[LIFE] The End…?

Hi guys 🙂

Lately, I’m questioning where my belonging in this community stands. I don’t really know what kind of blogger I am, what my unique reading point is for everyone and if I’m the kind of blogger that brands want to work with and people enjoy reading. At first, I started this blog because I really enjoyed writing it and I wanted to share my creative outlet online, even if no one was reading. But now, I feel like as blogs become more common, there is so much competition and pressure to be a certain blogger to attract brands and readers, and I seem to find it more of a ‘Things to tick off my To-Do list’ than a pastime activity that I look forward to.. I have been blogging for over two years now, and I may have gained multiple followers and some loyal readers who make me very happy, but I feel like most other bloggers have gone so much further in a shorter amount of time or the same amount as me and that doesn’t make me feel too great, even though I know it’s not about the follower count, or how many brands you work with, or the amount of likes you get. I check my statistics everyday, read blogs daily and absorb tips on how to become a better blogger all the time….

If I’m honest with you, I have considered starting a new blog with a completely different writing style and making myself more of an established blogger. But then, I have come quite far with this blog so it would be a shame to delete it and start a new one, which could also fail.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m not suited for blogging? Blogging is not supposed to be a competition but I feel so down when I don’t get a comment on a post I worked really hard on, or when I see how well other bloggers are doing. Maybe it’s time to find myself a new hobby…

What do you guys think? Have you ever felt like this? Shall I take a break in the hope for more inspiration and then write again?

Thanks for reading, sorry if this post made no sense and was too much for your brain!

Kavi xox

[FOOD] The Chocolate Whoopie Pie Recipe

Hello lovelies! Happy Sunday 🙂

I haven’t posted in a week because I didn’t know what to post about and have been a little busy.What have you been doing this week? I feel like this blog has taken a back-seat in my life but with a week off I will hopefully be able to prepare and get back on track!

Anyway, yesterday I got in the kitchen and decided to try baking something new and different – Whoopie Pies! If you don’t know what Whoopie Pies are, they are two cake/cookies sandwiched together with a filling.

The Whoopie Pies I made are rich, soft and indulgent chocolate cookies with a whipped chocolate ganache filling. Someone scream YUM YUM!

So if you want to know how to make these beautiful babies, keep on reading..

whoopie pies




The Content

For the Pies:

  • 1 Egg
  • 75g Unsalted Butter
  • 125g Caster Sugar
  • 5 tbsp plain Yoghurt
  • 2 tbsp Milk
  • Splash of Vanilla Extract
  • 200g Plain Flour
  • 80g Cocoa Powder
  • 3/4 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
  • 1/4 tsp Baking Powder

For the Ganache:

  • 200g Dark Chocolate
  • 240ml Double Cream
  • A pinch of Salt

The Method

1. Cream together the sugar and butter with an electric mixer, and then add in the egg.

2. Mix the milk, yoghurt and vanilla together and using a wooden spoon quickly stir this into the egg mix.

3. Now add all the other (dry) ingredients into this batter and fold it together.

4. Put the mixture into the fridge for 20 minutes and in the mean time, turn the oven to 170C and line two trays with baking paper. 

5. After the twenty minutes is up, spoon around 6-7 circles of the mix onto each tray. They should be a little smaller than the size of your palm. Pop into the oven for around 15 minutes, until they look and feel firm but still maintain a spongey consistency. 

6. Leave the pies to cool to room temperature, and in this time you can get on with the filling! You want to pop the cream in a saucepan and let it boil on medium heat, then take it off the heat and add the chopped chocolate and salt in. Let this sit before stirring the ganache to a shiny, smooth texture.

7. Leave the ganache to completely cool to room temperature, but making sure you regularly whisk the mixture so it doesn’t harden. After it’s cool, use an electric whisk to whizz and firm up the ganache until thicker and fluffier.

8. Spoon the ganache onto half of the whoopie pies and sandwich the others on top. Et Voila, Chocolate Whoopie Pies complete!


Have you tried Whoopie Pies before? Will you be making these?

Thanks for reading guys,

Kavi xox


Hello lovelies! How are you all?

In December I did something I’d wanted to do for ages… I went to my first blogger’s event! I was super nervous but at the same time really excited because I couldn’t wait to ramble on to people who had the same interests as me and finally talk face to face to people I follow online.

Sarah and Bex organised the event, and there were supposed to be a lot more people attending but in the end it was just a handful of us, which is understandable because it was Christmas time and the holiday season is always jam packed! Although I didn’t get the chance to properly talk to all the bloggers, we all had a lovely time and have agreed to do another meet up soon, which is good news.

