[LIFE] What I got For Christmas 2014 β™‘

Hola lovelies! Seems like forever since I’ve wrote on here – I’ve missed it!

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you all had a wonderful time and ate lots, spent some good time with the people you love and received some nice bits and bobs. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re enjoying your time off and still having a nice rest.

I had a lovely Christmas and of course ate wayyyΒ too much, but that’s what it’s all about, right?! I know that there is no point trying to eat healthy because there’s so much food and so many things going on it’s impossible to stay focused on eating healthy food, even though I very much need a detox. Maybe I can make a detoxifying smoothie instead! I’m just going to say that I’m really disappointed with the movies on TV this year. It’s a silly little complaint to make but the TV people should know that we’re all sitting in front of the television for hours so they should at least provide us with some decent movies…

Anyway, I’m incredibly grateful for all the presents I have received and I’m still in shock about how kind and generous they are. This post is by no means made to brag or boast about the presents I got, it’s simply another way of saying thank you and I also love reading these posts so I thought it’d be nice to do my take on it too. If you don’t give two hoots about reading this, that’s fine and I understand.

Enough rambling – onto the post!


One of my absolute favourite things I received, which I didn’t expect at all even though I badly wanted it was this HUGE ASS Panda! It’s so cuddly and adorable, quite lifesize and I lounge on it all the time. I want you all to suggest names for him, creative ones please! However I’ve decided I like the name Chu πŸ™‚


Everyone knows I have a slight (ly large) obsession with minions, so I was over the moon when I got all this minion stuff. From luggage tags to the real minion, I’m covered minion wise. Can I just say how cool are these minion chopsticks?! I’ll be having noodles much more often now. Also one of my friends got me these socks with minions on, wacky but cute.


Beauty beauty beautay! I love make up and beauty themed things so I was delighted when I received these Lush goodies and make up brush set. Also my lovely brother surprised me with a Benefit gift box filled with some samples and the Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner! Bare in mind the cutie is only 12, I was very chuffed.


The tech stuff now! I’m so happy to finally own a Polaroid camera, it’s gorgeous and I love the entire process of taking photos with it. I also got a selfie stick which is going to be hilarious to use and I can’t wait to do so!



A few miscellaneous bits now. The cosiest slipper socks, a cinnamon yankee candle (because every girl needs a candle right), a moustache rucksack and a moustache earring holder, as well as Zoe’s book and a wonderful photo frame made by my best friend filled with memories, our favourite people and photos of us. It’s very personal but touched me πŸ™‚

I of course received lots of chocolate and food goodies, but they’re somewhere in my tummy…

Thank you so much to anyone who got me a present or simply wished me a Merry Christmas, words cannot express how grateful and lucky I am! I don’t mean to brag and I’m sorry if it came across that way, but how about you tell me what you got for Christmas or link me up if you’ve posted about it?

Thanks for reading guys,


Kavi xox

[LIFE] Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas…

Hola guys! Today is the last day of Blogmas, I have enjoyed it so much and will definitely be dong it next year. I hope you guys have been enjoying reading them? πŸ™‚

Anyway, it’s Christmas Eve today lovelies!! I can’t believe how quickly Christmas has approached us, like I’m sure yesterday it was Summer?!

So the purpose of this post is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I’m not sure how many people will read this as I know we are all busy and taking a break from social media for a few days (as will I) but still I wanted to thank you for supporting me and reading my blog. I hope you all eat lots and get some wonderful presents and just generally have a lovely holiday! I’ll see you in a few days with another post, but for now, Merry Christmas!
Comment how to say Merry Christmas in a different if you know how!


Kavi xox

[BEAUTY] Christmas Make Up Edit…

Hey loves! I’ve decided I absolutely suck at daily blogging. I’ll stick to blogging less in the new year, like 3 times a week instead πŸ˜€ Sorry for missing these two days, I have been busy and I’ve now finished school for 2014!! Woo! I also went to a bloggers meet up for the first time (post coming up) and today I am going to see a pantomime, which should be good! Only 4 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!
So for today’s post, I’m going to be doing a Christmas Make Up Edit, which is filled with my favourite make up for Christmas time. I put together some of my favourite stuff so get ready to see what I’ve picked!

