[Beauty & Fashion] Huge Summer Haul

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday ❤

If you don’t know already I am back to blogging for good now – fill yourself in by looking at Sundays post if you missed it. Anyway, I promised a haul for you and this time round its fashion and beauty, as a couple weeks ago I went shopping in Oxford Street with my best friend – it was so much fun but some pretty bizarre stuff happened. Firstly there was what sounded like a plane but was actually a massive colour bomb dropped from somewhere, to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and it looked insane. As well as that, the Sunday we went was ‘National Naked Cyclist Day’, which meant there were a good 100 or so men and women cycling through the middle of London, completely nude. Lovely.

I always seem to sidetrack… Onto the haul!

huge summer hual

Let’s start with beauty. I was kindly sent these facemasks from StyleLux, which I’ve been meaning to review for a while but obviously unable to what with the radio silence of my blog. They are called Blackhead Killers*, and it’s basically a black substance that you put over your face and peel away the blackheads. Luckily, I don’t suffer with many blackheads but I did around my nose, and after using these I don’t have any in this area now. The facemask is very strong, so be careful if you have sensitive skin as this stuff really does ‘kill’ your spots away.


When I went shopping for some new make up, Superdrug were offering two of these cute make up bags for free with your purchases, which are so handy as I always run out of space to store my make up when travelling, not to mention how nice they are. The makeup I actually purchased is this Revlon lip butter that I’ve been wanting for years (genuinely years) in ‘Juicy Papaya’, which is so pretty and easy to wear, plus it’s extra moisturising so basically feels like a luxury tinted lip balm. I also got this cream to powder eyeshadow in ‘Bronze’ from Maxfactor, and a beautiful beautiful blusher called ‘Seductive Pink’, which is surprising because usually I never purchase anything from this brand as nothing particularly interests me. Being the Barry M nail addict I am, I of course had to try the new Sunset range, I mean how pretty is the packaging and how exciting is it to have an affordable gel nail polish you can do at home?! I picked up the shades ‘Fuchsia Generation’ and ‘Peach for the stars’. I have to say I am quite satisfied, but you will see my full opinion on them when I review them, if you are interested.





Next up.. Clothing! I love clothes, and there are some really lovely pieces out in store right now so I don’t think my purse will be full any time soon.. I did pick up some other stuff a few months back, but I don’t doubt you won’t see that featured on here at some point, maybe for a Summer Lookbook? Anyway, I got this beautiful dress from Miss Selfridge for only £18, which is brilliant for them as usually the prices are pretty steep for a high street brand. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, but it has that festival vibe and I just couldn’t resist buying it. From Bershka, I picked up a few things as the summer collection is on point this year. All the items are focusing on this years top trend of the Off the Shoulder look, which personally I find very flattering. The white lace top looks so pretty with high waisted shorts, and the black with floral print top is also a killer with a high waisted item on the bottom half. I then got this super girly and cute white dress, which is longer on I promise!! It’s so thick and really makes me happy as it fits perfectly. My last clothing purchase is this super feminine (Serena from Gossip Girl like) pink lace dress. It was super affordable, as H&M usually is, but looks so elegant on and I can’t wait to wear this soon for my birthday.






That’s everything I got guys! I know it’s not HUGE to some people, but altogether this was quite an expensive haul, so it’s big for me!!

What’s your favourite thing I featured? Have you done your summer shopping yet?


Kavi xox


Hello lovelies! How are you all?

In December I did something I’d wanted to do for ages… I went to my first blogger’s event! I was super nervous but at the same time really excited because I couldn’t wait to ramble on to people who had the same interests as me and finally talk face to face to people I follow online.

Sarah and Bex organised the event, and there were supposed to be a lot more people attending but in the end it was just a handful of us, which is understandable because it was Christmas time and the holiday season is always jam packed! Although I didn’t get the chance to properly talk to all the bloggers, we all had a lovely time and have agreed to do another meet up soon, which is good news.