The event was held at Pizza Express where we munched on salad and Pizza, chatted about our favourite bloggers, explained our FOTD’s and OOTD’s and snapped away pictures for our blogs. The lovely bloggers were Sarah, Beth, Bex, Lisa, Shona and Emily. I must give a huge virtual hug to Beth from BeautyInBeta who is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met and was so caring on the night! I was so excited to meet everyone behind the screen 😉

beth and kavi

Here’s the gorgeous Beth and I! Yes, we were wearing the Christmas Cracker party hats..         (photo credit to Sarah)

Sarah very kindly bundled us each with a lovely little goodybag, filled with make up and a little yankee candle (because I don’t already have enough candles).

All in all it was a lovely event and I can’t wait to attend another one!

Have you been to a blogger’s event? What’s your opinion on meeting the girl behind the screen?

Thanks for reading,

Kavi xox

[LIFE] What I got For Christmas 2014 ♡

Hola lovelies! Seems like forever since I’ve wrote on here – I’ve missed it!

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you all had a wonderful time and ate lots, spent some good time with the people you love and received some nice bits and bobs. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re enjoying your time off and still having a nice rest.

I had a lovely Christmas and of course ate wayyy too much, but that’s what it’s all about, right?! I know that there is no point trying to eat healthy because there’s so much food and so many things going on it’s impossible to stay focused on eating healthy food, even though I very much need a detox. Maybe I can make a detoxifying smoothie instead! I’m just going to say that I’m really disappointed with the movies on TV this year. It’s a silly little complaint to make but the TV people should know that we’re all sitting in front of the television for hours so they should at least provide us with some decent movies…

Anyway, I’m incredibly grateful for all the presents I have received and I’m still in shock about how kind and generous they are. This post is by no means made to brag or boast about the presents I got, it’s simply another way of saying thank you and I also love reading these posts so I thought it’d be nice to do my take on it too. If you don’t give two hoots about reading this, that’s fine and I understand.

Enough rambling – onto the post!


One of my absolute favourite things I received, which I didn’t expect at all even though I badly wanted it was this HUGE ASS Panda! It’s so cuddly and adorable, quite lifesize and I lounge on it all the time. I want you all to suggest names for him, creative ones please! However I’ve decided I like the name Chu 🙂


Everyone knows I have a slight (ly large) obsession with minions, so I was over the moon when I got all this minion stuff. From luggage tags to the real minion, I’m covered minion wise. Can I just say how cool are these minion chopsticks?! I’ll be having noodles much more often now. Also one of my friends got me these socks with minions on, wacky but cute.


Beauty beauty beautay! I love make up and beauty themed things so I was delighted when I received these Lush goodies and make up brush set. Also my lovely brother surprised me with a Benefit gift box filled with some samples and the Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner! Bare in mind the cutie is only 12, I was very chuffed.


The tech stuff now! I’m so happy to finally own a Polaroid camera, it’s gorgeous and I love the entire process of taking photos with it. I also got a selfie stick which is going to be hilarious to use and I can’t wait to do so!



A few miscellaneous bits now. The cosiest slipper socks, a cinnamon yankee candle (because every girl needs a candle right), a moustache rucksack and a moustache earring holder, as well as Zoe’s book and a wonderful photo frame made by my best friend filled with memories, our favourite people and photos of us. It’s very personal but touched me 🙂

I of course received lots of chocolate and food goodies, but they’re somewhere in my tummy…

Thank you so much to anyone who got me a present or simply wished me a Merry Christmas, words cannot express how grateful and lucky I am! I don’t mean to brag and I’m sorry if it came across that way, but how about you tell me what you got for Christmas or link me up if you’ve posted about it?

Thanks for reading guys,


Kavi xox

[BEAUTY] 5 DIY Last Minute Gift Ideas…

Hello my lovelies! I can’t believe how quickly blogmas has passed! Only Christmas Eve left and then it’s Christmas and then BAM, 2014 is over. Literally that’s how December goes from now, right guy?! 😉

Anyway, even though you only have a day left to organise some presents for Christmas, I have a few ideas for you all that are absolutely lovely, super affordable and I can bet you any money that you will have this stuff in your kitchen already. So if you want to read about some easy last minute present ideas, keep reading!

diy gift ideas

1. Make them an array of Body Scrubs. Body scrubs are lovely, I make them for myself all the time, and I know that anyone would appreciate receiving one. There are so many different ones you can make, I’ve shown you how to make a coffee body scrub before and also a honey one. A mixture of candy cane crushed and sugar and coconut oil would also make the perfect festive body scrub, and you can pop it all into a mason jar with a cute gift tag! Here are some of the best body scrubs.

2.Bake some cookies! Who doesn’t love receiving more food for Christmas?! I certainly don’t mind! There are so many recipes out there, gingerbread men being a classic but also my Cookie Monster Cookies are always a winner. I actually made them today, however there aren’t many left….

