeling angry or you’ve got a lot of thoughts bubbling inside of you, instead of letting it out on other people why don’t you let the sweat out instead? Honestly, it feels brilliant to work your butt off and you feel so strong in the end – definitely the way to go if you need to release some feelings.

4. Get some fresh air. Sounds simple, but getting outside no matter what the weather will always perk you up. It’s a chance to just take in life, clear your mind and appreciate the world. Going alone can really help because it’s the perfect way to let yourself think.

5. Look through photos. If you’ve got some pictures printed or on your phone, looking through them is a great way to reflect and remember the good times. Even if you don’t feel so happy, remembering how happy you were at that moment in the photo can always help cheer you up.

6. Phone a friend. Sometimes chatting to someone who really cares about you and can listen to you will really make you feel worthy. It’s better than typing it because typing takes forever and it’s just nice to hear a comforting voice. Remember there is always someone that cares.

7. Switch off your phone. This kind of contradicts with the last point, but if you don’t want to talk on the phone unplugging from any form of social media really helps. Social media can get a little too much sometimes and it’s nice to enjoy life without the online world.

8. Read. Reading a book can distract your busy thoughts and let yourself escape into another world. It’s a fab way to switch off and can make you feel much better.

9. Do some online shopping. Hmm, a typical blogger thing to do that’s for sure. But treating yourself every once in a while can make you look forward and excited to the upcoming week!

10. Write it down. Whether that be in blog form, on a notepad or in a journal – writing down your personal feelings in a private manner may help you to work out what is wrong.

They are my tips to feel happier! I hope they helped you ๐Ÿ™‚ What are your tips to feeling happier? Please share, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading,

Kavi xox


Hello lovelies! How are you all?

In December I did something I’d wanted to do for ages… I went to my first blogger’s event! I was super nervous but at the same time really excited because I couldn’t wait to ramble on to people who had the same interests as me and finally talk face to face to people I follow online.

Sarah and Bex organised the event, and there were supposed to be a lot more people attending but in the end it was just a handful of us, which is understandable because it was Christmas time and the holiday season is always jam packed! Although I didn’t get the chance to properly talk to all the bloggers, we all had a lovely time and have agreed to do another meet up soon, which is good news.

The event was held at Pizza Express where we munched on salad and Pizza, chatted about our favourite bloggers, explained our FOTD’s and OOTD’s and snapped away pictures for our blogs. The lovely bloggers were Sarah, Beth, Bex, Lisa, Shona and Emily. I must give a huge virtual hug to Beth from BeautyInBeta who is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met and was so caring on the night! I was so excited to meet everyone behind the screen ๐Ÿ˜‰

beth and kavi

Here’s the gorgeous Beth and I! Yes, we were wearing the Christmas Cracker party hats.. ย  ย  ย  ย  (photo credit to Sarah)

Sarah very kindly bundled us each with a lovely little goodybag, filled with make up and a little yankee candle (because I don’t already have enough candles).

All in all it was a lovely event and I can’t wait to attend another one!

Have you been to a blogger’s event? What’s your opinion on meeting the girl behind the screen?

Thanks for reading,

Kavi xox

[BEAUTY] Subtle & Sultry Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ This week has been a long one, but I’ve got an even more exhausting one ahead of me… How’s your week been?

Today I’m showing youย a subtle, glowy, dewy make up look/tutorial inspired by the Victoria’s Secret Angels and the fast approaching season of Spring. December wasย filled with bold red lips and piles of glitter, and now I felt like it was time to take it down a notch. Lately I’ve been wearing this look for every occasion. It adds a little healthy glow back into your face (with a perfect flawless base) and gives your eyes a little twinkle.

I must admit I am a bit hesitant with showing my face but you can’t do a make up tutorial without a selfie, am I right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, onto the tutorial!

IMG_2164IMG_21621. Base. I used the Mac Studio Fix Foundation which is really lightweight and dewy. It’s probably the best foundation I’ve tried – I’m not a big fan of foundation so I am super impressed with this and will hopefully buy the full size soon. I dampened the Nanshy 4-in-1 Marvel Makeup Sponge* and used the flat pointed bit to apply and blend it into my face. This way your foundation looks much more subtle and natural looking – great for people who don’t want to look and feel like they are caked in make up!

2. Cheeks. First I took some Cream Blusher by Maybelline and swept this onto the apples of my cheeks. Using a tapered fluffy brush I applied Contour into the hollows of my cheeks and temples. The key here is blending – you want to look like you’re naturally bronzed. Using my fingers I swept a little bit of the Highlight from the Sleek Contour Kit onto my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose.

