[Beauty & Fashion] Huge Summer Haul

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday ❤

If you don’t know already I am back to blogging for good now – fill yourself in by looking at Sundays post if you missed it. Anyway, I promised a haul for you and this time round its fashion and beauty, as a couple weeks ago I went shopping in Oxford Street with my best friend – it was so much fun but some pretty bizarre stuff happened. Firstly there was what sounded like a plane but was actually a massive colour bomb dropped from somewhere, to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and it looked insane. As well as that, the Sunday we went was ‘National Naked Cyclist Day’, which meant there were a good 100 or so men and women cycling through the middle of London, completely nude. Lovely.

I always seem to sidetrack… Onto the haul!

huge summer hual

Let’s start with beauty. I was kindly sent these facemasks from StyleLux, which I’ve been meaning to review for a while but obviously unable to what with the radio silence of my blog. They are called Blackhead Killers*, and it’s basically a black substance that you put over your face and peel away the blackheads. Luckily, I don’t suffer with many blackheads but I did around my nose, and after using these I don’t have any in this area now. The facemask is very strong, so be careful if you have sensitive skin as this stuff really does ‘kill’ your spots away.


When I went shopping for some new make up, Superdrug were offering two of these cute make up bags for free with your purchases, which are so handy as I always run out of space to store my make up when travelling, not to mention how nice they are. The makeup I actually purchased is this Revlon lip butter that I’ve been wanting for years (genuinely years) in ‘Juicy Papaya’, which is so pretty and easy to wear, plus it’s extra moisturising so basically feels like a luxury tinted lip balm. I also got this cream to powder eyeshadow in ‘Bronze’ from Maxfactor, and a beautiful beautiful blusher called ‘Seductive Pink’, which is surprising because usually I never purchase anything from this brand as nothing particularly interests me. Being the Barry M nail addict I am, I of course had to try the new Sunset range, I mean how pretty is the packaging and how exciting is it to have an affordable gel nail polish you can do at home?! I picked up the shades ‘Fuchsia Generation’ and ‘Peach for the stars’. I have to say I am quite satisfied, but you will see my full opinion on them when I review them, if you are interested.





Next up.. Clothing! I love clothes, and there are some really lovely pieces out in store right now so I don’t think my purse will be full any time soon.. I did pick up some other stuff a few months back, but I don’t doubt you won’t see that featured on here at some point, maybe for a Summer Lookbook? Anyway, I got this beautiful dress from Miss Selfridge for only £18, which is brilliant for them as usually the prices are pretty steep for a high street brand. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, but it has that festival vibe and I just couldn’t resist buying it. From Bershka, I picked up a few things as the summer collection is on point this year. All the items are focusing on this years top trend of the Off the Shoulder look, which personally I find very flattering. The white lace top looks so pretty with high waisted shorts, and the black with floral print top is also a killer with a high waisted item on the bottom half. I then got this super girly and cute white dress, which is longer on I promise!! It’s so thick and really makes me happy as it fits perfectly. My last clothing purchase is this super feminine (Serena from Gossip Girl like) pink lace dress. It was super affordable, as H&M usually is, but looks so elegant on and I can’t wait to wear this soon for my birthday.






That’s everything I got guys! I know it’s not HUGE to some people, but altogether this was quite an expensive haul, so it’s big for me!!

What’s your favourite thing I featured? Have you done your summer shopping yet?


Kavi xox

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