[BEAUTY] New Palettes…

Hello my lovelies! How are we halfway through December already?! Time flies! 2014 is nearly over… AND OF COURSE ONLY 9 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! Woo!

So for today’s post again I’m not doing something entirely festive, because I really wanted to share with you these two palettes that I have been using a hell of a lot lately. But of course, these palettes are gorgeous and have some incredibly appropriate colours for Christmas… So even though they are both great for all year round, it’s probably a good idea to pick them up now as a pre-Christmas treat for yourself (or quickly add them to your wishlist).

I have two palettes to show you today and I’m going to give them each a mini summary so you know a little bit more about them. We have a drugstore palette – Makeup Revolution Hard Day – and a high end one, very hyped about – Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. Both are incredibly gorgeous, I can do full reviews and swatches as well as different looks using them if you want to see, but here’s some zoomed in pics and a mini review…





The Makeup Revolution Palette ‘Hard Day’ looks incredibly sleek and more expensive but retails at only £6 which is brilliant for a girl on a budget. This brand is so hyped about at the moment, and I can see why because all their products look very interesting and this palette is great! It has so many shades, including mattes and shimmers and is perfect for popping in your make up bag if you want a day to night look. If I’m honest with you, I actually find this palette more pigmented than the Naked 3 which is saying something! I find myself creating looks from here non-stop, and my current favourite shade is ‘I may as well just’, which is a beautiful champagne colour. However I must say the black looks utterly gorgeous because it has a gold shimmer running through it!



The Naked 3 palette is something I wanted to try for a while, and can I just say it was worth the wait because it makes me love it even more now! The packaging and design is stunning and feels like such a luxury every time I use it. The eyeshadows are soft and buttery and glide on well (however you do need primer because they need something to cling to) and they can create so many looks. My favourite way to use this palette is by running a dark pink matte colour aka ‘Nooner’ through the crease and using a glitter on the rest of the lid, like ‘Dust’. With all these glitters and ‘Blackheart’, it makes me super excited to create a party look for this season and perfect it. I’m not keen on the price on this palette, but I did some maths and worked out that each eyeshadow is worth £4.50 so that’s not too bad. I would definitely make sure this goes on a Christmas/future wishlist though!

So they are the palettes! Do you want to see full reviews/make up looks? Have you got any of these palettes or reviews on them?

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox


2 thoughts on “[BEAUTY] New Palettes…

  1. anastasiias says:

    I think about Naked 3 for sooo long time already! I’d not mind more reviews, looks,etc:) May be it will make me finally order it!:D

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