3. Eyes. Using a Champagne Cream Eyeshadow over my eyelid, I blended and set that in place with a shimmery light Gold Eyeshadow from the Hard Day Palette by Makeup Revolution. Then I curled my lashes and applied a good coating of the L’oreal So Couture Mascara, ensuring that I wiggled the brush to get natural fluttery looking lashes.

4. Lips. I picked out a random lip colour (this one happened to be MUA’s Lipstick in Nectar) and blotted it onto my lips, using a blending brush to buff it in, which creates a sort of just bitten look.

The Final Look:



I love how glowy it looks! The camera was so stubborn and no matter where I went the lighting would not help to show how lovely this look is. It’s a perfect way to slip in something Spring(ish) even though it’s still January…

What do you guys think of this look? Yay or Nay? More Makeup Tutorials or should I stick to the usual stuff?

Thanks for reading,

Kavi xox

P.S. I’m feeling so cold lately. I found this comfy women’s gilet from Woolovers in Nude, and it’s on sale too. I think it’d look great under big coats and long knee high boots, but I’m not sure if it’s very me or not. Opinions please? How do you layer your clothes?


Hello my lovelies! Happy Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚

This post got messed up and deleted, it was supposed to go up on Sunday but I don’t know what happened! Anyway, I’ve planned out lots of exciting posts and I’m collaborating with a few brands so this blog is definitely going to be busy for the upcoming months. If you have any blog post requests/reviews or any kind of post that you’d like me to do then definitely leave it in the comments and I will try and squeeze it in ๐Ÿ™‚

The post today is all about a challenge that I made up and have been doing for the past 20 days. So you know how everyone does the whole cliche ‘New Year, New Me’ thing? And most people decide that this year is the year to loose weight and get fit? Well I’m no exception there. I decided that after eating so much crap and chocolate and sugary stuff over the holidays that as soon as the New Year begun I would detox myself from chocolate for 21 days. 21 days is the time it takes to get into a habit/routine of something, so I decided if I make little healthy changes to my lifestyle each 21 days I would be more motivated to continue like this and I can actually achieve my 2015 wish.

Now you’re probably wondering “Kavi, why on earth would you go without chocolate for 21 days?! Are you feeling okay?”. Well to answer your question yes I am feeling fine, thank you, and I decided that because I eat chocolate everyday without a doubt, 21 days without it would be a real challenge.

And I’m not lying, 20 days down it’s been so hard to not reach for a spoon to scoop out that perfect tub of Nutella, just waiting for me in my room. Not having a Nutella Chai Latte everyday is killing me, not to mention when people offer me cake or something with chocolate in. You know who you are ๐Ÿ˜‰

So yes, it’s been very hard but I have to say I’ve enjoyed it. The cravings I have had have been tough to conquer, but those caramel cookies sorted that out… I have noticed that my skin is a lot clearer and spot free, my tummy feels less bloated and I can notice that I definitely have lost some weight! I’m not aiming to loose weight by the way, I just want to start living a healthy lifestyle and have a happy body.

This challenge is coming to end, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be starting a new one! The next challenge is to workout for 21 days and it starts on the 22nd of January, so you are welcome to join me.


Also, the other day I was sent this Shake from Slendertoxtea* and it’s a 14 day detox Meal Replacement Drink. Now I’m not going to replace any meals with it because food is just too precious and I don’t think my body can handle it. But I will be trying it out and hopefully I will enjoy using it too to detoxify! Have you tried it/detox drinks before?

What do you think about me doing 21 days without chocolate? Do you think you could manage it?

Thanks for reading,

Kavi xox

[LIFE] ‘In My Ideal World I…’ TAG

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing okay, I know this week is going to be hard for all of us what with going back to work/school/normal routines. However I have come to enlighten you with a blog post, and this one is going to be a tag that I actually made up myself! I think it’s really interesting and it would be great if lots of people answer it too, because the answers intrigue me. Basically, there are 10 statements relating to your ideal world that you fill in. Ideal, meaning dream. It’s confusing to explain, so I’m going to head right in with the tag!

In My Ideal World I’d…


Look Like – Blake Lively. Hey, don’t we all?! She looks stunning all the time, no matter what she’s wearing or hairstyle she’s sporting. She is just gorgeous. Even searching up ‘Blake Lively With No Make Up’ didn’t assure me that she doesn’t always look great.

Work For – Google! This answer was hard because I couldn’t pick out of all the many jobs in the world. But Google looks so fun to work out, and I want work to be fun! Plus, I’d find the whole idea of working behind a search engine pretty fascinating!

Shop At – Gucci. There’s something about this designer brand that makes them stand out, I think the cut of all the clothing is so unique, and they seem to nail all the trends. Plus, I’d love to just swish my Gucci shopping bag around…

Blog Like – Helen, thelovecatsinc. I don’t know how many times I go on about her blog but it never fails to impress me! Her photos are perfectly snapped and edited, her witty and minimalist writing style hooks us all and the girl is generally lovely. What’s not to love?

