[BEAUTY] Summer Nails Of The Day #3 – Beaded

Hiya! Hope you’re all well 🙂

For today’s post I wanted to show you what’s on my nails at the moment. I’ve been changing my nails a lot lately and of course I’ve been sticking to the good old theme of blue. Blue is definitely my favourite colour for nail polish, as you can probably tell if you look at any of my nail polish posts.

I recently went to Westfields as some of you may know, and I was in Urban Outfitters (can I just say what a perfect store this is) when I saw this gorgeous nail polish in the sale section for £3. Yes, you read that right, £3.

It has the coolest packaging ever for a nail polish and it is absolutely massive. A blue and white mix that is meant for either layering or washing on top of another colour. I decided to layer it and look how cool it looks, I love that it’s so textured.


I love this nail polish and can see myself using it multiple times in the future!

What do you think about this Nail Polish?

Thanks for reading!


Kavi xox

11 thoughts on “[BEAUTY] Summer Nails Of The Day #3 – Beaded

  1. Catherine says:

    I love that nail polish. Most of the time I’m not too keen on textured nail polishes but that looks so pretty and I can’t believe how little it cost. Might have to try some textured nail polishes in future xx

    • Kavi says:

      Same hehe! Textured nail polishes are not usually my cup of tea but I love this one! If you look hard I’m sure you’ll find a great one 🙂 xx

  2. valens87 says:

    Texturized? How cool!
    You’ll have tons of fun with it as I can imagine it layered over other nail polishes for cool effect like a special topper ^_^
    Have a wonderful weekend

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