xmas make up edit


Of course we’ve got to have a palette so we can do any make up look we like, and Make Up Revolution’s ‘Hard Day’ is perfect for this. Only Β£6 with 18 eyeshadows, so you’re definitely winning for price!
To add that shimmer to your eyes or face, Barry M have a little pot of shimmer which you could get from any brand, but come on- you can’t go wrong with Barry M’s Dazzle Dust! This one is ’15’ and is an iridescent gold shimmer that looks gorgeous anywhere, even your body.
A Maybelline Colour Tattoo is a must, especially when it comes in this gorgeous gold glitter shade. It looks divine washed all over the lid by itself, but it could look great with a black through the crease for a New Years do. These last me forever, I’ve had this pot for a year and use it regularly, but I’m only just halfway through it! It’s in the shade ‘Eternal Gold’, but I believe they have released some new shades so I’ll be checking them out in the New Year for sure.
Lastly for eyes, I’ve got this new mascara from L’oreal called ‘So Couture’. It glides on your lashes and gives the perfect amount of length and volume. Plus, the packaging feels very chic and luxe. Review coming soon!
Nail polishes! I’ve already done a whole post on my Favourite Nail Polishes for Winter/Christmas so you should definitely read that. But the ones I picked out that are perfect for Christmas are Essie’s ‘Toggle To The Top’, Barry M’s ‘Yellow Topaz’ Glitter and Revlon’s ‘Amethyst’. Super pretty!
I’ve got a perfume that is absolutely essential for this time of year. It’s called Alien by Thierry Muggler, and it smells fantastic! So musky and feminine- I always get compliments when wearing it too! I can tell it’s going to become very popular…
Lastly I have a few lip favourites, of course! It’s inevitable that the only colours are red, I mean they make me feel so confident and look fabulous on any girl. They also go with any piece of clothing, but they are a little messy so you do need to master a few teachniques. I’d recommend using a lip brush to precisely apply colour and go around the edges with concealer once your done! If you have any tips for red lippie leave them in the comments. The ones I have is by Collection in ‘Valentine’ and a lipgloss which is insanely pigmented by Bourjois.
So that’s all my picks guys! Sorry I haven’t stuck to daily blogging, it is hard let me tell you, and I’m in awe of anyone who manages to do that.
What’s your favourite make up for Christmas? Leave links!
Thanks for reading..
Kavi xox

P.S. I’m nearly at a total of 900 blog followers! If we could reach that target by the end of 2014 that would be incredible, so make sure you click that follow button and send the link around! Thank you lovelies πŸ™‚

[LIFE] Christmas Room Decor…

Holaa lovelies! I hope you’re all well πŸ™‚ How slow is this week going?!

For today’s post I am going to be posting some photos of the Christmas decorations I have put up in my room. On Sunday I popped on a good Christmas playlist and did some brilliant singing (not) whilst doing a bit of DIYing and getting a little festive! We still haven’t got the big house tree up but I’m sure we will have it up soon! If you want to see some pictures and get a little inspiration for your room this Christmas, then keep reading…


My room overall looks like the picture above^ I do think it looks very pretty and feminine with a hint of festivity!


Firstly, my chair has got a new update with a little santa hat on the top! Gotta love a santa hat, right guys?! πŸ˜‰



My Christmas tree is tiny and I purchased this a couple years back for really cheap from B&Q! It’s decorated with lights and white baubles! I love it πŸ™‚


My bed has new bedding which is pink and girly, with love cushions, because Christmas is all about love and family isn’t it?!


And finally I have made a little Christmas tree on my wall out of very old photos that are very embarrassing! But I think it looks cool and I even made a little paper star to put on top! Haha, I love it πŸ™‚

That’s all my Christmas Decorations so far! I’m sure I’ll have a lot more soon… I’d love to see your Christmas Decorations, why don’t you link me up?

Thanks for reading!


Kavi xox

[LIFE] 10 Facts About Me Xmas Edition!

Hello hello my lovelies! I hope you’re all well. I can’t believe one week of December has already gone! I haven’t even decorated my house yet 😦 But hopefully I’ll do that soon! I’ve got a busy week ahead of me so I’m not sure if I will be able to blog on Monday or Tuesday because I will literally not have a minute spare. I’m sorry! But if I can get a post up, I will πŸ™‚ I’m going to have some afternoon tea today so maybe I’ll share some pics from that…

I saw this post on Amy Marshment’s blog and I absolutely loved reading it! So I thought I’d do my own spin on it, and so should you all! I love doing posts for getting to know me, and so to have a Christmas twist on it is even more exciting! Let’s get on with the post…



Hmm, this is a tricky one as I love so many! I can remember on Christmas Eve every year me and my brother would watch Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, which I loved even those it’s very childish! However I also always watch The Snowman, Home Alone and all the Mrs Miracle’s! My all time favourite though, is The Polar Express. Words cannot describe how much I adore this film, and how excited it makes me for Christmas!


