[BEAUTY] May Favourites 2014 ♥

Hello my lovelies!

Wow, another month gone already?! This year is flying by! Next thing we know we are post-Christmas and working off the Santa belly, once again. Well, May has certainly been a good month for me, but I’m more excited about June and July (Germany, lots of shows, Summer and my birthday!). I’ve been trying out some new products/things this month and I can’t wait to share with you what I think about them.

may favs



Sleek Contour Kit – This is a beautiful little palette containing a champagne highlighter and a matte brown contour. I apply the contour in a 3 way motion on my cheeks, temple and jaw line. This creates a subtle, sun-kissed, bronzed look that makes my face look a little slimmer. Let’s not lie, we all want to have those model like cheekbones and this is the perfect way to fake it. I use the highlighter on the high points of my face and it gives me a cute glow. It’s incredibly pigmented and it is a great drugstore find!


Lush Vanillary Solid Perfume– Oh, I love this little thing. It’s a solid perfume that you simply rub on your wrists or wherever else, and it just smells beautiful. It’s quite a strong scent of vanilla but I like it because that means it lasts all day. A little trick I learnt from someone who works at Lush, is to rub some in your palms and rummage through your hair. It works and makes my hair smell amazing, especially if I’ve been cooking, this is a great trick!

Emite Eyelash Curlers– I’ve raved on about these before in this post, but I really do love them. If I have a day where I’m not wearing any make up whatsoever, but want to look a little bit awake, using these is what I do.


 Urban Veda Radiance Day Cream*- I’ve got a review of this beauty coming up soon, but I’ll quickly sum it up. It’s a lightweight day cream that smells lovely, and has really been rescuing my skin at the moment.


Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me– This is a lovely, refreshing and hydrating facial mist that I use whenever I feel a bit sick or clogged up; I can tell I will be using this all throughout the summer!


Rita Ora & Iggy– I love both these girls together and seperately. Recently each of their songs have been amazing, and I’m loving listening to them 24/7. My favourites are – Black Widow (both of them) & Work (IGGY).

Teen Wolf– I am actually obsessed with this series. It is so amazing and I have just finished Season 2 and cannot wait to see more. If you watch it, let me know so we can fangirl over it together! 🙂

hush, hush Book Series- I absolutely adore this series of books. I am currently rereading the last book even though I just read it, but ohmagod. It’s pure brilliance, trust me. I might even push myself to say this is the best book series I’ve read, followed by the Divergent series as a close second.


Mood Ring & Loom Band Bracelets– I love this ring which my brother got me. I’m not quite sure what the colours mean but I love watching it quickly change colour. The loom bracelets I finally mastered and I’m quite obsessed with making them.

That’s it for my May Favourites! I think I put a lot more effort into this post as I really planned it out and edited it properly, I don’t know if it shows though?

What have you been loving this month?

Thanks so much for reading!


Kavi xox

16 thoughts on “[BEAUTY] May Favourites 2014 ♥

  1. axeliaaa says:

    I’m waiting for season 4 of teen wolf! Season 3 was very gripping, I felt. I cried at the end of the series!
    Great post
    Amelia xxx

    • Kavi says:

      I need to watch the whole of season 3 before season 4 comes out😂 I can imagine it will be amazing, I’ll probably shred a few tears too haha! Thank you my lovely 🙂 xxx

    • Kavi says:

      Thank you! I had to order mine online as they don’t sell it in store anymore, but you definitely should get one 🙂 Awh thank you so much, I’m really glad! Thanks Tarika 🙂 xx

      • Kavi says:

        You can find it on Amazon for £6/£7! Awh thank you very much, I’m going to try and put more effort into all my post! Your comment means a lot, thanks again lovely :*xx

      • Kavi says:

        Awh hehe, stop your making me blush! :’) I know, I’m really glad too! Hopefully we will meet each other and be united soon!xx

      • Kavi says:

        Hahah! It is,but I’m so glad-having a major thing in common is a great start to a friendship! Maisie is hopefully doing a meet up this summer, then we can meet then if we both go! :*xx

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