[FASHION] 5 Things I’ve Purchased This Month

Hello lovelies! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already – why does the week go so slowly and the weekend just flies by?! I hope you’re all well anyhow 🙂

So with great feedback on my last ‘5 Things’ post, which you can check out here, I decided that this is a series I want to be doing. I need to decide how regular it is going to be, maybe once every two weeks?

We all know that the shops have some kind of deal or sale on after Christmas, and after some searching around I found a few pieces in the sale and a couple other things. So I present to you a 5 piece haul, from Zara, Primark and Boots!

Primark is always worth a visit, sale or no sale. They are pretty cheap but have some good stuff, so I was delighted with these two items. I found this gorgeous oversized cardigan that is so so soft and cosy, I have literally been begging people to feel it. I love these granny cardigans because I can just chuck them over any outfit and I’m good to go. Pretty sure I will be living in this for the whole, including summer. This was £12.



I also found this cool turtle neck cropped top. I got in a huge size so therefore it isn’t tight at all, just looks like a normal top. It’s got this weird yet funky print on which I can’t find a word to describe, but hopefully the picture will do it for you. It was only £6, so obviously that’s a massive plus.


Onto Zara! I found that Zara sales are absolutely brilliant, everything is so cheap and I’m pretty sure my whole family found something in here. I don’t usually shop in Zara, but boy do I wish I had the money to. The quality is amazing, and this Slogan Tee and Flannel are no exceptions. The black T-Shirt is humongous, and it says ‘Darling, I have it on vinyl’. Cos you know with my record player and all..? Yeah. It was £5.99 which I consider great, the same price as Primark or H&M!


The flannel is my final piece of clothing that I purchased. It is very, very big as you can tell, but I think it’d work great as a nightshirt, thrown over a T-Shirt or Vest, or tucked into high waisted jeans with a big bag and a messy bun. It looks like a man’s shirt, I know, but I’ve been searching for the perfect flannel shirt for ages and it looks like I’ve found it. It was again pretty reasonably priced, at £19.99.



The final item I purchased is a make up item. I’ve been eyeing up this Bourjois Lip Lacquer/ Rouge Edition thing for ages, so many people have loved them and I am of course another one of them. They are so buttery and soft, but last for ages – I still can’t get it off from yesterday!! This one is the shade ‘Peach Club’ which is a bright and vibrant coral kind of pink. I love wearing bold lips now, whereas before it was all about the eye make up. At £8.99, it’s worth a try and I’m sure you’ll find a colour that suits you.


So they are the 5 things I purchased in 2015 so far! Which of my items are your favourite? What have you picked up recently?

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox

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