I love Costa’s Christmas drinks in particular, but my favourite drink this year is of course my Nutella Chai Latte, which I posted about yesterday.


Hmm, that’s a hard one but I think it’d have to be the Benefit They’re Mascara which my brother popped in to my Stocking last year!


I have a lot of exciting memories, but I loved when I was little and my family slept over at my cousins house on Christmas Eve and we’d have a lovely night! I do miss spending Christmas like that, but they moved to Hong Kong so that’s a shame 😦


Did you really need to ask?! Of course it’s the pudding!! I have a huge sweet tooth as I’m sure you know, so the pudding is by far the best bit. I also love Roast potatoes, sounds a bit silly but MMM they’re so good!


Ooh, I’d have to say Roses! Did someone say Strawberry Dreams..? What are your favourite chocolates from the boxes?


Currently I love the song ‘Santa Tell Me’ by Ariana Grande! It’s such a refreshing song and completely different to the others.


Apple and Cinnamon for sure! You know when you go into another house and it smells so sweet and festive of apple and cinnamon? Yum! I really want a Yankee candle that smells like that!

Of course it’s the classic red lip! You just can’t go wrong with it and I always feel very feminine and glamorous when I use a red.


I love it all, but I love shopping and giving presents to people, there’s just something really satisfying about it! I love the build up as well, it always feels so magical!

Thanks so much for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! You should all do this post because I’d love to read your spin on it πŸ™‚

Have a great day!


Kavi xox

[FOOD] DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Hello hello my lovelies! How are you enjoying Blogmas and December so far? I’m loving blogging everyday, it’s definitely not as stressful as I thought!

For today’s post I’m going to be doing a gift idea, I’ve got a few coming up and I think it will be great for those looking for cute gift ideas that are cheap and affordable too. Personally I think homemade gifts are the nicest because they’ve had the most thought put into them and are just generally a lovely thing to receive.

So if you guys want to know how to make a Hot Chocolate Set then keep reading!

Of course you need to buy a few things for it, so here are my recommendations:

~ A cute mug

~ A cute box or basket to display everything in

~ Hot Chocolate Stirrers (these are basically different varieties of chocolate on plastic spoons)

~ Mini Marshmallows

~ A good hot chocolate mix

~ Sachets of Nutella or their favourite chocolate

~ Tissue Paper

Now I’m really sorry but I don’t have any photos of the creation! I tried but the lighting and quality was very poop so I didn’t want the photos on here. However I’m hoping my brilliant descriptions will help you imagine πŸ˜‰

Firstly, stuff some good old tissue paper in the box/basket to make it look all pretty!

NowΒ you want to get some cute plastic bags and fill it up with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows. The idea here is that it looks like a piping bag, so tie it up with a pretty ribbon at the top! Pop the bag in the mug, and put this in your basket. Now all you need to do is place the other items in the box/basket nicely! Add a gift tag with a lovely message and decorate your box with festive Christmas stickers and ribbon. I’ve got a few examples down below (credit to Pinterest)



I hope you guys try this gift idea out! I’m so sorry that I didn’t have any photos… However on Saturday I’ve got a festive drink recipe coming up so if you want to use that drink mix for this gift set then keep an eye out for the post!

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox

P.S. Do you have any DIY gift ideas?!

[LIFE] My Christmas Wishlist…

Hello lovely ones! I hope you’re having a good week so far.

So I’ve seen a lot of bloggers post their Christmas Wishlists, and since I was already planning to do one I thought ‘Why not hop on the bandwagon’ and show you what’s on my Christmas Wishlist this year! If you would like to see the things I’m lusting over keep on reading…

Christmas Wishlist

1. LUSH Snowman Shower Jelly ~ I’ve tried LUSH shower jellies in the past and they are so cool and amuse me so much! Plus the scent lingers for hours, which is always a good thing. This one smells absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t stop squeezing it in-store…

2.Β Fuji Instax Mini Camera ~ Ahh polaroid cameras!! The pictures are always so cute, I love the process of them developing. However if I did get one (they are very expensive may I add), I can imagine myself being a complete perfectionist in trying to get the perfect angle and lighting… Oh well, they would look so cute either way, and the best way for holding on to memories!

