Summer Gelly Nails Of The Day

Hello lovelies! As you’re reading this I will be in Cyprus, and I wanted to show you the manicure and pedicure that I decided to wear for my holiday. As the weather there is super warm (much like our British Summer, when it’s HOT), I thought why not wear a summery colour instead of a spring one.

I’m sure many of you know that I adore Barry M Nail Polish, and this is just another one of them. I own so many, but this colour is just divine, I may even say that it’s in my Top 3 Favourite Nail Polishes.




The camera did not pick up how beautiful and vibrant this colour is, it’s sort of like a mermaid colour- a greeny blue shade. It’s so thick and opaque and it only takes two coats to achieve the desired gel look. It really suits my skin tone, however I think bluey green shades make every skin tone pop.

For £3.99 you really can’t go wrong, and this colour is to die for. I really enjoy it on my nails because it makes me feel all summery. I love it so much that I put it on my hands and feet.

They’re my nails of the day, what do you think about this colour?

Thanks so much for reading,


Kavi xox


What’s In My Travel Make Up Bag

Hello my lovelies! As I went on holiday to Cyprus on Saturday, I had to choose what make up to bring for a week. Now, if you’ve ever been on holiday with me, you know very well that I like to over pack. Actually saying that I over pack would be an understatement.  Anyway…

I wanted to show you what make up/skincare/haircare items I decided to take with me. Of course I packed my favourite things, so you may recognise some of the products from my previous posts.


Let’s start off with eyes shall we? Eye make up is the only thing I tend to over pack, as I never know what I’m going to wear. I packed three eyeliners:

* L’oreal Super Felt Tip Liner ( for when I want to create a winged eye look)

* Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal in Nude and Black (the nude one will be perfect for brightening up sore eyes from swimming etc)


I chose to take some eyeshadows in neutral shades for when I want a little something extra. I took my:

* MAC Quad with Woodwinked (gorgeous gold shade) and Mulch (lovely coppery, bronze colour with purple reflects)

* Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze (a lovely metallic bronze colour, perfect for the beach or swimming, as it’s waterproof and lasts all day)

To go along with the eyeshadows I had to take with me a primer, this one is:

*Elf Eyelid Primer in Sheer

As for mascara, I had to take my favourite one which is:

*Maybelline The Rocket Volume Mascara

And I can’t go one day without my:

* Emite Make Up Eyelash Curlers


For the face, I decided to take the things that I know I’ll use everyday. I chose:

*Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

* Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (in case I get oily and to set my concealer)

*Sleek Contour Kit (for that extra glow)

*Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush (if I need a bit of colour)



As for lips, I chose 4 completely different products which are:

*L’oreal Lip Stain in Lolita (a pinky neutral colour)

*Revlon Balm Stain in Rendezvous (the on trend orange colour)

*Bourjois Effet 3D Lipgloss in Democratic Rouge (super pigmented red)

*Barry M Lipgloss in Coral (Pinky, peachy, coral colour for the beach)


For skincare, I took:

*L’oreal Micellar Water

*Boots Rosweater Toner (very refreshing)

*Simple Night Cream

*Doublebase Body Moisturiser (light but super hydrating)

*Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydrate (I’m not sure about this, but I heard Niki rave about this so I trust her)

I did take lots of other skin stuff, like a body scrub and a shower gel from the Body Shop, as well as a hydrating spritz from Anatomicals


Then for haircare, I took:

*Avon Morrocan Argan Hail Oil

* Toni & Guy Classic Hair Serum  

That’s everything beauty wise I’m taking with me! I took a few other things like nail polishes and shower stuff, but I forgot to photograph them, sorry!

I hope you guys liked seeing what was in my travel make up bag! What is one product that you have to take on holiday?

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox

The Perfect Girls Night In

Hiya lovelies! I hope you’re all well :)

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have a girly night in with a few friends, rather than going out. Although I enjoy going out, being at home all comfy and chilled, watching movies and relaxing is 10 times better. Recently my friend Flo came round and we had the perfect night in, so I’m going to share with you exactly what we did so you can recreate it! :)IMG_0876

IMG_0868 IMG_0869

The first thing we did was run a bucket bath. We filled it up with some lovely bubble bath soap and soaked our feet in the hot water.


