My Top 10 YouTubers

Hey chickas! Today I thought I would post about my favourite youtubers! I have 10 that I’m going to talk about today, and all these people make fantastic videos that I must watch as soon as they’re uploaded. To be honest with you, I haven’t really got the typical picks but instead I’ve got some that you may not have heard of. Anyway, let’s jump into it!
My first favourite YouTuber is Justlovesfashion aka Britt. She is a teenage girl like myself, and she loves beauty, music, art and fashion. She is extremely stylish and has her own independent style, in which she is not afraid to wear what she likes. She is so pretty and I always look forward to her videos! She deserves so many more subscribers so do check her out.


My next favourite is Hollysamanthaa. Holly was the first YouTuber I ever watched in my whole life. I found one of her videos a few years ago, and ever since then I found my passion for beauty and fashion. Holly is so sweet and lovely, and she also loves Primark like myself!

Stilababe09 is another one of my favourites. Meredith is so crazy yet happy and I love watching her videos because they are always useful and they help me in one way or another each time. I don’t really like watching too many American youtubers because they just make me jealous about how many beauty products America has that the UK doesn’t! 😦


For a brilliant make up guru, I would 100% recommend Tanya Burr. Tanya is so down to earth and extremely happy and inspirational! She is fantastic at make up and I’ve tried out so many of her tutorials. She has made her own make up line too, which launches on the 31st, and I’m so excited for that!!


A not so well known YouTuber but one that I enjoy watching is blvckbeauty. I especially enjoy her look books-she is so so stylish and has the perfect editing skills. Watch her recent Lookbook and you’ll see what I mean.


I think everyone loves or have seen one of Michelle Phans videos. I can’t describe her, but she’s just so cool. She makes videos with style and sophistication, and jam packs them with great, helpful information. You can always tell how much effort she puts into them!


A personal favourite of mine is the MazziMaz. One word-HILARIOUS.
A YouTuber whose videos I’ve not missed one of, is MyLifeAsMe. Sarocha is so funny and genuine and is a similar age to me too. She films and edits well too and she is very bubbly.


My last two favourite YouTubers are inspirational ones.
Patricia Bright is such an amazing YouTuber, role model, and girl in general. She does fashion and beauty videos too! She’s so honest and shares anything with her subscribers. She does amazing advice videos and she convinces you that you are ok just the way you are (pun intended).


Bubs from bubzbeauty is also very inspiring. She does great videos oh accepting and forgiving yourself, and general life advice. She’s so motivational and her story is too. She’s learnt to love herself for who she is, and now she’s trying to teach us too. She uses simple, natural DIY’s to do make you feel more confident in your own skin too.


So they are all my favourite YouTubers. I actually love so many, with over 50 subscriptions in my subscription box, but these are my favourites. Who are your favourites?

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to check out all these lovely YouTubers and subscribe to them too!
Kavi xox


9 thoughts on “My Top 10 YouTubers

  1. winniethepooh5 says:

    I love a lot of french youtubers, and i know you study french. So I have some youtubers for you :
    – EnjoyPhoenix
    – UnMondeAuFéminin
    – Sananas2106
    – 101thingsgirlslike
    – Kihouu
    – BlondJude
    – Léa BDavisBeauty
    – Jenesuispasjolie
    – Sandrea26France
    – LOdoesmakeup
    – Rachelle Martino
    – ladoucemélodie
    etc … There are so youtubers ^^
    So if you’re interested, have a look at it. ( it could help you for your french )
    Big Kiss Kave xx ♥

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