[LIFE] ‘In My Ideal World I…’ TAG

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing okay, I know this week is going to be hard for all of us what with going back to work/school/normal routines. However I have come to enlighten you with a blog post, and this one is going to be a tag that I actually made up myself! I think it’s really interesting and it would be great if lots of people answer it too, because the answers intrigue me. Basically, there are 10 statements relating to your ideal world that you fill in. Ideal, meaning dream. It’s confusing to explain, so I’m going to head right in with the tag!

In My Ideal World I’d…


Look Like – Blake Lively. Hey, don’t we all?! She looks stunning all the time, no matter what she’s wearing or hairstyle she’s sporting. She is just gorgeous. Even searching up ‘Blake Lively With No Make Up’ didn’t assure me that she doesn’t always look great.

Work For – Google! This answer was hard because I couldn’t pick out of all the many jobs in the world. But Google looks so fun to work out, and I want work to be fun! Plus, I’d find the whole idea of working behind a search engine pretty fascinating!

Shop At – Gucci. There’s something about this designer brand that makes them stand out, I think the cut of all the clothing is so unique, and they seem to nail all the trends. Plus, I’d love to just swish my Gucci shopping bag around…

Blog Like – Helen, thelovecatsinc. I don’t know how many times I go on about her blog but it never fails to impress me! Her photos are perfectly snapped and edited, her witty and minimalist writing style hooks us all and the girl is generally lovely. What’s not to love?

Buy Make Up From – NARS, Tom Ford, YSL and Dior. The make up from these brands are so luxurious, the packaging is beautiful and I feel like the quality of the products are constantly raved about. One day I will be able to afford make up from these brands!

Drink – Pina Colada or Caramel Frappes everyday. Quite the contrast but my oh my are these drinks good. Pina Colada just oozes summer and makes me so happy, while Caramel Frappes taste spectacular and give a burst of energy.

Live In – New York or California. I really want to live in a city, but as amazing New York is I know it’s tire me out a bit. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to live there! There’d be so much to eat… California would also be so fun to live in, the beaches, the palm trees and the cool vibes – I can only imagine how great it’d be!

Sing Like – Beyonce. Oh how we’d all kill for a voice like yonce’s. And her figure is also perfect. But for now, stick to mouthing and singing into your hairbrushes ladies..

Work Out Like – Kim Kardashian. I’ve been reading fitness blogs lately and the workouts Kim does are pretty awesome. I may even try them myself!

Dress LikeΒ – Vanessa Hudgens. Her style is simply perfection, it’s boho mixed with an edgy feminine twist. I swear there hasn’t been an outfit of hers that I don’t like! Also, can I just touch on how nice her hair is? I really want mine to look something along the line of it.

So guys, that’s all for this tag! I hope you guys liked it, I’ve always wanted to create my own tag and this seems to be the right one for me πŸ™‚ I tag you all as always, please link me up if you do decide to write your own take on it! However,Β I also want to tag Sophie, Elish, Beth, Sarah, Jasmine, TarikaΒ and Beth.

Thank you all for reading,

Kavi xox

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