The Perfect Pamper Evening

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful week, filled with movies and tons of chocolate! Today I wanted to do a pamper evening essentials post, because after all the hard work we’ve done this year/Christmas, I think we all deserve a bit of indulgence. I’ll go through everything you need for the perfect pamper evening and I’ll also tell you some of my favourite products that I like to use.
Lets get started!

the perfect pamper evening

First of all, unwind by playing some relaxing music or your favourite playlist. I like OneRepublic, Drake or Ariana Grande but I’m still on the look for some peaceful, relaxing music that isn’t too cheesy. Any recommendations?
I then like to run a warm bath and light some candles. Of course I love Yankee candles-I mean, who doesn’t? There are so many varieties of scents that you can choose from but one of my favourites is the apple stick cinnamon.
After the water has run to the top of the bath tub, I like to put in a LUSH bath bomb or melt. My favourite ones for relaxing are either Butterball, Cinders or Twilight, which all smell amazing.
Before I hop into the tub, I put on a face mask and body scrub. Lush do some amazing face masks and body scrubs, but I much prefer making my own. I love making this Yoghurt face mask and my brown sugar body scrub. I’ll slick some of the face mask on my face and exfoliate my body with the scrub all over my body.

In the tub, I’ll listen to the music and shut my eyes for a bit for pure relaxation. Or I like to read a book and at the moment I’m reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Then I’ll remove the face mask by using a scrub, and I like to use this great one from St Ives.
Once spending a good half an hour in the bath I like to pay myself dry with a warm towel and get changed into a cosy pair of pjs or my onsie.

Next I will scrub my lips with my Popcorn lip scrub from Lush and slick on some lip balm, like a Nivea lip butter.
Then I like to tone up my face and neck with my Boots toner and apply a night cream over that. Leaving this on overnight hydrates and nourishes my skin, feeding all the dry patches.
Hands are important to take care of and I’ve heard that the Soap & Glory Hand Food is really lovely so I’ll be trying that soon.
Hands moisturised, it’s time for the nails. On days like this I prefer to paint them in one bright colour and then apply a glitter coat on top. Barry M do the best glitter nail polishes and I can thoroughly recommend that you try them.
After all that skincare/beauty stuff is done, I like to snuggle up on my bed with a blanket and tons of pillows, and then I’ll watch a movie. At the moment I still love Christmas films like elf or polar express but otherwise I like a good chick flick/romcom. Once the movie is playing I like to eat some good chocolate. Nothing beats the classic bar of Dairy Milk.

After the movie I like to snooze off for an early night, and that’s the end of my relaxed, pamper evening. I like to repeat this regime every once in a while, i.e. Once a week, because it’s the perfect reward from a hard week at school.
What are your pamper essentials? Do you have any other things your recommend that I must do on these evenings? Let me know in the comments!
Also I realised that this would be the last post I do on a Sunday this year! Sad times!
Thanks for reading!
Much love,
Kavi xox

16 thoughts on “The Perfect Pamper Evening

  1. beautyadoration says:

    This sounds great to me! I really want to try out the LUSH bath bombs. I’m always having baths so it wouldn’t be a waste of my money. Now I’m in he mood for a good pamper night! Lindsey Stirling does some amazing, relaxing music. She plays the violin beautifully, don’t know if that is your thing but I just love it and could listen to her for hours!

    • Kavi says:

      Yay! Thank you! Lush bath bombs are amazing and smell spectacular! There are so many different ones to choose from that all do different things-so definitely go pick one up! I am too don’t worry! Ooh okay I’ll check her out now, thanks for the recommendation! 😀

  2. misslivvloves says:

    I looooove having pamper evenings! If you’re looking for relaxing music or just new music in general, try the app Songza. It has free music of all genres for whatever mood you’re in! I’ve been using it like crazy recently 🙂

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