[BEAUTY] 5 DIY Last Minute Gift Ideas…

Hello my lovelies! I can’t believe how quickly blogmas has passed! Only Christmas Eve left and then it’s Christmas and then BAM, 2014 is over. Literally that’s how December goes from now, right guy?! 😉

Anyway, even though you only have a day left to organise some presents for Christmas, I have a few ideas for you all that are absolutely lovely, super affordable and I can bet you any money that you will have this stuff in your kitchen already. So if you want to read about some easy last minute present ideas, keep reading!

diy gift ideas

1. Make them an array of Body Scrubs. Body scrubs are lovely, I make them for myself all the time, and I know that anyone would appreciate receiving one. There are so many different ones you can make, I’ve shown you how to make a coffee body scrub before and also a honey one. A mixture of candy cane crushed and sugar and coconut oil would also make the perfect festive body scrub, and you can pop it all into a mason jar with a cute gift tag! Here are some of the best body scrubs.

2.Bake some cookies! Who doesn’t love receiving more food for Christmas?! I certainly don’t mind! There are so many recipes out there, gingerbread men being a classic but also my Cookie Monster Cookies are always a winner. I actually made them today, however there aren’t many left….

3. Make them a CD filled with their favourite tracks! Such a personal, but wonderful gift to receive and everyone loves music so making this is truly the perfect way to their hearts.

4. Fill a scrapbook or photo frame with your favourite photos. This is one of the nicest things to receive, I actually got a few photo frames from my best friends this year and it makes me so happy because it’s filled with so many memories and happy times! I can guarantee printing off a few of your favourite pics and arranging them nicely will put a smile on their face 🙂

5. Make them a Voucher Book. For all of you out there looking for a way to please someone all year round, a voucher book is what you need! Parents, especially, love to get these and will use them constantly! Basically, you staple small pieces of paper together and on each paper you put a job/chore/something they’d want from you on, e.g. Hoover the house, take me on holiday, Have a movie night with me, etc etc. You can personalise these for each person, I’m sure they’d even work for a husband or wife! It’s completely original and doesn’t cost a penny, so you’re both winning.

So guys, they are my last minute DIY gift ideas! I hoped you enjoyed hearing about them and will try them out 🙂

Will you be trying these gift ideas out? Do you have any last minute gift ideas? Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Kavi xox


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