Afterwards, we used this lovely Mango Body Scrub from The Body Shop, which we scrubbed our feet and hands with. We finished off our mini pedi/manis by slicking a good amount of the Mango Body Butter, also from The Body Shop.

Then we danced around in my room and took some selfies, because you have to take a selfie wherever you go, right? ;)



It’s time to put your feet up and grab a movie and some snacks. We chose the movie Frozen, which I had to see after hearing Beth rave on and on about it on Twitter. See her cute wishlist here. For snacks, we had the good old popcorn, marshmallows and of course, Pringles. I can assure you, it didn’t take more than 10 minutes to eat all this cheeky junk.



We paused the movie to pop on some face masks. I saw someone on YouTube put plain Yoghurt on their face as it’s very nourishing, so I did just that.

IMG_0879 IMG_0881


We also grabbed some hot chocolate. I was actually pretty chuffed with how well I made them, they look good, no?

Don’t forget to change into your onesies, and have a good girly catch up.

So that’s how I have a girly night in! So much fun, and I loved the movie Frozen. It’s lovely to chill out with your friends, why don’t you host a night in soon too?

What would be your perfect girly night in?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!


Kavi xox

P.S. I’m going on holiday tomorrow guys! I’m super excited :) If any of you still want to guest post for me please let me know!

Primark & Topshop Haul | Spring 2014 |

Hiya chickas! It feels like forever since I’ve posted, and I’m so sorry for that! I’ve been quite busy, but I so wish I had posted because I’ve missed it! Sorry if you missed me, but I’m back ;)

On Sunday, I went out shopping with my mum which is always fun because it’s great to have a girly giggle together! I hadn’t been shopping in the whole of March, so I was very much craving a good shop… The craving got so bad that I even dreamed about shopping… Anyway!


I had a massive wishlist with only £30 to spend, which I didn’t even use up, as I had vouchers too, so I was very proud of myself! I also managed to get rid of a great deal of stuff on my wishlist, so it’s time for another one! ;) First stop was Primark, which is where I got everything apart from one item. Let’s get into the haul!


The first thing I got were a pair of shoes. I’ve been wanting white converse for absolutely ageees, but I also love the effortless look of Vans, so when I saw these I was like – ” Your MINE.” They’re super cute and you can wear them with practically anything, and I just know that I’m going to get a good wear out of them. They were £6, which is a bargain.

This next thing is kind of a basic essential- cotton pads. They come in a pack of 160 for £1, don’t tell me that’s not a good find?


Another basic item that I just HAD to show you, it’s these super cute Pj’s! Primark Pj’s are the bomb, like seriously, you can’t beat them. The bottoms are covered in food. Yes food. On your pjs. Perfection or what? The pink top came separately but it’s also very pretty. Thanks to my mum for buying these for me, I love them!


I got this really super chill T-Shirt from Primark, after seeing Sarah from Sarah Speaks rave on about the ‘Neppy Tees’. They are basically loose fitted, circle neck tees, with rolled up sleeves. You can pretty much wear these with anything, and it’s going to be amazing to chill in this. I got in the colour Nude for £4.


I got two other tops from Primark. One of them is this top that I’ve had my eye on for yonker years, but I’ve never found the right colour. However I found it in the shade ‘Lemon’ (yellow) which looked great on my skin tone, so I was very happy to find it. If you haven’t seen these before, it’s called a ‘Raglan Top’ which is basically a plain loose long sleeved top with a different colour tummy and arms. They, again, are perfect for just lounging around in, and I can’t wait to wear this because the colour is perfect for Spring!


The last piece I picked up from Primark is this really cute cropped Halter Cami. It’s basically a cropped floaty vest which you can pair with anything and everything. I recently bought a leapord midi skirt which I am planning to wear with this. It’s another bargain price at only £2!


Lastly, from Topshop, I had some vouchers to spend for my birthday, so I decided to pick up some jeans! I love Topshop jeans, and I believe that every girl should have a pair (if not 2) in their collection, They are a little pricey (ranging from £36-£40) but are well worth the investment as they are amazing quality and fit. The ones I chose were the Leigh Jeans, which are mid waisted, super soft and stretchy, and ankle grazers. These are a great alternative to my Kristen Jeans from Topshop, which are slighty on the darker denim side. As I had vouchers, I only had to pay £2 for these, but normally they cost £38.

