[FASHION] Primark & Topshop Haul | Spring 2014 |

Hiya chickas! It feels like forever since I’ve posted, and I’m so sorry for that! I’ve been quite busy, but I so wish I had posted because I’ve missed it! Sorry if you missed me, but I’m back πŸ˜‰

On Sunday, I went out shopping with my mum which is always fun because it’s great to have a girly giggle together! I hadn’t been shopping in the whole of March, so I was very much craving a good shop… The craving got so bad that I even dreamed about shopping… Anyway!


I had a massive wishlist with only Β£30 to spend, which I didn’t even use up, as I had vouchers too, so I was very proud of myself! I also managed to get rid of a great deal of stuff on my wishlist, so it’s time for another one! πŸ˜‰ First stop was Primark, which is where I got everything apart from one item. Let’s get into the haul!


The first thing I got were a pair of shoes. I’ve been wanting white converse for absolutely ageees, but I also love the effortless look of Vans, so when I saw these I was like – ” Your MINE.” They’re super cute and you can wear them with practically anything, and I just know that I’m going to get a good wear out of them. They were Β£6, which is a bargain.

This next thing is kind of a basic essential- cotton pads. They come in a pack of 160 for Β£1, don’t tell me that’s not a good find?


Another basic item that I just HAD to show you, it’s these super cute Pj’s! Primark Pj’s are the bomb, like seriously, you can’t beat them. The bottoms are covered in food. Yes food. On your pjs. Perfection or what? The pink top came separately but it’s also very pretty. Thanks to my mum for buying these for me, I love them!


I got this really super chill T-Shirt from Primark, after seeing Sarah from Sarah Speaks rave on about the ‘Neppy Tees’. They are basically loose fitted, circle neck tees, with rolled up sleeves. You can pretty much wear these with anything, and it’s going to be amazing to chill in this. I got in the colour Nude for Β£4.


I got two other tops from Primark. One of them is this top that I’ve had my eye on for yonker years, but I’ve never found the right colour. However I found it in the shade ‘Lemon’ (yellow) which looked great on my skin tone, so I was very happy to find it. If you haven’t seen these before, it’s called a ‘Raglan Top’ which is basically a plain loose long sleeved top with a different colour tummy and arms. They, again, are perfect for just lounging around in, and I can’t wait to wear this because the colour is perfect for Spring!


The last piece I picked up from Primark is this really cute cropped Halter Cami. It’s basically a cropped floaty vest which you can pair with anything and everything. I recently bought a leapord midi skirt which I am planning to wear with this. It’s another bargain price at only Β£2!


Lastly, from Topshop, I had some vouchers to spend for my birthday, so I decided to pick up some jeans! I love Topshop jeans, and I believe that every girl should have a pair (if not 2) in their collection, They are a little pricey (ranging from Β£36-Β£40) but are well worth the investment as they are amazing quality and fit. The ones I chose were the Leigh Jeans, which are mid waisted, super soft and stretchy, and ankle grazers. These are a great alternative to my Kristen Jeans from Topshop, which are slighty on the darker denim side. As I had vouchers, I only had to pay Β£2 for these, but normally they cost Β£38.

IMG_0866 (2)

That’s it for my haul! I hope you enjoyed seeing everything I picked up! Sorry I was a bit excited, I was very happy with my finds πŸ™‚ What have you picked up lately?

I forgot to mention that all of this stuff was mainly for my holiday, because I’m going on holiday on Saturday to Cyprus! I’m super excited, but I’m looking for some guest bloggers so if any of you are interested I’d love to know! πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading,


Kavi xox


17 thoughts on “[FASHION] Primark & Topshop Haul | Spring 2014 |

  1. bethanyworrall says:

    I’m taking my sister to Primark to get her clothes for summer tomorrow, think she’ll love the neppy tees! Super cheap too πŸ™‚

    I love the cami, I’ve been looking for something similar for my hols!

    Great haul lovely

    • Kavi says:

      Ooh, I’d love to hear what she gets! I was so happy when I saw the Cami, only Β£2 as well! πŸ˜€ Thank you so much lovely xxxxx

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