Valentines Day Nails

Hello lovely people! I hope you’re all well!

So Valentines Day is approaching us quickly, and even though I don’t plan on doing anything (other than eating), I thought changing up my room and creating a nail look would be cool.

I came up with this gorgeous, simple yet versatile design that anyone can do. It’s very girly and glittery, which is perfect for Valentines Day right?

I used the Wet n’ Wild Nail Polish in Sparked which is a beautiful pink glitter nail polish. I put this on all my nails and waited (like forever) for it to dry, whilst I watched Catching Fire and ate some Frozen Yoghurt- Perfect.



On my ring finger, I put two drops of white nail polish on it, and dragged them down to make a heart shape. Then I waited a long time for them to dry. I am very impatient…

And this is how they turned out:


I love them! Cute and pretty but simple. It’s just the drying time that kills me, but Catching fire and my lovely Strawberry froyo seemed to cure it.

I loved coming up with this design- and I know this campaign is going to be very popular!

How are you planning to spend your Valentines Day-like me or are you going out for a fancy meal? Do you have any beauty ideas inspired by love?

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!


Kavi xox

17 thoughts on “Valentines Day Nails

  1. Demiana says:

    I’m soo impatient when waiting for my nails to dry, Yours look great! I’ll be spending valentines day the same as you, eating chocolate and watching a movie! x

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