The Best Eyelash Curlers Review

Well hello there beautifuls! Today I’m back with a review of a product/make up tool that I really love. The thing I’m going to be reviewing is my favourite eyelash curler of all time. Now I actually received this product in my GlossyBox a while ago in 2013, and I’ve been using it non stop since then.
It’s such an amazing tool to have in your make up bag, plus it looks sleek and works wonders on your eyelashes.
These eyelash curlers are from the brand Emite makeup, which to be completely honest with you, I’d never heard about before I tried these. I haven’t actually looked into what else they have even though I should’ve done, but I do know that they have a wide eye make up range.
The black and red packaging is a perfect colour combination, showing sophistication and fun.
The curlers do a wonderful job at curling your eyelashes, and makes the curl last all day. The spongey barrier helps to gently but dramatically curl your lashes without pulling them off, and it also comes with a few more of them.
At £20, I think they are 100% worth it, considering I have not once looked back and used it everyday since I got them. These curlers make my fcuk ones look like dog poo, the kind that someone would vomit every time they smelt it. Okay that was a little harsh, but what I am trying to say is that these beauties are fantastic, with a capital F.
I decided to prove to you how good they are by showing you a before and after picture of curling them, and also a picture of my eyelashes with mascara on normally and another with eyelash curlers.



photo 3 (27)


^ Without curlers, with mascara^

photo 2 (30)

^With curlers and mascara^

photo 4 (22)


^No curlers                                                                          Curlers^

I will definitely be buying these curlers again if I loose or break them, in which I’d probably cry about because I really can’t go a day without them.
Buy them now at
Have you tried these eyelash curlers? What are your favourite curlers? Have you heard of the brand Emite before?
Thanks so much for reading!
Kavi xox


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