3. Make them a CD filled with their favourite tracks! Such a personal, but wonderful gift to receive and everyone loves music so making this is truly the perfect way to their hearts.

4. Fill a scrapbook or photo frame with your favourite photos. This is one of the nicest things to receive, I actually got a few photo frames from my best friends this year and it makes me so happy because it’s filled with so many memories and happy times! I can guarantee printing off a few of your favourite pics and arranging them nicely will put a smile on their face 🙂

5. Make them a Voucher Book. For all of you out there looking for a way to please someone all year round, a voucher book is what you need! Parents, especially, love to get these and will use them constantly! Basically, you staple small pieces of paper together and on each paper you put a job/chore/something they’d want from you on, e.g. Hoover the house, take me on holiday, Have a movie night with me, etc etc. You can personalise these for each person, I’m sure they’d even work for a husband or wife! It’s completely original and doesn’t cost a penny, so you’re both winning.

So guys, they are my last minute DIY gift ideas! I hoped you enjoyed hearing about them and will try them out 🙂

Will you be trying these gift ideas out? Do you have any last minute gift ideas? Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Kavi xox

[FOOD] Pre-Christmas Detox Smoothie!

Hey lovelies! 3 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! Raise your hand if you’re excited -*waves*

So we all know that this season is basically filled with junk food and unhealthy eating, and to be honest there’s nothing we can do to stop that and I’m not complaining either – I am a HUGE food addict.

Nonetheless, it’s always nice to have a smoothie or a little detox before the heavy eating starts, or even after this season would be brilliant. So I conquered up a smoothie with some very unusual ingredients that you’re all bound to have in your kitchen, so no late night/early morning supermarket runs needed!





You will need:

– 1/2 an Avocado

– Honey or Sweetening syrup

– 2 handfuls of Blueberries

– 1 Banana (the riper the sweeter)

– Water or Milk

– A squeeze of Lime

The Method:

It’s quite simple, wash your ingredients and cut/peel them and chuck them all in a blender, and keep test tasting to see what your smoothie needs. Pour into a nice glass and it’s ready to drink! Yummy! So simple, so cleansing and so delicious.

Let me know if you’re going to try this smoothie! Do you have any detox recipes or any smoothie recipes?

Thanks for reading! See you in tomorrows post 😀


Kavi xox

[FOOD] The Oreo Cupcake Recipe

Happy Monday! Just kidding, I know Happy should never be associated with the word Monday. I’m sorry. Anyway, for today’s post I’m going to be sharing my oreo cupcake recipe that I promised a while ago when I wrote about my Nutella Cupcake Recipe (read here). These were excellent and can I just say my buttercream was on point. Sounds cocky, but damn it was good. I am actually eating this whilst eating a red velvet cupcake hehe! I love cake, okay?! 😉








So the Oreo Cupcakes have exactly the same cake batter as the Nutella cupcakes, so I’m going to just put that in here.

The Content:

For the cake:

– 40g Butter, room temperature

– 1 egg

– 120ml Milk

– 100g Plain Flour

– 140g Caster Sugar

– 20g Cocoa Powder

– 1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder

– Oreos!

For the frosting:

– 200g Icing Sugar

– 80g Unsalted Butter

– 20ml Milk

– Packet of Oreos

The Method:

  1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius and line a 12 hole cupcake tray with cupcake paper cases.
  2. Cream together the butter and sugar using a whisk and gradually add in all the dry ingredients.
  3. Slowly pour in the milk, beating well until all ingredients are well mixed.
  4. Add the egg in and beat well.
  5. Before you put the batter into the cases, plonk an oreo in each cupcase for a cheeky surprise at the end!
  6. Spoon the mix into the cupcake cases and fill each one up two thirds of the way.
  7. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes, or until sponge bounces back when touched. Leave the cupcakes to cool completely while you get on with the frosting!
  8. The frosting is simple. All you need to do is whizz together the ingredients using a hand whisk or fork and then simply crush up half of the oreos in a sandwich bag, and add these in too! Mix well and you’re ready for piping.
  9. Decoratively ice the frosting on and finish with half an oreo on each cupcake for even more yumminess!

And you are done! The perfect recipe for the most delicious oreo cupcakes. I couldn’t recommend trying this recipe enough – I’m not a massive fan on oreos but these are just divine!

Do you prefer Oreo’s or Nutella? Will you be trying this cupcakes out?

Thanks for reading,

Kavi xox

[FOOD] Afternoon Tea…

Hello lovelies! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged (3 days to be precise)! Anyway, I’ve been so busy and not a minute spare to blog so I am sorry for that but I’m here now so it’s all good 😉

So for today’s post I wanted to share with you some pictures from Sunday, where me and my family went to have a lovely little afternoon tea! It was great and very relaxing, although I felt rather heavy moving around after… Oh well, that’s what it’s all about right guys?!

