[BEAUTY] Christmas Make Up Edit…

Hey loves! I’ve decided I absolutely suck at daily blogging. I’ll stick to blogging less in the new year, like 3 times a week instead 😀 Sorry for missing these two days, I have been busy and I’ve now finished school for 2014!! Woo! I also went to a bloggers meet up for the first time (post coming up) and today I am going to see a pantomime, which should be good! Only 4 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!
So for today’s post, I’m going to be doing a Christmas Make Up Edit, which is filled with my favourite make up for Christmas time. I put together some of my favourite stuff so get ready to see what I’ve picked!

xmas make up edit


Of course we’ve got to have a palette so we can do any make up look we like, and Make Up Revolution’s ‘Hard Day’ is perfect for this. Only £6 with 18 eyeshadows, so you’re definitely winning for price!
To add that shimmer to your eyes or face, Barry M have a little pot of shimmer which you could get from any brand, but come on- you can’t go wrong with Barry M’s Dazzle Dust! This one is ’15’ and is an iridescent gold shimmer that looks gorgeous anywhere, even your body.
A Maybelline Colour Tattoo is a must, especially when it comes in this gorgeous gold glitter shade. It looks divine washed all over the lid by itself, but it could look great with a black through the crease for a New Years do. These last me forever, I’ve had this pot for a year and use it regularly, but I’m only just halfway through it! It’s in the shade ‘Eternal Gold’, but I believe they have released some new shades so I’ll be checking them out in the New Year for sure.
Lastly for eyes, I’ve got this new mascara from L’oreal called ‘So Couture’. It glides on your lashes and gives the perfect amount of length and volume. Plus, the packaging feels very chic and luxe. Review coming soon!
Nail polishes! I’ve already done a whole post on my Favourite Nail Polishes for Winter/Christmas so you should definitely read that. But the ones I picked out that are perfect for Christmas are Essie’s ‘Toggle To The Top’, Barry M’s ‘Yellow Topaz’ Glitter and Revlon’s ‘Amethyst’. Super pretty!
I’ve got a perfume that is absolutely essential for this time of year. It’s called Alien by Thierry Muggler, and it smells fantastic! So musky and feminine- I always get compliments when wearing it too! I can tell it’s going to become very popular…
Lastly I have a few lip favourites, of course! It’s inevitable that the only colours are red, I mean they make me feel so confident and look fabulous on any girl. They also go with any piece of clothing, but they are a little messy so you do need to master a few teachniques. I’d recommend using a lip brush to precisely apply colour and go around the edges with concealer once your done! If you have any tips for red lippie leave them in the comments. The ones I have is by Collection in ‘Valentine’ and a lipgloss which is insanely pigmented by Bourjois.
So that’s all my picks guys! Sorry I haven’t stuck to daily blogging, it is hard let me tell you, and I’m in awe of anyone who manages to do that.
What’s your favourite make up for Christmas? Leave links!
Thanks for reading..
Kavi xox

P.S. I’m nearly at a total of 900 blog followers! If we could reach that target by the end of 2014 that would be incredible, so make sure you click that follow button and send the link around! Thank you lovelies 🙂

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