[BEAUTY] Beach Bag Essentials

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all okay?!

I wanted to do some kind of summer essentials post, but instead of doing the whole thing, I thought I’d show you my beach bag essentials! Now I’ve been extra cool and I actually took these photos on a beach. That’s how a blogger does it ๐Ÿ˜‰

I picked a few must haves that every girl needs by the beach, and here they are!




First things first, we need a good beach mat to sit/lay on. This one was super cheap but it’s also super cute.ย 

In my bag, I packed light but packed everything that I needed. This is what I chose:

* Sun Lotion – We all need a good suncream don’t we? Burnt skin is not attractive, and then we go through the dreaded peeling stage… Trust me. Been there, done that. It shall not happen again. I love this one because it’s handbag friendly and isn’t too thick or sticky – dries super quick too which is always a plus!

* Tic Tacs – Anything for your breath really – mints, gum, breath spray etc. You never know what you’re going to be eating, and things can get a little smelly so if you have something to hand you’ll always be safe.

* A good book – I didn’t photograph this one but it’s a staple anyway. A good book is the perfect solution for switching off from the world for a while… Any recommendations forย the next book I read?

* Earphones – If you’re like me and love listening to music wherever you are, you’ll definitely be needing some of these.

* Hollywood Style Sunglasses – This is your moment girls! Pop some oversized sunglasses on and you’ll either look like a celebrity or a clown… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Personally I don’t mind sporting either look, haha!

* Hand Sanitizer – Who knows what you’ll be touching! If you’re going to be eating something, which I’m sure you will, then you must keep your hands clean! This one is by B&BW, and it smells like summer and mangoes! Yum.

* A bright Lippie – It’s Summer – you’re skin is tanned and you’re sunnies are on. It’s the perfect time to try out a bold lip! Instead of red, sport orange as it’s more Summer friendly. The one I chose is by Revlon, in the shade Rendezvous.ย 

* Lightening Hair Spray / Sea Salt Spray – I made this spray and posted a DIY post on my blog last year, and it seemed to be very popular. It only really works in the sun, so whenever I know I’m going to be exposed to the sun I take it with me and spritz a good amount all over my mane.

So that’s my beach bag essentials! What are yours?

Thanks for reading!


Kavi xox



5 thoughts on “[BEAUTY] Beach Bag Essentials

  1. effiewright11 says:

    Loved this post! It made me want to go to the beach! At first I thought that black bottle was one of Lush’s toner sprays, which are all water-based and great for cooling down when it’s hot. Your bottle’s contents is much better though – your own surf spray! That’s so cool! What was the book you were reading? I’m a huge fan of One Day xx

    • Kavi says:

      Thank you! Aw haha, that’s what I was intending ๐Ÿ˜‰ well it was a lush toner before actually, once I used it up I kept the bottle because it’s so handy to use for my little DIY projects haha! I was reading Shadows Of The Moon. Ooh what’s that about?xxx

      • effiewright11 says:

        Ahh good idea! They are a handy size, those bottles. One Day is kind of like rom com in a book, it follows a couple who meet at university and each chapter covers the same day of every year that follows. It’s hard to explain but it’s really good! There’s a movie version of it with Anne Hathaway but I strongly suggest you read the book first, as you don’t fall in love with the film in the same way you fall in love with the book ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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