I took a few snaps so I hope you like them and then together we can drool over them!IMG_2027

The Sandwiches – Small bite size sandwiches with different fillings


The Scones – Think warm soft scones loaded with clotted cream and melting strawberry jam



The Strawberries & Cream – This was brilliant, a classic British dessert that was mouth wateringly good


The Rest Of it – Lemon Drizzle cake that was absolutely delicious, chocolate sponge cake that was very rich, buttery soft shortbread and a pastry filled with custard and fruit! Yum…


That’s all the pictures I got from the afternoon tea! I’ve got some super exciting posts coming up so make sure you are following!

What’s your favourite dessert?


Kavi xox

[FOOD] DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Hello hello my lovelies! How are you enjoying Blogmas and December so far? I’m loving blogging everyday, it’s definitely not as stressful as I thought!

For today’s post I’m going to be doing a gift idea, I’ve got a few coming up and I think it will be great for those looking for cute gift ideas that are cheap and affordable too. Personally I think homemade gifts are the nicest because they’ve had the most thought put into them and are just generally a lovely thing to receive.

So if you guys want to know how to make a Hot Chocolate Set then keep reading!

Of course you need to buy a few things for it, so here are my recommendations:

~ A cute mug

~ A cute box or basket to display everything in

~ Hot Chocolate Stirrers (these are basically different varieties of chocolate on plastic spoons)

~ Mini Marshmallows

~ A good hot chocolate mix

~ Sachets of Nutella or their favourite chocolate

~ Tissue Paper

Now I’m really sorry but I don’t have any photos of the creation! I tried but the lighting and quality was very poop so I didn’t want the photos on here. However I’m hoping my brilliant descriptions will help you imagine 😉

Firstly, stuff some good old tissue paper in the box/basket to make it look all pretty!

Now you want to get some cute plastic bags and fill it up with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows. The idea here is that it looks like a piping bag, so tie it up with a pretty ribbon at the top! Pop the bag in the mug, and put this in your basket. Now all you need to do is place the other items in the box/basket nicely! Add a gift tag with a lovely message and decorate your box with festive Christmas stickers and ribbon. I’ve got a few examples down below (credit to Pinterest)



I hope you guys try this gift idea out! I’m so sorry that I didn’t have any photos… However on Saturday I’ve got a festive drink recipe coming up so if you want to use that drink mix for this gift set then keep an eye out for the post!

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox

P.S. Do you have any DIY gift ideas?!

[FOOD] The Nutella Cupcake Recipe

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all well 🙂

For today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you a recipe, which I haven’t done since June/July?! Feels like forever!

Anyway, I was in the kitchen on a lazy Sunday and I decided to try and master my cupcake making skills, and lemme tell you, I didn’t do half bad!! I made a batch of Oreo cupcakes (recipe soon) and a batch of Nutella cupcakes. They were both delicious and I actually just demolished one of each before writing this post, oops… 😉

The cupcake recipe is SO simple and there’s no fancy decorating required, so I’m sure any person of any baking ability could make these! If you’re addicted to nutella or you’re a chocoholic just like me, then get off your bum and get your apron on because you’ll want to be baking these now!

The Content:

For the cake

– 40g Butter, room temperature

– 1 egg

– 120ml Milk

– 100g Plain Flour

– 140g Caster Sugar

– 20g Cocoa Powder

– 1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder

For the frosting

– 200g Icing Sugar

– 80g Unsalted Butter

– 20ml Milk

– As much Nutella as you desire!

The Method:

  1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius and line a 12 hole cupcake tray with cupcake paper cases.
  2. Cream together the butter and sugar using a whisk and gradually add in all the dry ingredients.
  3. Slowly pour in the milk, beating well until all ingredients are well mixed.
  4. Add the egg in and beat well.
  5. Spoon the mix into the cupcake cases and fill each one up two thirds of the way. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes, or until sponge bounces back when touched. Leave the cupcakes to cool completely while you get on with the frosting!
  6. When cupcakes are cold, hollow out a small section in the centre of each one and fill with a BIG dollop of Nutella 🙂
  7. To make the frosting, beat the icing sugar and butter together. Once combined, add the milk. Make sure it doesn’t go too runny!
  8. Stir in the Nutella by hand until evenly mixed in. It’s important to keep trying it so it doesn’t get too sweet 😉  Spread the frosting on top of the cupcakes and decorate with hazelnuts (I did about 3 per cupcake).

And that’s it! You should have something that looks like this:

IMG_1763 IMG_1766 IMG_1761 IMG_1762

Are you tempted to make these? Do you love Nutella too? Would you like to see an Oreo cupcake recipe too?

Thanks so much for reading,


Kavi xox

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