The event was held at Pizza Express where we munched on salad and Pizza, chatted about our favourite bloggers, explained our FOTD’s and OOTD’s and snapped away pictures for our blogs. The lovely bloggers were Sarah, Beth, Bex, Lisa, Shona and Emily. I must give a huge virtual hug to Beth from BeautyInBeta who is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met and was so caring on the night! I was so excited to meet everyone behind the screen 😉

beth and kavi

Here’s the gorgeous Beth and I! Yes, we were wearing the Christmas Cracker party hats..         (photo credit to Sarah)

Sarah very kindly bundled us each with a lovely little goodybag, filled with make up and a little yankee candle (because I don’t already have enough candles).

All in all it was a lovely event and I can’t wait to attend another one!

Have you been to a blogger’s event? What’s your opinion on meeting the girl behind the screen?

Thanks for reading,

Kavi xox

[FASHION] 5 Things I’ve Purchased This Month

Hello lovelies! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already – why does the week go so slowly and the weekend just flies by?! I hope you’re all well anyhow 🙂

So with great feedback on my last ‘5 Things’ post, which you can check out here, I decided that this is a series I want to be doing. I need to decide how regular it is going to be, maybe once every two weeks?

We all know that the shops have some kind of deal or sale on after Christmas, and after some searching around I found a few pieces in the sale and a couple other things. So I present to you a 5 piece haul, from Zara, Primark and Boots!

Primark is always worth a visit, sale or no sale. They are pretty cheap but have some good stuff, so I was delighted with these two items. I found this gorgeous oversized cardigan that is so so soft and cosy, I have literally been begging people to feel it. I love these granny cardigans because I can just chuck them over any outfit and I’m good to go. Pretty sure I will be living in this for the whole, including summer. This was £12.



I also found this cool turtle neck cropped top. I got in a huge size so therefore it isn’t tight at all, just looks like a normal top. It’s got this weird yet funky print on which I can’t find a word to describe, but hopefully the picture will do it for you. It was only £6, so obviously that’s a massive plus.


Onto Zara! I found that Zara sales are absolutely brilliant, everything is so cheap and I’m pretty sure my whole family found something in here. I don’t usually shop in Zara, but boy do I wish I had the money to. The quality is amazing, and this Slogan Tee and Flannel are no exceptions. The black T-Shirt is humongous, and it says ‘Darling, I have it on vinyl’. Cos you know with my record player and all..? Yeah. It was £5.99 which I consider great, the same price as Primark or H&M!


The flannel is my final piece of clothing that I purchased. It is very, very big as you can tell, but I think it’d work great as a nightshirt, thrown over a T-Shirt or Vest, or tucked into high waisted jeans with a big bag and a messy bun. It looks like a man’s shirt, I know, but I’ve been searching for the perfect flannel shirt for ages and it looks like I’ve found it. It was again pretty reasonably priced, at £19.99.



The final item I purchased is a make up item. I’ve been eyeing up this Bourjois Lip Lacquer/ Rouge Edition thing for ages, so many people have loved them and I am of course another one of them. They are so buttery and soft, but last for ages – I still can’t get it off from yesterday!! This one is the shade ‘Peach Club’ which is a bright and vibrant coral kind of pink. I love wearing bold lips now, whereas before it was all about the eye make up. At £8.99, it’s worth a try and I’m sure you’ll find a colour that suits you.


So they are the 5 things I purchased in 2015 so far! Which of my items are your favourite? What have you picked up recently?

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox

[LIFE] ‘In My Ideal World I…’ TAG

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing okay, I know this week is going to be hard for all of us what with going back to work/school/normal routines. However I have come to enlighten you with a blog post, and this one is going to be a tag that I actually made up myself! I think it’s really interesting and it would be great if lots of people answer it too, because the answers intrigue me. Basically, there are 10 statements relating to your ideal world that you fill in. Ideal, meaning dream. It’s confusing to explain, so I’m going to head right in with the tag!

