[LIFE] 25 Things I Want To Do This Summer

Hey lovelies! Today I have decided to write up a post about 25 things I want to do this Summer. Summer officially starts in 5 days for me, so I decided instead of wasting my time in bed and on my phone or laptop, I would actually do things this summer! I’ve seen many people do this post and I will link my favourites at the end of this post, so do check them out too!

If you have a Summer Bucket List please send me links, I would love to read it!


1. Watch A New TV Series – Okay so this defeats the whole ‘Get off your laptop’ thing but honestly, TV series are the best! I’ve heard that Orange Is The New Black is really good, so maybe I should try that? Leave suggestions in the comments!

2. Go To A Blogger Meet Up – I so badly want to go to one and meet all my blogging besties! Hopefully Maisie will be hosting one so I am excited for that 🙂

3. Meet Maisie – If you don’t read Maisie’s blog you are missing out big time, it’s amazing! It feels like we’ve been friends forever but now I seriously need to meet her in real life.

4. Get A Henna Tattoo – I love henna tattoos so much, I’ve had them many of times before but I never get bored of them.

5. Go On A Theme Park Ride I’d Never Go On– I’ve kind of already done this, but if I go to a theme park again this Summer I’ll definitely be a bit more daring with rides.

6. Volunteer For Something – Volunteering is good, and I really want to do something even if I don’t get paid.

7. Raise Money For Charity – This could mean doing a cake sale or doing a run (which does not sound like me) but even if it’s £5 for charity, that’d be amazing.

8. Become A YouTuber – I’ve tried this before but I couldn’t commit to it, but with six weeks on my hands I have enough time to become one! Would you guys be interested in this?

9. Have A Mother/Daughter Spa Day – This would be so cute and who doesn’t love a good old pamper session? 😉

10. Go Shopping In Westfields – I’ve never been before but it sounds like heaven. Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Victorias Secret. Exactly what a girl who loves shopping needs.

11. Try A New Fruit – Summer has completely different fruits compared to the rest of the year, so I’d love to try something exciting like Star Fruit or Guava.

12. Draw More Often – I really like art, especially drawing but I never do enough of it so maybe I’ll start that hobby up again.

13. Have a BBQ – I enjoy barbecues, even though I’m a veggie I still think they’re really cool!

14. Do Yoga On The Beach – A bit of a daring one but I think this would be so relaxing and I would enjoy it so much.

15. Go To See Someone Perform Live – I don’t mind who I see, but I would really like to go to a gig/concert as I’ve only been to one and I loved it!

16. Spend A Day In London – London is so exciting and there’s so many places to go to and places to shop, not even going to mention how much food is there… 😉

17. Fly A Kite – Sounds simple and it is, but I’m sure this would be lovely to do if I could manage to do it.

18. Go Roller Skating – Quite achievable as my whole family loves roller skating! It;s a great form of exercise because it’s so so fun.

19. Do Something Crazy With My Hair – I might colour it in with chalks, chop off an inch, go a few shades lighter or get a fringe. If I don’t like it, I will have long enough to get it back to normal.

20. Organise A Clothes Swap – These look so cool, and I love so many different kinds of clothes so I’d do brilliant in this 🙂

21. Have A Day Without The Internet – SHOCK, HORROR! Yes, to anyone who knows me, it is right I am going to do this challenge however absurd it may sound to you.

22. Earn Money – Whether I start working for someone or selling my stuff, I really want to earn some money to contribute to my future shopping trips.

23. Camp In A Garden – This seems so fun as long as I’m with other people! If I was by myself I’d get so freaked out by everything.

24. Spend A Whole Day At The Beach – I love the seaside wherever in the world it is, so I’m looking forward to this day!

25. Light Sparklers With Friends At Night – I used to love doing this when I was younger, so why not do it now?!

So that is everything on my Summer Bucket List! I actually have 50 things but these are the ones I think you guys will find interesting.

What do you want to do this Summer?

Thanks For Reading,

Kavi xox

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38 thoughts on “[LIFE] 25 Things I Want To Do This Summer

  1. thetrickyniki says:

    You could easily do loads of these! 🙂 And get yourself to Westfield’s! Especially in Stratford, they have this amazing cheap make up place called KIKO Make Up Milano! 🙂

  2. Nikolettax says:

    You HAVE to watch Baby Daddy – it’s seriously hilarious! OMG please watch it, it’s my new favourite show ahhhh!

    • Kavi says:

      Awh thank you! I haven’t had a spa day in ages, ahh I’m craving it! Ooh lucky thing!! That should be amazing, do let me know what it’s like! I will do, I’ll be crossing it off as I do it 🙂 xxx

  3. anastasiias says:

    I like your list! I also want to draw more often. I like to draw but I don’t do that for some time already. and “Have A Day Without The Internet ” is wonderfull thing and actually that what helps to draw more. When I go on vacation on seaside I don’t check internet ever. That is the best time. 🙂 Also when I went to my home country I checked my emails and social networks only in the evening not more than an hour. and look at me now?:D

    • Kavi says:

      Thank you! Definitely, that’s the same with me ahah! Drawing would be perfect to do on the internet less day 🙂 Awh haha, thanks for the comment! Is there anything you want to do this summer?

      • anastasiias says:

        Except drawing I want to swim in the sea and do more sport. I did a lot previous summer, I feel kinda lazy now:D

  4. Mammu says:

    I like your list! I can recommend you some series, I don’t know if you’ve seen them already – The100, Falling Skies, Twisted, Defiance, Under The Dome, The Witches of East End 🙂 Have fun 😀

  5. Little Bit Soph says:

    I’m really dying to go to a blogger meet up too 🙂 definitely would love to tick that one off my list! Also, if you start a Youtube channel I’ll definitely watch your vids & sub – you should go for it 🙂 xx

    • Kavi says:

      So do I! It would be lovely to meet you hehe! Awh thank you, I don’t know though- I’m so awkward in front of the camera 🙈 xx

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