[LIFE] 25 Things On My Summer Bucket List

Hello everyone! I’m such a rubbish blogger, I know I know.. I promised I would blog every Sunday at least, but it was my birthday and I had a few parties, I was finishing up school and I also went to Wales for a school trip. So basically, I have had no time to sit down to write a post. I’m going to try and write a few and schedule them in, before I go abroad on Tuesday.

I’m so excited that Summer has begun, 6 weeks of paradise!! Have you guys got any summer plans?

Last year, I wrote the same post which you can read here, and I really liked sharing it and crossing things out as I did them. I actually have 50 things that I want to do this Summer, but I crunched it down for this blog post as it would get too much. I hope you enjoy reading my list..

  1. Visit Brighton beach
  2. Do something for charity
  3. Have a water fight
  4. Have a Nerf gun fight
  5. Have a movie marathon
  6. Watch a TV Series
  7. Complete a Spanish course
  8. Get my 2nd Ear Piercings
  9. Have a BBQ
  10. Make Lemonade
  11. Go Horse riding
  12. Become a running person
  13. Watch the sunrise
  14. Go to the Zoo
  15. Drink from a coconut
  16. Stargaze on a roof
  17. Go rock climbing
  18. Make ice lollies
  19. Play golf
  20. Try the new Starbucks drinks
  21. Make a summer playlist
  22. Meet internet friends
  23. Buy a new vinyl
  24. Make a slip and slide
  25. Learn a song on the piano

So that’s a few things I want to do this summer! I hope this list gave you guys some inspiration, and if you have any ideas please do comment them down below.

Thanks for reading, I hope this post wasn’t too boring!

Kavi xox

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