In My Ideal World I’d…


Look Like – Blake Lively. Hey, don’t we all?! She looks stunning all the time, no matter what she’s wearing or hairstyle she’s sporting. She is just gorgeous. Even searching up ‘Blake Lively With No Make Up’ didn’t assure me that she doesn’t always look great.

Work For – Google! This answer was hard because I couldn’t pick out of all the many jobs in the world. But Google looks so fun to work out, and I want work to be fun! Plus, I’d find the whole idea of working behind a search engine pretty fascinating!

Shop At – Gucci. There’s something about this designer brand that makes them stand out, I think the cut of all the clothing is so unique, and they seem to nail all the trends. Plus, I’d love to just swish my Gucci shopping bag around…

Blog Like – Helen, thelovecatsinc. I don’t know how many times I go on about her blog but it never fails to impress me! Her photos are perfectly snapped and edited, her witty and minimalist writing style hooks us all and the girl is generally lovely. What’s not to love?

Buy Make Up From – NARS, Tom Ford, YSL and Dior. The make up from these brands are so luxurious, the packaging is beautiful and I feel like the quality of the products are constantly raved about. One day I will be able to afford make up from these brands!

Drink – Pina Colada or Caramel Frappes everyday. Quite the contrast but my oh my are these drinks good. Pina Colada just oozes summer and makes me so happy, while Caramel Frappes taste spectacular and give a burst of energy.

Live In – New York or California. I really want to live in a city, but as amazing New York is I know it’s tire me out a bit. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to live there! There’d be so much to eat… California would also be so fun to live in, the beaches, the palm trees and the cool vibes – I can only imagine how great it’d be!

Sing Like – Beyonce. Oh how we’d all kill for a voice like yonce’s. And her figure is also perfect. But for now, stick to mouthing and singing into your hairbrushes ladies..

Work Out Like – Kim Kardashian. I’ve been reading fitness blogs lately and the workouts Kim does are pretty awesome. I may even try them myself!

Dress Like – Vanessa Hudgens. Her style is simply perfection, it’s boho mixed with an edgy feminine twist. I swear there hasn’t been an outfit of hers that I don’t like! Also, can I just touch on how nice her hair is? I really want mine to look something along the line of it.

So guys, that’s all for this tag! I hope you guys liked it, I’ve always wanted to create my own tag and this seems to be the right one for me 🙂 I tag you all as always, please link me up if you do decide to write your own take on it! However, I also want to tag Sophie, Elish, Beth, Sarah, Jasmine, Tarika and Beth.

Thank you all for reading,

Kavi xox

[BEAUTY] HALL OF FAME 2014 // Beauty, Fashion, Blogs & Random

Hello my lovelies! This is the last day of 2014 and therefore the last post on kavichick2000 this year! This year has gone so quickly, but it has been such a good one for me and I think it’s safe to say it has been the best year of my life so far. How has your year been?

To conclude the year, I wanted to do a summary of my favourite things this year. I’ve decided to divide this post into four categories : Beauty, Fashion, Blogs and Random. For each of the topics I’ll talk about my favourite products/things this year. You’ll get the point when I start, so without further ado, onto the Hall Of Fame 2014!



Eyes – I decided that this Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brush is brilliant because I can use it for so many things, like blending, smudging, applying and creating a cut crease look. Plus, I picked this up at the start of the year for only £3 so it’s definitely worth the money! The Makeup Revolution ‘Hard Day’ Palette has smashed it out the court for me. It has so many different colours and I can use it for every occasion, and the £6 price tag makes it especially worth purchasing. I of course had to pick a mascara and the one (or two) I chose was L’oreal Volume Million Lashes ‘So Couture’ and Maybelline The Falsies. They both work a dream at keeping my eyelashes long, separated and voluminousness all day long.

