Ariana Grande Hair Tutorial

Hello! I hope you are all well (I’m not sadly-I’ve got the dreaded cough and ear infection)!
Today I’m going to be doing an Ariana Grande Hair tutorial! I did this look on my friend Naomi, and this is how it looks:

photo 4 (7)

photo 3 (10)

photo 2 (11)

photo 1 (12)

Her hair is very nice and long (similar to Ariana’s). I love Ariana and I can’t get over how pretty she is! She always wears her hair in the same cute style-a half up half down with the ends curled. So if you want to know how to get Ariana’s pretty look then keep reading!

You will need:
* Hairbrush or Comb
* Hairspray
* A few bobby pins
* A hair tie
* Curling irons/Curling wand

Start off by making a deep side parting. Her ‘bangs’ are very thick and long so make sure you get as deep as a parting as you can get!
Pin the ‘bangs’ aside and divide your hair into half, slicking the top section back and up. Tie up the hair just above the middle of the head. Now slick the sides down with some hairspray, sticking down all those stray, crazy hairs.
Now it’s time to get your curlers out! Don’t forget to put a heat protectant spray all over your hair before using heat on it, unless you want to burn it off (I’m sure that no one wants to do that).
Divide the bottom half of your hair into about 8 sections. Now starting from the middle of your hair downwards, curl your hair. Leave the curlers/wand wrapped tightly around your hair for about 30 seconds, to create the ringlet look Ariana has. Repeat for all 8 sections.
Now move on to the hair that is tied up. Divide the hair into 5 sections, and curl the ends again.
Spray all the curls with hairspray to make sure they don’t fall out. I like to use one from John Freida.
Now lets finish off the hairstyle by styling the bangs. All you need to do is take them to the side tightly, and then pin down to your head using a few bobby pins. If there is any remaining hair, wrap the ends around your ponytail.

And that is how you get an Ariana Grande hairstyle! I love Ariana’s hair look so I’m so glad that I managed to recreate the look on Naomi! I’ll definitely be doing it on myself soon too!
Do you like Ariana? What’s your favourite song by her? Will you be recreating this look? Let me know!

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Kavi xox

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