[BEAUTY] Summer Gelly Nails Of The Day

Hello lovelies! As you’re reading this I will be in Cyprus, and I wanted to show you the manicure and pedicure that I decided to wear for my holiday. As the weather there is super warm (much like our British Summer, when it’s HOT), I thought why not wear a summery colour instead of a spring one.

I’m sure many of you know that I adore Barry M Nail Polish, and this is just another one of them. I own so many, but this colour is just divine, I may even say that it’s in my Top 3 Favourite Nail Polishes.




The camera did not pick up how beautiful and vibrant this colour is, it’s sort of like a mermaid colour- a greeny blue shade. It’s so thick and opaque and it only takes two coats to achieve the desired gel look. It really suits my skin tone, however I think bluey green shades make every skin tone pop.

For £3.99 you really can’t go wrong, and this colour is to die for. I really enjoy it on my nails because it makes me feel all summery. I love it so much that I put it on my hands and feet.

They’re my nails of the day, what do you think about this colour?

Thanks so much for reading,


Kavi xox



35 thoughts on “[BEAUTY] Summer Gelly Nails Of The Day

  1. Priscilla Goh says:

    First of all, I am extremely jealous that you are in Cyprus. Ahem, please take me with you next time. And second of all, I am in love with that gorgeous nail colour! It’s a great pop of colour! xx.

    • Kavi says:

      Awh hehe! I just got back unfortunately 😔 I will haha! Thank you, its so perfect for spring isn’t it? Even though I never wear dark colours I love how bright it is!xxx

      • Priscilla Goh says:

        Well like Dr Seuss said- don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened! You should definitely do a future post on your experience in Cyprus- I would LOVE to see that! (it would definitely make me even more jealous of the fact that you travelled there!) And definitely- it looks so great! xx.

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