[BEAUTY] DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

Hello there lovelies!

For today’s post I am going to be doing a DIY, and I haven’t done one of these since forever, literally! I love experimenting with ingredients to make a good old beauty product, becuase it’s fun and you can save a lot of money!

I’m a big fan of making body scrubs, so when I was looking around my kitchen and I saw coffee granules, I knew I had to try something with it.


This body scrub is super simple and easy to make and I’m sure you all have these ingredients in your house too. It makes your body smell amazing, all day long, and it makes it look and feel 10 times softer. I was so amazed by how much softer it looked and felt – I didn’t even need to moisturise! It also gives your body a gorgeous glow and because of the strength of the coffee, it adds a slight tan to your skin!



The Content:

– Coffee Granules

– Coarse Sugar (brown or white)

– Coconut Oil

– Container to store it in

The Method:

Firstly fill 3/4 of your container with coffee granules. Then add sugar to the rest of the tub and mix it all up. Add around 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into the mix and stir until it holds together a little. Don’t add too much oil as you still want it to be rough and scrubby!

Use the scrub on dry skin for an invigorating and blood circulating massage or on wet skin for a gentle exfoliation.

I love this scrub so much – it’s exactly the kind of scrub I need, especially as I love the smell of coffee 🙂

That’s it for this post! Do you like the smell of coffee? Will you be making this scrub? Do you have any DIY’s I should know about?

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox



9 thoughts on “[BEAUTY] DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

  1. Catherine says:

    I love coffee, I really need to get my hands on some coconut oil, everyone always tells me how good for your skin and hair it can be xx

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