3. Life Size Teddy Bear ~ I seem to have no teddy bears! And the only one I need is a life sized one!! How cool would this be, you could literally sleep on it and hug it all the time whilst watching netflix and eating chocolate. Sounds perfect to me, right guys?! πŸ˜‰

4. Nuxe Reve de Miel Lipbalm ~ I have incredibly chapped lips and this is a beauty blogger’s cult, so of course I want to try it! Apparently it really relieves them and improves the condition of dry lips, so naturally with wrinkly sore lips this sounds right up my street.

5. LUSH Northern Lights Bath Bomb ~ I keep seeing this online and it looks pretty cool. I’ve read many reviews that it’s great but it’s always sold out! I love the fact it’s in a stick shape, very unusual!

6. Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner ~ I had a sample size of this and I loved it! The longevity is absolutely brilliant and it’s so pigmented – a true black! However, for an eyeliner it’s a little pricey…

7. The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter ~ This reminds me so much of the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, which looks so luxurious, and I love the process of massaging my skin and properly looking after it, so using a balm/butter sounds about the right way to go, especially because it’s not an oil.

So guys, that’s everything on my Christmas Wishlist this year!! I know I won’t receive it all but I’ll be jolly well happy to receive any of them. If you have any reviews on any of the products mentioned please do link me up!

What’s on your Christmas Wishlist this year guys? Leave links below if you’ve posted about it!

Thanks for reading loves,

Kavi xox

What I Got For Christmas 2013

Hello my beautiful friends! I hope you had a very merry Christmas filled with lots of presents and food and family festive fun! I had a lovely day but it went by in a flash, which was a shame because (secretly) all year we are waiting for this special occasion and then BOOM it’s gone. Oh well, I had a lovely time so I thought I’d show you what I got and also Niki, who writes the blog colourmeniki, wanted to see this post too!

DISCLAIMER: Before I start I just want to say that I am not in anyway shape or form bragging about the presents I got, I just wanted to thank/share some of the wonderful things I received this Christmas. Also these posts are very popular so I thought my followers would enjoy reading this.

what i got for xmas

One of my favourite presents is this camera that I took all these pictures with, it’s a Canon powershot A3500! I am so grateful for this, like I am with all the presents, but I am so happy that I got this because I can now get my YouTube channel back up and running again and also my blog is going to get a lot better quality! πŸ˜€

I got a lot of chocolate, and I mean A LOT. That’s fine with me though, I love chocolate.


As for make up, I received the Bourjois gift box which contains a lip gloss, a nail polish, a mascara and eye shadow palette. I also got the Magic 1 second nail polish remover, a matt top coat, and a base coat also from the brand Bourjois. My lovely grandma gave me all this gorgeous make up, and I love it! My friends gave me another Baby Lips, a seventeen nail polish, a body butter, eyeshadow and a bath fizz.


My amazing little brother very kindly gave me the Benefit they’re real mascara! I had been lusting over this for ages, so a big thank you to him for forking out the money to get this for me!

As for clothes, I got a leopard print onsie, two gorgeous scarves and some super cosy slippers. Perfect for this chilly season.

Then I got some random bits. My cute brother made me a little minion which is so adorable and clever!


Then I got some other minion stickers, and a shower cap from my best friend, and my other bestie got me an eyeshadow palette from Seventeen. I also got a lunchbox from my aunty along with some socks, a T-Shirt and a top.


My brother also treated me to a makeover by Benefit which will be in January, so I can’t wait for that!


Lastly I got some great phone cases and a tripod!



That’s a lot of stuff, and I’m so grateful for every single one of those presents, so THANK YOU if you got me a present.

What did you get for Christmas? Was their anything you wanted but didn’t get but might cheekily buy in these sales?! Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading,

Lots of love,

Kavi xox

Festive Make Up Look

Hi my lovelies! It’s Christmas tomorrow! Woohoo! What are your plans? What are you hoping for?

photo 3 (22)

photo 2 (23)

For today’s post I’m going to be doing a make up tutorial appropriate for Christmas events, like a party or night out, or even Christmas Day itself. I’m going to be wearing this look out tonight because I’m going to a Christmas party!

