[LIFE] My Christmas Wishlist…

Hello lovely ones! I hope you’re having a good week so far.

So I’ve seen a lot of bloggers post their Christmas Wishlists, and since I was already planning to do one I thought ‘Why not hop on the bandwagon’ and show you what’s on my Christmas Wishlist this year! If you would like to see the things I’m lusting over keep on reading…

Christmas Wishlist

1. LUSH Snowman Shower Jelly ~ I’ve tried LUSH shower jellies in the past and they are so cool and amuse me so much! Plus the scent lingers for hours, which is always a good thing. This one smells absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t stop squeezing it in-store…

2. Fuji Instax Mini Camera ~ Ahh polaroid cameras!! The pictures are always so cute, I love the process of them developing. However if I did get one (they are very expensive may I add), I can imagine myself being a complete perfectionist in trying to get the perfect angle and lighting… Oh well, they would look so cute either way, and the best way for holding on to memories!

3. Life Size Teddy Bear ~ I seem to have no teddy bears! And the only one I need is a life sized one!! How cool would this be, you could literally sleep on it and hug it all the time whilst watching netflix and eating chocolate. Sounds perfect to me, right guys?! 😉

4. Nuxe Reve de Miel Lipbalm ~ I have incredibly chapped lips and this is a beauty blogger’s cult, so of course I want to try it! Apparently it really relieves them and improves the condition of dry lips, so naturally with wrinkly sore lips this sounds right up my street.

5. LUSH Northern Lights Bath Bomb ~ I keep seeing this online and it looks pretty cool. I’ve read many reviews that it’s great but it’s always sold out! I love the fact it’s in a stick shape, very unusual!

6. Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner ~ I had a sample size of this and I loved it! The longevity is absolutely brilliant and it’s so pigmented – a true black! However, for an eyeliner it’s a little pricey…

7. The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter ~ This reminds me so much of the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, which looks so luxurious, and I love the process of massaging my skin and properly looking after it, so using a balm/butter sounds about the right way to go, especially because it’s not an oil.

So guys, that’s everything on my Christmas Wishlist this year!! I know I won’t receive it all but I’ll be jolly well happy to receive any of them. If you have any reviews on any of the products mentioned please do link me up!

What’s on your Christmas Wishlist this year guys? Leave links below if you’ve posted about it!

Thanks for reading loves,

Kavi xox

9 thoughts on “[LIFE] My Christmas Wishlist…

  1. roshnimistry says:

    I have the Northern Lights bath bomb! I can’t wait to try it, I will DEFINITELY be taking pictures to show what amazing colours the bath goes! x

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