Buy Make Up From – NARS, Tom Ford, YSL and Dior. The make up from these brands are so luxurious, the packaging is beautiful and I feel like the quality of the products are constantly raved about. One day I will be able to afford make up from these brands!

Drink – Pina Colada or Caramel Frappes everyday. Quite the contrast but my oh my are these drinks good. Pina Colada just oozes summer and makes me so happy, while Caramel Frappes taste spectacular and give a burst of energy.

Live In – New York or California. I really want to live in a city, but as amazing New York is I know it’s tire me out a bit. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to live there! There’d be so much to eat… California would also be so fun to live in, the beaches, the palm trees and the cool vibes – I can only imagine how great it’d be!

Sing Like – Beyonce. Oh how we’d all kill for a voice like yonce’s. And her figure is also perfect. But for now, stick to mouthing and singing into your hairbrushes ladies..

Work Out Like – Kim Kardashian. I’ve been reading fitness blogs lately and the workouts Kim does are pretty awesome. I may even try them myself!

Dress Likeย – Vanessa Hudgens. Her style is simply perfection, it’s boho mixed with an edgy feminine twist. I swear there hasn’t been an outfit of hers that I don’t like! Also, can I just touch on how nice her hair is? I really want mine to look something along the line of it.

So guys, that’s all for this tag! I hope you guys liked it, I’ve always wanted to create my own tag and this seems to be the right one for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I tag you all as always, please link me up if you do decide to write your own take on it! However,ย I also want to tag Sophie, Elish, Beth, Sarah, Jasmine, Tarikaย and Beth.

Thank you all for reading,

Kavi xox

[LIFE] 5 Things // 2015 Resolutions you should all set

Hello lovelies! Welcome to the first post of 2015 on kavichick2000! I hope this year is brilliant for you all and will be your best year yet ๐Ÿ™‚ When I was writing the title I actually put 2014, it’s definitely going to take me a while for 2015 to click into my brain. I’ve had such a lovely holiday, it’s been very relaxing and fun, and I’ve seen so many people – I don’t want it to end! But all good things come to an end eventually, just in time for better times to begin!

I wanted this post to come up earlier, but I’ve been busy and that’s okay I think. I’ve been spammed with resolution posts/ 2014 in review posts so I thought I’d share the positivity by writing a resolutions post. This is not entirely blog related, it’s more lifestyle, but I think they are worth people knowing about because they are good targets and it would be nice for everyone to do them. If you have done a post on your resolutions, link me up so I can see what you want to achieve too!

Also, before I start, I am thinking about starting a new series called ‘5 Things’. I know a couple people have done them before and I love reading them because they are so organised and helpful, so if you think I should start this series then let me know.


1. Get the body you want // You’re forever mind complaining that you don’t like your figure. So this year you’re going to shape up and tone your body, so no more excuses and complaining if you’re not bothered to put into the effort. Exercise and eating healthy makes you feel happier and stronger too, so really you’re winning! Doing 21 days without chocolate has definitely kicked off your healthy living attitude.

2. Act Clever, Be Clever // It’s said that if you act a certain way, you’ll eventually become it. Now I’m not dumb neither am I clever, but acting witty will help you out a lot and I’m sure you will enjoy being clever. It might sound like a silly target but I think this is something that I’d really like to become, I used to be so clever and I’d like to be that again.

3. Get off your phone // You spend way too long on your phone, and you know that! It’s not good for you and people can wait, it’s not a life/death situation if you don’t reply so stop making up excuses and spend more time enjoying life without technology when you can.

4. Think Happy Thoughts // This is something you need to do all the time. If you’re in a bad mood or situation, your obviously not going to be thinking straight or happily, so next time this happens take a deep breath and imagine a hugeee truck coming to run those thoughts over. Put on some happy things and try to find the light in the situation, negative thoughts are never good.

5. Smile More // Sounds easy but it can be hard. When your out and about, instead of being awkward and looking down all the time, look up and smile at people. It not only puts other people on a happy high, but it also makes you feel incredibly good and you know it. It can make both people feel confident and can actually, as simplistic as it sounds, make their day. All of that just by moving a facial muscle ay?! Try it.

I really enjoyed writing this post and I think it’s nice to share with you easy targets to make 2015 your best year yet. I hope you liked reading it and will try to do these things too ๐Ÿ™‚ Also I really like this writing style, I feel like it’s more organised and professional but still a little chatty, can you notice a difference?

I hope you’ve all had a great holiday and here’s to a fab 2015!

Kavi xox