New Year’s Resolutions

Hello hello! Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had a lovely night last night and I wish you all a brilliant year!
For today’s post I wanted to tell you what my New Years resolutions are. To be honest with you, the resolutions I set each year are very much the cliche kind and also I seem to just remember them at the start of the year. This year, I wanted to set reasonable targets that would take me the whole year to achieve. So here are my New Years resolutions:

new years resolutions
-Exercise 4 times a week
I’d love to do this because staying healthy should be one thing that’s important in my life. I think it will be easy to do though!
-Try to cure my eczema
This is quite a hard thing to do, as I’ve been trying ever since I got it (11 years ago). But, I realised that milk triggers my eczema so I’ve switched to soya milk and not having the other milk in my diet really has helped! I itch a lot less and my skin is so much clearer.
-Get 1000 blog followers
So this is a bit of risky target and might seem unachievable to some people seeing as I have 400 followers now. But I’m determined to get there!
-Reach 30,000 hits on my blog
My blog views have gone up loads lately and I have 15,000 now so maybe through 2014 I can double that number?
-Keep my YouTube account up
I have got a YouTube channel, and now I’ve got a camera I have no excuse not to be uploading! I hope to keep uploading regularly throughout the whole year!
-Stick to a schedule for after school
If I stick to a schedule I’ll be able to get everything done well and quickly, which leaves me more time for blogging! Yes! πŸ˜€
-Go to a blogging event/meet up
This is not so much a ‘resolution’ but I’d really like to go to one of these and meet some of my lovely followers! One day I’ll host one myself but for now I’d like to attend one! If you know of any in London or Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire let me know please! πŸ™‚

They are my New Years resolutions! What are yours?
I just want to take this time to say thanks for being there for me and supporting my blog! Every single follower means so much to me so thank you! I love you all πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading,
Kavi xox

6 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. thetrickyniki says:

    Good luck with all Kavi! I’m sure you’ll get a good way through your resolutions πŸ™‚ Also, send me your YouTube link, I want to have a looksies! And happy new year πŸ™‚

    • Kavi says:

      Thank you! I hope so! I will do, after I’ve uploaded a video with my new camera! In the process of editing the video at the moment! πŸ˜€ Happy new year!

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