[BEAUTY] Favourite Nail Polishes // Winter Edit

Hello lovelies! I’m so bad at blogging everyday! I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it but I thought I could prove myself wrong… I’ve missed 4 days so far – not good enough! Anyway, I’ve taken lots of photos and I still have a schedule of posts so fingers crossed today onwards I’ll be back on track!

For today’s post, I’m going to be showing you my favourite nail polishes for Winter and Christmas time. I’ve picked out a good variety – so don’t expect all of them to be Barry M! I’ve got a good variety, so let’s get into the post…

xmas nailss





1. Bourjois ‘Rouge Escarpin’ ~ This is of course, a must have for Christmas! Every girl needs a good old red in their nail polish collection – it’s a classic and makes you feel and look very feminine. Not to mention, at this time of year it practically goes with all of your outfits, so that’s a plus! This is an extremely glossy nail polish, and a real true red – light enough to make it not look like blood on your nails!

2. Essie ‘Toggle To The Top’ ~ Again, another red. However this one is completely different. It is a dark, firey red with gorgeous glitter particles through the whole thing. I actually currently have this on my toenails, so my feet don’t look half bad right now. I feel like this particular colour is very unique as I haven’t seen many colours quite like it, and for some reason for me it just calls sass!

2. Barry M ‘Yellow Topaz’ & ‘Silver Topaz’ ~ Of course I couldn’t resist including a little bit of Barry M! These two polishes are stunning cults that every one needs. You can put them on top of any nail colour and it instantly makes them look party ready and completely different. It also looks great used on an accent nail. They’re super cheap at £2.99 each so it really is worth the buy.

3. Essie ‘Parka Perfect’ ~ This is such an usual and special colour, part of Essie’s Winter Nail Collection last year. They are perfect for gifts or for you to just try Essie’s nail polishes out, for a great price also! This one is a grey which looks fabulous on the nails and very chic and classy. To add a bit of festive cheer, it’s got a little shimmer running through it!

4. Rimmel ‘Green With Envy ~ Funny name right?! This colour is super stunning, looks very mermaidy! It would match the Christmas tree, so this one screams Christmas but still looks brill all year round. The brush on this is so handy, very big so it covers your whole nail in one stroke!

5. L’oreal ‘Crystalissime’ ~ First of all can I just say how gorgeously sleek this packaging is?! It looks so luxurious! This polish adds a cute twist to any colour, and is a lot more minimalist looking than any of the other polishes.

So guys, that’s all my favourite nail polishes for Winter/Christmas! What are yours?

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox


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