[BEAUTY] What I’ve Been Loving In October

Hi lovelies! I hope you’re all well 🙂

This month has been SO so busy, I’ve literally been on the run non stop! Anyway, as it’s officially Autumn now, I have gathered some of my favourite things that I’ve been reaching out for in October. In this post I’ve got a mixture of Beauty, Hair, Music and Random things so I hope you enjoy it!

oct faves


Alien Perfume – I received this for my birthday and I am just in love with the packaging and the scent, it’s perfectly musky and lingering, I love it! It’s quite expensive but every girl needs a perfume and I couldn’t recommend it more. I’m useless at describing scents so onto the next favourite!

MUA Brown Eyeliner – I purchased this recently for only a pound, and I think it’s a great find because it comes with a sharpener on the lid too. I smudge a tiny bit of this on the lash line and finish off with a light coating of mascara, to create a gorgeous subtle and sultry look for those days where I want my make up to look very natural!

Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner Sample* – I picked up this free sample and I love it so much! This is for the days when I fancy a winged/bolder eye look, and it’s incredibly pigmented and doesn’t budge. I may be sneaking this onto my Christmas wishlist…

Collection Red Lipstick – I asked on Twitter for red lipstick recommendations and this was one of them, and although I’m not too keen on the brand Collection, this is perfect for me! It’s so easy to reply and is the exact pillar box red colour. It’s super affordable too so I’m really glad I got this.

Matte Black Nails – I got this Bourjois matte topcoat which you can put on top of any colour and it gives it such a cool twist. My favourite way of using it is on top of squared black nails paired with a few rose gold rings! Picture perfect hands 😉

Bourjois Limited Edition Mascara – I love this travel sized mascara and it applies so smoothly onto the lashes and makes my lashes extremely long in a few seconds! I’m so sad it’s limited edition though 😦





MVClarke Life Saver Spray* – I was sent this spray and I think the whole concept is really cool. It’s supposed to do so many things, like the whole range (which is really unsual and unique may I add), it rebuilds the hair, makes it grow quicker, protects your hair against the sun and gives your hair an effortless beach babe look. Talk about a multi tasker! This product is going to last me a lifetime and I can’t wait to experiment with it in higher heat.


Suck It And See Vinyl* – This was given to me and I love it. Arctic Monkeys is my favourite band as you know and I am planning to buy every album they have on vinyl! My favourite song on here is ‘Reckless Serenade’ or ‘Suck it and see’.

TV, Books, People and Blogs

Gossip Girl – Oh I love this show. It’s so perfect and I love all the drama. There’s not much else to say!

Legacy Series – The first book in this series, ‘I am number Four’, is absolutely brilliant and got me hooked. I am now finishing the 2nd last book and I will watch the movie soon too! Have you read the book or seen the movie? 

Amy N – This seems a bit weird to feature one of my favourite people on my blog but I thought it’d be a cute little addition to the usual favourite posts. I’ve known Amy for around 4 years and even though we’ve been friends all that time I didn’t know her very well and always thought she was very quiet! Turns out she’s not, actually she’s quite hyper to say the least, but she’s so much fun and really genuine.

thelovecatsinc – Helen writes an absolutely fabulous blog and her photography is always on point. Her bakes look delicious and I always find myself drooling over my laptop after seeing what she’s made. Her blog is just goals, like literally it is perfect and has everything you need in a blog. Read it here.

So guys that’s what I’ve been loving in October! Quite the handful, I know! Is there anything I did this time that you’d like to see next month? What’s your October favourites? Link me up!

Thanks so much for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed the post!


Kavi xox

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