Face – We all know that Kavi loves a good contour, so the Sleek Face Contour Kit does just the trick. I love this one so much but I can tell soon I’m going to hit pan! I love look healthy and flushed, so this Maybelline Bouncy Blush is right up my street. A creamy, peachy, dewy blush that makes me look sweet and innocent whatever the season 😉

Lips – Ever since I picked up this red lipstick I haven’t stopped talking about it. I love how the Collection lipstick in ‘Valentine’ makes me feel very feminine and confident. I need to try some more red lipsticks, I seem to be drawn to Bourjois’ Velvet lip stains but I would love some of your recommendations. I also have been loving EOS lipbalms this year, as have many other girls because the packaging is awesome. One of my favourites is the blue one called ‘Sweet Mint’.

Nails – You should’ve guessed it by now that Barry M has been by far the best nail polish brand for me this year. The majority of the nail polishes I own are from, and I don’t think there is one that I dislike! ‘Vintage Violet’ a deep and mysterious purple, ‘Blueberry’ a high shine gelly blue, and ‘Black’ have definitely been my favourite colours this year.

Fragrance – I am a lover of perfume, I have way too many in my collection and don’t stop buying more. This year, Alien (a musky scent), Glam A Lot (a sexy feminine scent) and Pure Seduction (a summery fruity scent) have been spritzed onto my clothes and body multiple times. They all smell brilliant and I wear them no matter what season/occasion.

Hair – If I’m honest with you, the only haircare product I haven’t stopped using this year is the Tangle Teezer. It simply is my lifesaver as I have such knotty, dry, frizzy and curly hair. No matter what your hair type, you need this wonder brush!

Brand – Makeup Revolution. I only have a few products from them but I am planning to go crazy and buys tons more! The packaging is fantastic, the quality of the products are nearly high end worthy and the price puts a smile on everyone’s face. Plus the people behind the brand are all so lovely, which makes the brand even better!


I don’t have too many fashion favourites, in fact they are just essentials that I think everyone needs. I love love love the Topshop jeans and always find myself wearing them, here I have the Leigh and the Kristen jeans. H&M do the best crop tops ever, great quality, great fit and a great price.



Shop – H&M. I’m sorry but I’m in love with this shop and my whole wardrobe is slowly being overtaken by this brand. The prices are so purse friendly but the quality is still top-notch, so you’re winning both ways!


I love and read so many blogs, I must follow over 1000 of them, so it was damn hard to pick my favourites. But this year, the one that always stands out to me is thelovecatsinc, written by Helen. Her photography is incredible, her theme is so simplistic and chic, she makes the best food and generally her posts are brilliant. Also, What Olivia Did is another firm favourite – her fashion posts are drool worthy and she always has the most unique post ideas!  Lastly, Beth from BeautyInBeta is always one of my favourite people. This girl is lovely, writes an amazing blog, comes up with brilliant ideas and has a crazy cat who pops up in all her videos. She’s so humble and genuinely kind it makes me smile, and I’m so lucky to have met her twice!


My favourite book series has to be hush, hush and I am Four. These series are brilliant and each book is consistently good, which is key in a series. LOL is an amazing movie and I want to watch it again and again! The plot is brilliant, and I love all the characters – you must go and see it if you haven’t already! Of course I’ve been loving watching Gossip Girl this year, it is so hooking and dramatic, I love it! Do you watch it? I have loved so many things and still do, but music wise Ed Sheeran and Arctic Monkeys are artists I’ve fallen head over heels for!

I have of course loved all of you, and am thankful for every single one of you who have read my little ramblings here on kavichick2000. I don’t think y’all know how grateful I am!

Here’s to another great year, I’ll see you in 2015!!

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox


Hello lovelies! Today, I have a HUGE collective haul to share with you all! I’m super excited because I’ve been collecting bits and bobs for the last few months, as I didn’t really have much for Autumn and Winter, and now I think I am finally satisfied with the amount of things I have!