IMG_0866 (2)

That’s it for my haul! I hope you enjoyed seeing everything I picked up! Sorry I was a bit excited, I was very happy with my finds :) What have you picked up lately?

I forgot to mention that all of this stuff was mainly for my holiday, because I’m going on holiday on Saturday to Cyprus! I’m super excited, but I’m looking for some guest bloggers so if any of you are interested I’d love to know! :)

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox

♥ March Favourites ♥

Hello lovelies!

I’m so relieved that my drama exam is over now! I put so much effort in to it for 10 weeks straight, and now it’s over, so I’m feeling very happy! Anyway, I thought seeing as it’s over I’d celebrate by writing a blog post.

Also, it’s mothers day today-what have you been doing to make your mum feel special? I made my mum some lemon biscuits :)

March has gone by very quick and it’s been jam packed, so here are the things that I’ve been loving using everyday.


I had to start by showing you my favourite nail polishes. I’ve raved on about them for ages now, but honestly they’re so good. If you haven’t already, try the Barry M Gelly Nail Paints, in the particular shades Blueberry and Greenberry.

As I mentioned in my Spring TAG, my perfect scent for spring is Mist You Madly by Soap & Glory. It smells perfect, very light and delicate, but girly too!

I have been reaching for the Benefit They’re Real Mascara a fair bit this month. I love how it quickly lengthens and volumises my lashes. It’s one of those mascaras that pulls your whole face together.

My best friend Flo luckily went to New York back in February, and she very kindly picked me up this EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruits. I absolutely love the whole concept of this, and it honestly moisturises my lips so well! It feels amazing to apply,which is always a bonus. I want the whole collection now and I will get it.

The last beauty item that I’ve really liked using in the month of March is the Real Techniques Blush Brush. It’s a perfect, soft fluffy brush which works fabulously at creating a soft blushed/bronzed face. For the bargain price of £5 from ASDA, I think it’s very much worth it.

My last favourite of March is this heart pillow, which I got from Primark. Slowly after I got this, it became a bloggers cult. It looks fantastic on your bed and just makes everything look cute and feminine. Its American Apparel looking Mesh design, retails for only £3, so it’s definitely something worth looking for when you’re next in Primark.

That’s all of my favourites for March! What have you been loving this month?

Thanks so much for reading,


Kavi xox

My Sick Day Essentials

Hiya everybody! I’m currently writing this post whilst I’m feeling quite ill and mehh feeling. You know when you go through a whole tissue box, your skin feels tight and saggy, and you just feel ill and don’t have the energy? Yep, I’m having one of them days. I hate them, I’ll tell you now.

Anyway, I’ve done a few things whilst I’ve been off ill today to make me feel a bit better, and I wanted to share with you my tips, tricks and essentials so you don’t get

Let’s get started!


The Necessities:

Tissue Box- If you’ve got the dreaded cold like me, you need a tissue box in your life.

Comfy Clothes- I like to stay in my pj’s, or pop on an over sized, warm hoody and sweatpants, so I can feel super comfy. Remember to dress warm, whether your going outside or staying indoors, otherwise you’ll make yourself more ill.

Liquids- This may sound a bit obvious, but you have to drink lots. Whether that be water, hot vimto, herbal tea or hot chocolate- you need to wash all that nasty stuff out of ya. A personal favourite of mine is honey water- a mix of honey and hot water. Soothes the throat, calms the mind and warms the body. It also tastes good.

Rest- This is an important one. When your ill, your body is usually very weak, and the true remedy for that is sleep. For some of you, being allowed in bed for longer will probably be the best news you’ve heard in a long time. As much as I love sleep, I hate being in bed all day, it just makes me feel urgh. So I like to sit on the sofa and do a mindless task, shall I call it, and watch some tv. Feel good movies are the best.

Fresh air- If you’re not bed-bound, then try, even if it’s for 5 minutes, to get out the house for a bit. It will do your body good, trust me.

Have a Bath/ Shower- If you don’t usually have time for a bath, what better day to have one when you’re ill?! Pick an uplifting scent, we all know Lush do some amazing ones!

