Trends I’ve Spotted… A/W 2013

A few weeks ago I travelled up to London with my mum to see Jessie J. Whilst on the train journey and at the multiple train stations, I decided to do some trend spotting. A lot of the trends I saw were not actually on the catwalk, but I saw them constantly so I thought I’d include them anyway.
I’m going to start telling you about a few trends that have are actually an official trend at the moment, not just trends declared by me 🙂
The first, and most obvious is the tartan trend. I saw tartan worn in London minimally and not much, but those who did wear tartan wore it in completely different ways. One lady I saw paired a classic tartan shirt under her winter coat and wore Nike AirMax, which was a weird yet interesting combination. Scarfs, skirts, shirts or patches on coats were also seen a fair bit. If you look in Primark, you’ll see a lot of items of clothing with tartan on them.

topman red tartan


grunge look


The next trend I noticed was leather. Leather skater skirts are so pretty and wearable and I noticed a lot of girls wearing these. Also leather jackets, and leather elbow patches on the classic parka coat.

Talking of parka coats, lets talk about how popular these are! I started off with the only one in my small town wearing this coat, to go into train stations of ladies all shapes & ages wearing them. Ask my mum, I literally started counting how many girls were wearing parkas. I think there must have been a good 500 ladies in the stations and trains I went to wearing them. If you want to be that 501th, check out Tammy Girl or H&M, as they are both affordable. I’ve heard Sainsburys and ASDA do some good ones too. Personally, I’m not a fan of the TOPSHOP parkas as I think they are ridiculously priced, the fur is too white, and the fit isn’t great. However, it might suit you-you never know till you try 😉

A trend that I’m not shipping so much is the Mom jeans. Basically these jeans are baggy, loose fitting jeans that hang on your legs creating a grunge look. I love sporting the grunge look, but these jeans are not on my wish list, even if they are one of those things that everybody must have (like skater skirts, ombré hair etc).


Ombré hair still seems to be worn. Although at the time I thought it was gorgeous, I think it has been worn out a bit to be honest. If you can rock it, then you go girl!
Big tote bags are very much in trend. I’ve heard and seen Zara & Accessorise do some great, sturdy ones, although they are a bit on the pricey side. I’d love one for myself, but I’ve got so many bags already, I think I’m alright for now.


That’s all the trends I wanted to talk about today. I saw so many people in London wearing these things and I thought that I could be a ‘High Street Spy’ and then report back to you all 😉
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Thank you so much for reading,
Kavi xox


10 thoughts on “Trends I’ve Spotted… A/W 2013

  1. blushingbeauty9 says:

    I’ve been to see Jessie J, she is amazing. I also love all of these trends especially the green coats and tartan scarf!

    • Kavi says:

      😀 me neither! I don’t think I’ll be buying these-and my mum says it an insult to her because she never wears those kind of jeans, hehe! Are the trends here similar to where you come from? ❤
      I will definitely check it out! Videos don't work on my phone so I will make sure to look at it tomorrow! 😉

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