There’s mainly make up, although I have a few haircare bits and some gorgeous things from Lush, along with a cheeky few clothing pieces. Get your latte or tea and lets begin…

huge haul



I only managed to find a few pieces, but they are staples and they can be styled with anything, so these were good finds.

H&M Striped Crop Top, £6.99 – I love long sleeved crop tops as they are really flattering. H&M crop tops are by far the best out of them all, so soft, so cheap and so nice! Any body shape would suit these so I’d recommend you have a peep at them next time you’re instore.

H&M Plain Grey Sweatshirt, £5.99 – This is super casual but looks great layered and is great for these cooler months. It’s incredibly cosy and looks great over a pair of leggings and ankle boots.

Topshop Black High Waisted Leigh Jeans, £38 – Yes they are £38. Expensive I know!! However, it’s worth it because I know I’m going to get so much use out of them, and a good pair of jeans are the kind of thing you should splurge on. High waisted jeans are my favourite style, and Topshop Leighs are on point.



I am aware how much nail polish is there, don’t worry! I am an admitted addict.

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish A/W Range, £3.99 each – I received all of these and I was a very happy bunny! As you probably know, Barry M is my absolute favourite brand for Nail Polish! In the range is Chai, Chilli, Paprika, Mustard, Cocoa and Cardamom. You will have probably seen me talk about a few of these already in recent posts, and I have another review coming up next week!

Barry M Vintage Violet Nail Polish, £2.99 – I showed this in a NOTD on Tuesday, and it’s the most unique and gorgeous purple! If you missed that don’t forget to check it out here.

Seche Vite Topcoat, £4.99 – Oh how I’ve lusted for this for so long…! I’ve seen so many beauty bloggers rave on about this product so I’m so glad I found it, for only £4.99 in TK Maxx. Absolute bargain, considering it usually costs £11!

Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate – I won this in a giveaway from the amazing BeautyInBeta (Beth) and I’m so grateful because it’s brilliant. So buttery and has the perfect flush of colour, review soon!

MUA Brow Mascara, £1 – I wanted something to set my brows in place with a hint of colour, so I stopped at MUA and found this baby for only a pound!

Collection Valentine Lipstick, £2.99 – This is the perfect pillar box red and I picked it up after hearing a fellow blogger rave about it! Super budget friendly, but still great 🙂

MakeUp Reveloution Lipstick in Rebel with a cause, £1 – I did a full review on this on how it’s a perfect dupe for MAC Rebel, read more here...

MUA Brown Eyeliner Pencil, £1 – I’ve been finding quite the bargains, lemme tell ya! I love smudging this on my upper lash line and waterline, will definitely be purchasing more of these!


I picked up three things from the Christmas range, which is lovely may I add. One of them I already used and it was the bath bomb called So White, which was so yummy, smelt of apple and autumn! Mmm…


Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb, £3.50 – This one is Twilight in Green, which is my favourite scent. My whole room smells spectacular thanks to this beauty.


YogNog Soap, £3.50 – Ahh, what can I say about this delightful bar of goodness. It smells heavenly, of caramel and sweetness, I can smell it just by talking about it! :p If you get one thing from Lush this Christmas, make sure it’s this!



John Frieda Elixir, £4.79 – This is a tamer for the frizz. I need it badly. No more to say.

VO5 Extra Hold Hairspray, £2.99 – I need hairspray all the time, it’s a lifesaver!! This one is super cheap so I just had to pick it up. Also, it’s hugeee!

MVClarke Lifesaver Spray – This is so cool, it’s basically a suncream for your hair! Awesome, right?!

So that’s everything I’ve picked up lately! I’m not promising I won’t buy anymore, oops 😉 Haha!

What have you picked up recently? What’s your favourite thing in this haul?


Thanks for reading guys!


