The Winter Tag

Hey beautes! I was recently tagged by BlushingBeauty9 to do the Winter tag and as it seems it is more than definitely winter now I thought I’d do it. I tag everyone to do this post so if you do do it then leave the link in the comments and I will be more than happy to read it!

chrissymas legit
1) What is your favourite thing about winter?
Hot chocolates and Christmas! I love how everywhere you go it’s all Christmassy! Yay for Christmas 🙂

2) What is your favourite winter outfit?
High waisted jeans with a cosy cropped, preferably fluffy jumper, Ugg boots, a snude and a parka coat.

3) What is your favourite winter food?
Lately I’ve been loving sweet potato wedges but obviously chocolate and to be honest I love all food. Have you ever noticed that if you have food you instantly have friends? 😮

4) What is your favourite winter drink?
Hot chocolate, duhh! I always seem to be having my s’mores hot chocolate nowadays!

5) What is your dream way to spend a winter’s day?
Ooh, errm probably snuggled up in bed with an endless supply of food and movies, and then in the evening a Christmas party with all my friends!

6) How do you like to do your make up in the winter?
On the weekends I will probably add a bit of glittery eyeshadow and shimmery highlight and then a glossy red stained lip.

7) What are you hoping santa bring’s you?
Maybe an iPhone 4S in white and a camera? Ooh and I’d love a Naked palette or the Benefit mascara but I don’t really mind what I get, I’m grateful for anything. Although, my dream present is a minion-don’t ask.

8) What are the first three thing’s that remind you of winter?
Christmas, hot chocolate and jumpers.

9) What is your favourite winter song?
I love Leona Lewis’ new song and also Kelly Clarkson’s new album, but of course I love the classics!

10) What is your favourite winter memory?
I don’t know really. Urghh I can’t think sorry!

11) What is your favourite winter scent?
Hmm, cinnamon, freshly baked cookies and a lovely warm smelling house if you get what I mean? 😉

12) Finish this sentence if I could have one wish this christmas it would be …
To make my family happy and for everyone in the world to have a nice day on Christmas!

So that is all the questions in the winter tag, don’t forget I’d love to see your take on the tag! Thanks for tagging me Olivia, please everybody go and check out her blog.
Have a beautiful day,
Kavi xox

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