[LIFE] 5 Things // 2015 Resolutions you should all set

Hello lovelies! Welcome to the first post of 2015 on kavichick2000! I hope this year is brilliant for you all and will be your best year yet 🙂 When I was writing the title I actually put 2014, it’s definitely going to take me a while for 2015 to click into my brain. I’ve had such a lovely holiday, it’s been very relaxing and fun, and I’ve seen so many people – I don’t want it to end! But all good things come to an end eventually, just in time for better times to begin!

I wanted this post to come up earlier, but I’ve been busy and that’s okay I think. I’ve been spammed with resolution posts/ 2014 in review posts so I thought I’d share the positivity by writing a resolutions post. This is not entirely blog related, it’s more lifestyle, but I think they are worth people knowing about because they are good targets and it would be nice for everyone to do them. If you have done a post on your resolutions, link me up so I can see what you want to achieve too!

Also, before I start, I am thinking about starting a new series called ‘5 Things’. I know a couple people have done them before and I love reading them because they are so organised and helpful, so if you think I should start this series then let me know.


1. Get the body you want // You’re forever mind complaining that you don’t like your figure. So this year you’re going to shape up and tone your body, so no more excuses and complaining if you’re not bothered to put into the effort. Exercise and eating healthy makes you feel happier and stronger too, so really you’re winning! Doing 21 days without chocolate has definitely kicked off your healthy living attitude.

2. Act Clever, Be Clever // It’s said that if you act a certain way, you’ll eventually become it. Now I’m not dumb neither am I clever, but acting witty will help you out a lot and I’m sure you will enjoy being clever. It might sound like a silly target but I think this is something that I’d really like to become, I used to be so clever and I’d like to be that again.

3. Get off your phone // You spend way too long on your phone, and you know that! It’s not good for you and people can wait, it’s not a life/death situation if you don’t reply so stop making up excuses and spend more time enjoying life without technology when you can.

4. Think Happy Thoughts // This is something you need to do all the time. If you’re in a bad mood or situation, your obviously not going to be thinking straight or happily, so next time this happens take a deep breath and imagine a hugeee truck coming to run those thoughts over. Put on some happy things and try to find the light in the situation, negative thoughts are never good.

5. Smile More // Sounds easy but it can be hard. When your out and about, instead of being awkward and looking down all the time, look up and smile at people. It not only puts other people on a happy high, but it also makes you feel incredibly good and you know it. It can make both people feel confident and can actually, as simplistic as it sounds, make their day. All of that just by moving a facial muscle ay?! Try it.

I really enjoyed writing this post and I think it’s nice to share with you easy targets to make 2015 your best year yet. I hope you liked reading it and will try to do these things too 🙂 Also I really like this writing style, I feel like it’s more organised and professional but still a little chatty, can you notice a difference?

I hope you’ve all had a great holiday and here’s to a fab 2015!

Kavi xox


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