Kavi xox

[FASHION] Holiday / Summer LOOKBOOK

Hola lovelies! I hope you’re all well 🙂

A few days ago I got back from the beautiful country of Spain. I went there for a week for my Summer holiday, and it was just stunning! I have lots of photos of it which I’ll be sharing with you in a future post, once we have gathered all the pictures together! 

For now though, I have a fashion post, where I am going to be showing you some of the outifts I wore in Spain. These outfits are super summery so hopefully they will enlighten you, what with all this horrid english weather at the moment! 

I really feel like my style has developed lately and become more worthy of showing my blog haha! If you look at my posts from a year back you’ll see that my style was just awful – but that comes with age I guess!IMG_1662 (2)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post and get a little insight on what my style has been like lately!

Outfit #1



Skater Skirt ~ New Look

Grey Crop Top ~ H&M

Sandals ~ New Look

Bracelet ~ Holiday

Outfit #2


IMG_1623 (2)


Cami Top ~ Primark

Midi Skirt ~ Miss Selfridge

Sneakers ~ Primark

Bracelets ~ Thomas Sabo, Holiday & Gift

Necklace ~ Mum’s

Nails ~ Rimmel ‘Instyle Coral’

Outfit #3


IMG_1645 (3)




High Waisted Shorts ~ Topshop

Black Crop Top ~ H&M

Shoes ~ Primark

Bracelets ~ Debenhams

Sunnies ~ Holiday

Outfit #4



Maxi Dress ~ Unknown

Sandals ~ New Look

Sunglasses ~ Primark

Bracelets ~ Holiday

They’re all the outfits I have for you today lovelies! I did wear so many more but when you’re on holiday it’s not all about taking outfit photos for the blog is it? 😉 Hehe!

What was your favourite outfit? Have you been anywhere nice lately?

Thanks so much for reading!


Kavi xox

P.S. Can we all say a big thank you to my little brother Xavi for being my brilliant little photographer?!

[FASHION] Brighton // OOTD & Photos

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all well 🙂

So one Sunday the family decided to take a trip down to Brighton. It was a long journey but when we got there it was great! There was sooo many people, I don’t think I saw a single spot without someone standing in it. Brighton had a really cool vibe, everyone was chatting or sunbathing or eating ice cream, and there were so many cute places to eat and go to. 

It was so pretty and I could not resist being a typical blogger and taking lots of snaps! I thought today I’d share some of the pictures with you, as well as the outfit I wore.

Let’s start with the outfit! 

So for the outfit I wore some new pieces that I’ve recently purchased. I finally got a kimono and this one is black and white (of course I couldn’t choose another colour) and is from H&M. It’s so light and pretty and basically goes with everything. I can tell it’s going to be a massive summer staple! 

The top I wore was also from H&M and it’s just this little grey high neck crop top. For shorts I have these ones from Red Herring I believe, I’ve had them for years but they’ve only just started to fit me properly. 

Of course, I wore my watermelon flipflops, also from H&M. As you can tell I really love H&M haha! The bracelets are from Debenhams and my cute shell anklet is from the Bahamas. The necklace is my mum’s but she’s not sure where it’s from. 


 IMG_1436 (2) IMG_1437  


Now I’ve got some snaps from the day, just all pretty things I saw and some of the food I ate. My mum made pasta salad which we ate in cups and that was yummy, then I had a Mr Whippy Ice Cream, which was da bomb. I’ll let you enjoy all the pictures now!

IMG_1406 IMG_1408 IMG_1409 IMG_1411




IMG_1417  IMG_1423 IMG_1422 IMG_1421  IMG_1420 IMG_1432 IMG_1451 IMG_1450 IMG_1448 IMG_1446 IMG_1447 IMG_1445

So I hope you enjoyed this pic heavy post! I had a fabulous time and I couldn’t wait to share all the pictures with you all. Have you been to the seaside lately?

Thanks for reading!