This look consists of your classic red lip and a black and gold smokey eye. I think it’s quite a put together look but I like it the most because it doesn’t take long at all. Lets get on with the tutorial!
Firstly take an eyeshadow primer and rub it into your eyelids.

photo 4 (18)
Then apply a base colour. I used one from Maybelline which is called Barely Branded.

photo 5 (12)
After, line your upper lash line and wing it out and upwards. Quickly take a blending brush and smudge it out. Then take a black eyeshadow and smoken the eyeliner up, winging it put even more each time.

photo 1 (28)
Now take a loose glitter, and apply this in the areas that the black isn’t in. Load the brush up and tap the glitter in.
Next, you need to take some eyelash curlers and curl dem lashes. Apply a glittery mascara or go all out with falsies. After all, when else can you wear fake eyelashes?

photo 4 (20)
For the rest of your face, contour and apply a gorgeous deep blusher.
For lips you’ve got to opt for that red lip. I found one from MUA that I won in a giveaway from CatchAnEye. This one is in the shade 1, an it’s an insanely pigmented deep red.

And this is how it looks! Beautiful but effortless!
If you try this out, do tell me! Have a lovely Christmas!
Lots of love,
Kavi xox

The Chocolate Cookie Monster Recipe

Well hello there lovelies! It’s very nearly Christmas, and I am very excited! For today’s post I am back with another recipe for you all and this is one of my all time favourites. I love doing recipe posts and I think you guys enjoy reading them too, so I hope you enjoy this one!

As Christmas is rapidly approaching I thought I would do a gift idea post which is also a recipe that can be made any time of the year. If you’re a bit of a chocoholic like me then you will probably (most definitely) like this recipe and you can customise it to make it your own too!

Today I’m going to be giving you a recipe for these cookie monster cookies! These cookies are the ones that look shop brought, the ones that make your tummy rumble, and the ones that are gooey in the middle but chewy on the outside. If that doesn’t sound tempting enough for you, take a look at this picture of what it looks like inside.

photo 2 (21)

photo 1 (23)

photo 3 (20)

photo 4 (16)

photo 5 (10)

Looks delicious doesn’t it?

So if you want to make these beautiful cookies that are like pringles (you can’t just have one), then keep reading!

Triple Chocolate Cookies, Makes 12

The Content:

* 200g unsalted butter

*300g caster sugar

*1 large egg

*275g self-raising flour

*75g cocoa powder

*chocolate (loads of it)

*a splash of milk.

The Making:

Firstly, put your butter into a bowl and put it in the microwave for a few seconds, so it is easier to work with. Then add in the sugar and mix mix mix. I prefer using a wooden spoon for this but it’s up to you what you choose to mix with.

Now crack in an egg and mix again.

It’s time to add your dry ingredients! Chuck in some self raising flour, cocoa powder and the chocolate broken into bits. Give it a good mix and be prepared for aching arms and hands. If the dough seems too dry, then add in a splash of milk to moisten it.

Now I’m going to turn the oven on to 200 degrees (gas mark 4). And then line two baking trays with baking parchment or grease the trays with butter.

Divide the dough into twelve equal balls and place them on the tray, leaving enough space between each ball because they do spread easily.

Now pop the cookies into the oven for 10 minutes and enjoy eating that cookie dough ‘left overs’. I know you want to… πŸ˜‰

After they are done in the oven they will come out super sloppy, but give them 10-40 minutes to cool and they will harden up (if you can resist of course).

Now it’s time for eating. Eat with a glass of milk whilst snuggled up watching a movie. I reccomend watching a movie/programme related to food because then you can feel that same feeling that the people on TV do when eating.

And that’s it! That is all you need to do to create these gorgeous cookies. Let me know if you try them out and how they taste!

This was actually a collaboration post with the beautiful Lyndsy who writes the blog http://littleirishbeautybox.wordpress.com/ . We both did recipe posts ready for Christmas and I realy enjoyed writing with her! She deserves so many more followers, so do check her out and read her recipe too! πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading everybody! I hope you enjoyed this post and will try out these cookies!

Do you like my baking posts? Is there any other recipes you want me to have a go at?


Kavi xox