Afternoon Tea At The Ritz :O

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Hello everybody! I hope you are all well and having a good week. I can’t believe how close it is to Christmas-it feels like summer was ages ago!
On Sunday I took the train up to London along with my family, to go to the Ritz Hotel for afternoon tea, and then for a bit of hectic Christmas shopping. Today I am going to be sharing with you some of my favourite moments and pictures from the day! So let’s get started…
The Ritz is a very grand and glamorous hotel, fit for the posh. I told my loud family to be under best behaviour (aka, try to talk quietly please) because it only felt right. Sometimes I do wonder who the parent is.
We were greeted with a man dressed up in a fancy pantsy suit and steps that had ‘The Ritz’ written on them. Wonder why :s
We had to go through revolving doors, which actually taught me something-you do have to push them to get through. I was actually quite upset, and that’s not being sarcastic!
Walking into the hotel we saw a humongous Christmas tree, decorated with bells and little presents, waiting for me to come and unwrap them! Mwa ha ha ha!

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We were led through the hotel to a ‘cloakroom’ in which we put our coats in. I was bewildered that there was such a thing, I’ve never seen it before, but my parents had experience because they’re used to all this posh nosh thingy ma bob. It’s not that I don’t like being treated like a princess… It’s just I never knew there could be a room just for your coats.
We also took a trip to the bathroom because they looked so fancy and pretty, with a door made out of curtains 😮

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The bathroom was spectacular, and it even had a long sofa, and arm chair, magazines and drinks. You’ve got to have a sofa because what if you get tired from going to the toilet?! 😉
Right, so maybe we should get onto the actual afternoon tea itself shall we?
The room was decorated with Christmas things and there was lots of mirrors which made the room look enormous.

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The table theme seemed to be vintage, with floral blue printed plates and tea cups, and metal teapots. It looked gorgeous, I have to say!

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We were given these cute little menus that said what we were going to be having and also a choice of drinks (different flavours of tea). Of course, I asked for a hot chocolate because who has tea at an afternoon tea hey?

photo 2 (17)

Our little nibbles then came and that’s when I started to get excited. If I am 100% honest with you I really did not think I would be full on the petite bites we got, but like my mum said, the food is very rich and a little goes a long way.
We were presented with a three tier cake stand full of sweet and savoury treats.
The bottom tray had 5 varieties of sandwiches, one of each for every person. There was egg & cress, cheese & pickle, hummus & rocket, cucumber & cream and the last one was tomato & mixed leaves. My parents favourite was the egg one and my brothers was the cheese one. I think I liked the hummus one the best.
On the middle tray was the cakes for me and my brother.

photo 1 (21)

It was an assortment of cakes including a chocolate & banana sponge pudding-which was a bit too sickly for me and a cinnamon and raisin fruit cake-which was absolutely delicious and I was surprised because I usually hate fruit cake. The last cake for us to try was a sweet hard pastry filled with a light vanilla cream topped with raspberries.

On the top tray-which was the plate for my parents, there was a macaroon, 2 banana cream sponge cake things, a mini chocolate cake and a mini filo pastry dessert.
They then brought out some warm, freshly baked scones, which were absolutely delicious. They had the classic clotted cream and jam to serve with it. The scones were so soft and easy to cut too, you could get the perfect cut with them. I think I’ll be trying to bake some scones soon so keep your eyeballs peeled for that.
Lastly we had a choice from a pistachio bakewell cake or a lemon drizzle. Being highly allergic to pistachio, I of course went for the lemon cake, which was a bit meh for me. There wasn’t anything special about it and I much prefer my mums version! I probably would’ve appreciated it more if I wasn’t so full on sandwiches and scones though.

photo 2 (20)
And that was the end to our scrumptious afternoon tea. I had a lovely time and I just want to thank my mum for inviting me to come along with her-it was a once in a lifetime experience!
Have you had afternoon tea before? Have you been to the Ritz? Do you like afternoon tea or big meals? Let me know!
Thank you for reading,
Kavi xox

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18 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea At The Ritz :O

  1. effiewright11 says:

    I’ve never been to afternoon tea at the Ritz but have heard that it’s quite an experience! How lovely that you got to go with your family! It must have felt very luxurious. Jealous! xx

  2. thisisyourbestyear says:

    The USA Today just ran an article on the top 10 hotels in the USA to have tea. My sister and I had tea at the Drake. Here in Texas, we’ve done the Ashton in Fort Worth (lovely), and the Adolphus in Dallas (very nice). She is the tea drinker, but I have enjoyed the experiences.

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