Kavi xox

[BEAUTY] Summer Nails Of The Day #3 – Beaded

Hiya! Hope you’re all well 🙂

For today’s post I wanted to show you what’s on my nails at the moment. I’ve been changing my nails a lot lately and of course I’ve been sticking to the good old theme of blue. Blue is definitely my favourite colour for nail polish, as you can probably tell if you look at any of my nail polish posts.

I recently went to Westfields as some of you may know, and I was in Urban Outfitters (can I just say what a perfect store this is) when I saw this gorgeous nail polish in the sale section for £3. Yes, you read that right, £3.

It has the coolest packaging ever for a nail polish and it is absolutely massive. A blue and white mix that is meant for either layering or washing on top of another colour. I decided to layer it and look how cool it looks, I love that it’s so textured.


I love this nail polish and can see myself using it multiple times in the future!

What do you think about this Nail Polish?

Thanks for reading!


Kavi xox

[BEAUTY & LIFE] What I Got For My Birthday 2014

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all well 🙂

Today I have a longg awaited post for you all, my Birthday Haul! Ever since my birthday this year (July 1st) I have wanted to write this post, but there was so much to photograph and as you know I’ve been super busy, so I hadn’t got round to it! But here I am today, a month on and I’m finally writing it.

DISCLAIMER: In no way do I mean to brag/show off 🙂

I’ll start off with some of the presents I got from my friends. This is not all of them but I picked out my favourites:

My friend Rachel who writes the blog Rachel Hearts got me these really cute lip balms from the brand RCH, which I’ve never heard of but these seem very nice. They smell light and sweet and have a really nice colour payoff. I think these will be lovely for school.IMG_1389

Pia got me a really lovely make up bag with flowers all over, and to go with it a cute compact mirror that says ‘Picture Purrfect’ on. I’m so glad I got this as I needed both things for school!


My friend Amy got me this set of things from The Body Shop, which looks so nice and it contains a body scrub, body wash (smells of chocolate may I add), body butter and a body mist.


Annalise got me this set from Soap & Glory called Clean On Me which looks perfect for travelling and Lily got me my favourite body sprays also from S&G.


My friend Indie got me this mug that every blogger/shopaholic needs, she and I both knew that it was perfect for me and I love a good old mug.


Mariek got me some really lovely bits. She got me these watermelon flip flops which I had not stopped talking about, a lovely fruity perfume by Shakira and then she made a cupcake and decorated a pack of cards with the ’52 reasons I love you’. This was honestly the cutest thing ever and I was very touched by such a personal gift!






One of my best friends Katie got me something I really could not believe I got. I had mentioned a few times to the girls how badly I wanted a record player, and what do you know, Katie gets me one for my birthday along with my favourite album, AM by Arctic Monkeys. I am so grateful for this and I still can’t get over how lucky I am to have such lovely friends.






Flo got me an Arctic Monkeys T-shirt which went perfectly with my new record player. Funnily enough I was going to buy one with my birthday money, so I’m happy I got one 🙂


The other T-shirt you see in the picture is something my parents got me. I put this on my wishlist as I’ve seen it a lot on the internet and I really wanted to style it myself.

My parents also got me a perfume I had chosen, it’s called Alien and it has the weirdest, most perfect, musky scent ever. Also the packaging is beautiful. Love, love love.


I love EOS lipbalms, and one day I will own every single one of them, but my parents got me all these and ahh, I love them! Review coming up soon 🙂IMG_1374

The last present I got was from my parents, and I have to say I was the most excited about this one! I finally, after many years, I can now say I proudly own an Urban Decay Naked palette. This one is the Naked 3, and oh my how beautiful it is <33 I’m so happy I own it!




IMG_1329 IMG_1330

So that’s it for my birthday haul! I did get a few other bits and pieces but I didn’t want to show everything. Thanks so much to anyone who got me a present/card and to everyone who simply wished me a happy birthday, it really means a lot! 😀

If you want to see a review on anything then let me know. Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox