10 Questions Every Beauty Blogger Should Answer Tag!

Hello Hello! It seems like forever since I did a beauty related post, what with all these fashion thingy ma bobs coming in the way 😉 Sorry if you prefer more beauty related posts-I’ll try to keep a mix of everything rather than doing two weeks worth of fashion posts. Anyway, that’s the little ramble out of the way! Today I’m back with this awesome beauty (ish) related tag that I think every beauty blogger should do. So if you are reading this, and you like/write about beauty, then you are tagged and I expect to see this post on your blog very soon 🙂

Time for the questions!

1. Name a beauty routine you barely do.

I guess I could say a full pampering session. My parents would argue though, they think I pamper myself 24/7 so don’t ask them…  But I don’t really do many pampering things, like having a bath or putting on a hair or face mask. I don’t know why really-I love me some good pamper time.

2.  Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?

Ermm, no… Definitely not regularly. I need to, but it’s just so much effort and I can’t afford for them to be damp in case of emergencies. That’s hardly an excuse though is it?!

3. How long would you last with chipped nail varnish?

Until it gets to the point where I can’t even look at my nails because they are so chipped.

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty item or nail polish even if you need it (i.e foundation, top coat, etc.)

I can put it off for a month or two, unless it is an essential (like concealer, mascara or lip balm). But I can guarantee you that I won’t run out of an essential, because I will be stocked up in advance.

5. What is your worst beauty habit?

Keeping make up products for longer than they should be kept for. Mascara to be thrown out after 3 months? About that…. :s

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off all the time.

Doing my Homework. If it’s a subject I don’t like I will try to resist doing it for as long as possible.

7. When going out somewhere do you leave getting ready until last minute or not?

No, usually I give myself a good 3 hours in advance. If it’s a make up/hair look I know then I can do it 30 minutes before I leave though.

8. Can you commit to spending bans?

I  can usually stick to them, luckily!

9. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collections?

I’d say very organised. I might do a post on it soon!

10. What is the longest time you have gone without writing a blog post?

A week? Two weeks? You guys will know I’m sure.


Anyway, that’s it for this tag! I’ll make sure to do some more beauty posts soon! I tag you all, don’t forget!

Thanks for reading!

Kavi xox

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