Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Review

Hello lovies! Today I’m going to be reviewing a product that I got for Christmas, which I’ve had mixed thoughts about but now I’ve decided.
The product is Bourjois Magic 1 second nail polish remover. This product claims to remove your nail polish in a second.
It comes in a little pink pot, with a sponge inside and the polish remover of course. Bourjois instructs you to dip your finger in the sponge, twist and remove. It retails for £4.99.
I’ve tried this product around 5 times now and I’ve had mixed opinions.
At first when I got it I was very excited to try it because it’s such a love/hate product. I used it on Christmas (when I got it) and I wasn’t very impressed because I did have to scrub my nails to remove it. I was wearing glitter nail polish though, which is always a pain to remove.
My mum and I have tried this a few times with normal nail polish on and it works brilliantly. I dip my nail in the pot, twist it for a couple seconds, and then take it out and the nail polish is gone. You can remove all your (normal) nail polish from your both your hands in less than a minute with this product.
I love how quick and efficient this product is, perfect for travelling. Also if you are in a rush it’s perfect. And another plus side with this product is the smell. It starts off with that cliche strong smell, and then after a minute they smell like sweets. I keep sniffing my nails after using this product, it’s so nice! I realise now that sniffing nail polish remover is probably not a great thing.
The only problems I have with this product is that it does not remove any other kind of nail polish quickly and the whole ‘one second’ thing is a lie. It takes about 5 or more seconds to remove it so don’t put your finger in for a second and expect to see a polish free finger, because you won’t. Also glitter nail polish is going to take time to come out, whatever polish remover you use.
Overall I do like this product and I’m really glad I got to try it out. It saves you the 10 precious, painful minutes of scrubbing at your nails with a soaked cotton pad, and it’s also paraben and acetone free. For £4.99 I would try it out if I were you.
Have you tried this product out? Love it or hate it?
Thanks for reading,
Kavi xox


6 thoughts on “Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Review

  1. beautyadoration says:

    I have a few of the twist type nail polish removers and I love them 🙂 they’re so easy to use! Great for a polish addict like myself. No more scrubbing with a cotton bud! You’re right about the glitter polish though, I find it impossible to get that off sometimes!

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