My Top 5 ‘Jungle’ Essentials!

Hey there lovely ones! Today I’m doing my ‘Jungle Essentials’ post, which was made by the lovely Lyndsey over at littleirishbeautybox I saw this post and thought about how fun it would to do!


^ All credit to Lyndsey for the photo ^
So in this post all you have to do is say what your top 5 jungle essentials would be, and why. I think this means any products you like, and it doesn’t have to be make up or clothing. Some posts like this say the people as their essentials, but I’m just going to do items today!

Okay, so the first thing that would have to be an essential is my phone. I have to have my iPhone with me everywhere. I’m so attached to it so I probably couldn’t live without it 🙂 Even if there isn’t wifi, there are still things that would keep me entertained on there, like Wattpad (reading app), Mail (I get automatic emails of the posts from some of my favourite blogs I follow, so I can just read them on the go), Photos (look through them all and memories). And then I have games and picture editing apps, which I always enjoy! And of course my music.

My next essential would have to be lip balm. Wherever I am, I have to have lip balm with me, because I basically apply it every 5 minutes. Some of my favourites are from Nivea, The Body Shop and Burts Bees.

The next essential is the biggest bottle of water in the world. Water is so important to drink, so make sure you have lots of it when you can. Also, in a jungle I’m guessing it’d be pretty damn hot so I need to keep myself refreshed.

My fourth essential is a never ending supply of brownies. Don’t ever tell me you don’t like brownies because I love them too much to ever hear that. And Anna, if you are reading this, then it is your brownies that I want for the jungle, ok? 😉
(Anna is one of my friends who makes the best brownies ever)

The last essential for me is a pillow, like the littleirishbeautybox. It’s true, you do need a pillow wherever you go because who knows, in the jungle it could be very bumpy and uncomfortable!

What are your ‘jungle essentials’? I’d love to see you do this post! Don’t forget to tag me and Lyndsey in the post so we can see it!
Talk soon,
Kavi xox

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