Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all well 🙂

I feel like I haven’t done a review in ages, but that’s purely because I like to properly try out products for a while before sharing my thoughts, otherwise my writing tends to be based around what other bloggers say – there’s no point in that is there?! Anyway, I have been trying out a lot of the products that I got in December or for Christmas and replacing them with my usual staples, so I thought I would start reviewing them. Today I have the COLAB Dry Shampoo in the scent ‘New York’, by Ruth Crilly from amodelrecommends.


Usually, I stick with the cult of Batiste, but when I went to a Blogger Meal I was delighted to find this newly hyped about product in my goody bag! It’s a small little thing, but damn does it have power. The scent is fabulous, super fruity and refreshing – it honestly feels like I’m spritzing perfume into my hair! Every time I swish it and it flops into my face I feel like a L’oreal model and my hair just smells divine. Unlike Batiste, the COLAB dry shampoo doesn’t actually leave any white residue in your hair, so no signs of fake ageing here ladies! As for cleaning my hair, it does okay because of the scent but if I’m honest with you I don’t really feel like it absorbs the oil, which sucks because otherwise this product gets a solid 10/10 for me… Ooh I forgot to mention the packaging! It’s much more attractive then Batiste and looks like something less tacky and childish, if that makes sense.

Even though the dry shampoo isn’t so absorbing, I’m intrigued as to what the other kinds will smell like and maybe they will be more absorbing (there are 5 scents). At £3.49, it’s not going to harm my purse so next time I pop into Boots I’ll make sure to sneak the others in my basket!

Pick it up here.

Have you tried the COLAB Dry Shampoo? What are your thoughts on dry shampoo – yay or nay?

Thanks for reading,

Kavi xox


  1. Bhavika says:

    Hmm I would definitely like to invest in some dry shampoo and this one sounds pretty good. I like the fact that it doesn’t leave any white residue but disappointed that it doesn’t absorb a lot of moisture. Have you used or know about any dry shampoos which do both and are also quite cheap? Would love it if you could get back to me! 🙂

    • Kavi says:

      Definitely give it a try though! I’ve heard that other people have found it works for their hair, but mine is super duper thick so maybe that’s why it doesn’t work for me. If you don’t mind giving your hair a good rub then Batiste do some good absorbing ones, also Lush do a powder form but that can get a little messy! Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Simytoe says:

    I bought one in the same scent as you, and oh my gosh it smells so good! I agree with you that it doesn’t do as great a job of oil absorbing as the ones I’ve tried from Batiste, which is unfortunate 😦

  3. Rinica says:

    Big fan of Batiste although it can leave residue it’s only dry shampoo I’ve ever tried that actually mops up grease and makes my hair look fresh! I find invisible dry shampoos smell nice but aren’t actually effective, it’s an odd one really as I’ve seen quite a lot of reviews that say the Colab sprays are good for volume but kind of defeats the point of a dry shampoo…I might give this one a miss! 🙂 xx


    • Kavi says:

      Batiste is so great for soaking up the grease! With a bit of rubbing and scrubbing the residue can go I suppose 🙂 ah that sums up exactly this product! I was so excited for it and it could honestly be so good if it soaked up the grease. The perfect Dry Shampoo is so hard to find!! Thanks for your comment Rinica 🙂 xx

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