[LIFE] What’s On My Dresser/Desk

Hello lovelies!

For today’s post I’m going to be showing you what’s on my dressing table/desk. I have to admit, ideally I’d like this to be just my dressing table but I don’t have enough space to work and get ready. Also, as I am a student, I do not have tons and tons of money to spend on expensive storage for make up/stationary, so most of the storage is cheap or DIYed. Enough of the rambling, let’s get onto the post!

whats on my dresser

The Educational/Desk Side


Over here I have four magazine folders from IKEA, which holds books, revision guides, notebooks, and miscellaneous items. These were very cheap, I’m not sure how much but I doubt they’d cost more than Β£2. I’ve had them for a good few years, so they are a bit worse for wear but they’ll last me.

I have a little pencil pot which is bright orange, also from IKEA. You can find pencil pots anywhere for quite a good price πŸ™‚

Then I have some little decorative bits which I’m not sure what they are called- snow globes or sculptures maybe? I’m not sure, I’ve got quite a mind blank. These were gifted to me so I’m not sure where they are from.

Lastly on the educational side, I have a clear vase and a set of fake flowers, both from Dunelm Mill, which is also a very affordable home stores.

I love home stores, as weird as that sounds, but I wouldn’t even mind spending a day in one. Anyone else get me?! :’D

The Beauty/Dresser Side


I am quite proud of this side, it’s very girly and pretty. I have two Mason Jars which I stole from my grandma *waves hello grandma* and I filled one with cotton pads, and the other with make up sponges, which I only really use for nail art.

I have a make up drawer, which I got from Poundland (classy, I know) and that is filled with my everyday/favourite make up. I have a whole other draw filled with make up as well. On either side of the drawer, I have two jars/pots filled with make up brushes and mascaras. The pink glass is literally a glass, which I also got from Ikea. I filled that with make up brushes, which you can’t really see at the minute as all my Real Technique/elf brushes are drying. The other jar I made myself, but originally it was a candle. ThisΒ isΒ filled with my never ending collection of mascaras and a few eyeliners. There are also some eyeshadow palettes on the side.


I have a lot, and I mean a lot of nail polishes. Maybe one day I’ll do a nail polish collection if you’d like to see it? I store my nail polish in in an old lampshade, which I think looks very pretty.

The Inspiration/Above


To make my desk/dresser area look a little more lively, I made a pin board filled with some of my favourite quotes or pictures that I’ve found online or taken myself. I also have a timetable and some cute little cutouts I found from cards or magazines. Pin boards are great for inspiration and they are so fun to make πŸ™‚


Above that, I have this really cute heart wicker piece that my mum got me, and I think it is so beautiful, and really adds the finishing touch to my desk area.


That’s my finished desk/drawer! I do really like it, it looks good on a budget no? What do you guys think about it?

I’d love to see what your desk/dresser looks like, so leave me your links! πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this post, a little different but I enjoyed taking pictures for it and writing it quite a bit!

Thanks for reading.


Kavi xox

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