Food- Okay again, an obvious one! But food always helps me feel better! My favourite food to eat when I’m I’ll is toast. I seem to enjoy it 10xs more when I’m ill. And I’m a very lucky girl, because my mum makes bread homemade, so it’s even yummier! What food do you like to most when you’re ill?

The Skincare/ Make Up

No Make Up- These are the days where you do not need to wear any make up. Your not going out, and your skin is already bad so why make it worse? If you are going out, keep it simple with a dab of concealer on any dark circles and blemishes, a coat of mascara and a lip balm.

Skincare- For skincare, I like to freshen up my skin and make it feel lifted. I just do this by washing my face and using a facial scrub, and then I apply a cooling, refreshing toner. I keep my lips moist by applying a thick layer 0f lipbalm, and that’s about it!


So that’s all my Sick Day Essentials! Sorry it’s a bit of a different post, but blogging has definitely perked me up! What are your sick day essentials?

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading,

Kavi xox

Spring TAG

Hey my lovelies! I hope you’re all well! I can’t apologise enough how sorry I am for not blogging at all this week, and unfortunately I won’t be properly blogging until May, where my schedule is free! I will, however, blog every Sunday, and try to post either on Tuesday or Friday, depending on how much work I have to do. If you didn’t know already, at the moment I’m doing a lot of exams which are very important and will last until the last day of April. Unfortunately, as much as I love my followers and blogging, my blog has to take a back seat whilst exams are happening. Onto the post!

The lovely Liv over at BlushingBeauty tagged me to do this Tag, called the Spring Fever Tag. It seems like such an exciting tag to do and perfect timing, as I really had no clue what to write about today and Spring is officially here now! If you want to check out her version of the tag, here’s the link -

photo 2 (33)

1) What eye palette will you use most this spring?
I’d like to use my MAC quad that I’ve just built, but I’m going to try and use my wet ‘n wild palette as it’s got some gorgeous velvety pinky rosey toned eyeshadows, which are perfect for spring!

2)What blusher in your collection is a Spring must? And what about lipstick too?
My Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral is stunning, it gives you a pop of colour and creates an incredible sheen on your cheeks!
For lipstick, I’d say my L’oreal Glam Shine Splash in Lolita, which is a perfect colour and formula for me!

3)What nail polish do you love to wear in Spring?
I did a whole post on this if you remember, but of course I love pastels and Barry M sums Spring up in nail polish for me!

4)What is on your Spring break agenda?
I’m going to Cyprus! So expect a few travelling posts, like what’s in my travel make up bag, what’s in my beach bag and my airplane tips! Also I’ve got revision to do for my final exams :(

5)What trends are you looking forward to- fashion nail polish make up etc?
Pastels I guess, and I can’t wait for everyone to start adding more colourful pieces into their wardrobe. Make up wise, I’m excited to add bright lip colours and different colours in my waterline!

6)What is your signature Spring scent?
Of course I’d choose something floral, but nothing too strong. Soap & Glory has a gorgeous spray called Mist You Madly, which every beauty lover has tried! It’s my ultimate favourite spring scent.

7)Do you have a Spring skincare regime?
It’s no different to my winter/autumn skincare routine to be honest!

8)What is Spring like where you live?
Cold… As per usual England is like that! However, the weather has been getting nicer and sunnier, and we haven’t had much rain, touch wood!

9)Florals, got to have them or make them stop?
Hmmm, I’m in the middle to be honest! I’m not keen on having too many floral pieces, but I don’t think I’d want to get rid of them!

10)Favourite activity to do in the Spring?
I’d say I like to get outside a lot more, and enjoy the sunny weather (when we get it!). I don’t do a particular activity haha…

Anyway thats all the questions in this tag! I liked this one because it was so different! I’d like to tag you all, but I’d love to see the following people do it:
Maisie (HighStreetSpy)
Beth (BeautyInBeta)
Tarika (CherryBlossom15)
Mammu (Mammu Likes)
Niki (Colourmeniki)
Jacquelyn (littlescottishcorner)
Rosie Paddington

And anyone else who wants to do it! I’d love to see your take on it, please leave me all your links down below!
I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading!
I’ll see you soon!
Kavi xox

Ooh, I almost forgot! I reached 600 followers a couple days ago! :D Thank you so much! I’m hoping to do a special post and a giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that! :)