Autumn Beauty, Fashion and Random Essentials!


Hey guys! Yeah sorry for not blogging, you’ve all heard my excuses before so I’m not going to bore you all with them. I WILL for sure be back to blogging a lot more consistently because I’m going to be scheduling posts and also it’s half term now so there should be more time for me to blog.

So anyway, onto the blog post! I’m going to be talking about my autumn beauty, fashion and mis match staples/essentials. I’ve decided that this would be a great post to do every season because each season there is so many different colours, clothing, smells and beauty items, so I only thought that this would be appropriate!
Autumn is officially here now, the weather is cooler, the leaves have fallen and turned a lovely burnt orange colour. We are now craving that pumpkin spice latte, or warming drinks that have a gorgeous aroma that make us feel cosy and happy. So, let me show you how I like to be comfy and cosy, and what are my essentials for this autumn 2013.

Let’s start with beauty!

photo 1



This year, flawless skin and gothic looks are very much in. Whether you choose to be gothic on your nails, eyes or lips, each can be worn in different ways-whether that be daring or more wearable. Personally, I like to use this lipstick from L’oreal, which is called ferric Fuschia. It’s a deep berry toned red that is very moisturising and long lasting. I dab this onto my lips and then blot them for more of a stained look.
For eyes, I love washing Maybelline’s Colour tattoo in On and On Bronze all over my lids, because it’s a darker, metallic colour that looks like an effortless smokey eye. Perfect!

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow On and On Bronze Review 006
I love this blusher from NYC. It’s a smooth mineral loose blush powder in the shade Almost Apricot, which is incredibly pigmented. I love dusting this on my cheekbones because it gives me a warm, healthy looking glow. Also, it’s super affordable!
My last beauty must have has to be a nail polish, because the colours we tend to wear this season are burgundy, wine or purple red colours, and I find that the easiest way to wear them is on my nails. I’m still on the hunt for a good one, any recommendations? I’ve heard Revlon, Rimmel and Barry M do lovely ones!

Fashion Must Haves

My first fashion essential for autumn has to be cosy jumpers and cardigans/sweaters. Primark and New Look do some lovely warm jumpers, but if you are willing to spend a bit more then Topshop also do some nice ones. I have an electric blue one from Primark and a Burgundy one from New Look. I’ve heard that H&M have got some great new stuff out so I shall be having a look in there for some more jumpers! You can never have too many jumpers!
The second fashion must have has to be a nice cosy coat. Now, if you spend your days on the high street checking out what the majority of people are wearing, you’ll know that khaki coloured coats, aka parkas, are very much in trend at the moment. I spent a couple of shopping trips on the search for the perfect parka for me; I wanted the coat to be warm but also the style I wanted it. I did want the one from Topshop, but the colour is a bit weird for my liking, and the faux fur is BAM in your face white. I also saw a lot of girls wearing them on the highstreet and noticed how the fit was really weird and baggy. Also I thought it would be nice to wear a different kind of coat, instead of the Topshop one that every girl is wearing. So I found the perfect one from BHS. It’s warm, it’s the perfect fit and colour and also it’s a great price.
I love wearing cosy pyjamas, and now in all the stores there are lots of different kinds! If you’re on the search for really warm pjs, Primark is your saviour. You can get individual pieces but also sets of pyjamas. I find the perfect pair, they are so warm and comfortable and I never get cold wearing them. I actually find that I sleep better in them which is a bit weird but I do!
The last fashion staple for autumn has to be boots. The perfect pair of boots is hard to find, and I am yet to find them. All the boots I own are more dressy because they are heeled. H&M have some lovely ones, but again, they are heeled. I don’t mind if the boots are heeled, but the boots should go with every outfit and also be comfortable to wear and walk in. I think the easy way out would be ugg boots, because they do go with anything and everything, but I am tempted to buy the H&M ones too.

Now time for the miscellaneous staples!
Warm drinks are a must have for me. I love honey water & green tea because they’re both good for you. But I also love lattes and hot chocolate, I mean who doesn’t?!

My favourite snacks at the moment are S’mores Pop Tarts and yoghurt with Muesli. S’mores are delicious when you put them in the toaster because when you bite into them they are gooey in the middle! Mmm…

Okay so of course, any autumn essentials post has to include candles. And yes, mine is a Yankee candle too! I love this tarte wax in Mango Peach Salsa which I put in an oil burner and it makes my whole room smell great. The best things about the wax is that you can reheat it again and again because you don’t have a wick. This scent is lovely because it’s quite sweet yet spicy.

They are all my autumn essentials! With these, I’ll be fine until winter comes, which is quite soon…
Oh well! I hope you enjoyed reading! I’ll give you a sticker if you read to the end of this because it was quite a long post!
What are your autumn essentials?
Thanks for reading!
Much love
Kavi xox


13 thoughts on “Autumn Beauty, Fashion and Random Essentials!

  1. emilyalicegrace says:

    I would defiantly recommend the barryM high-shine nail gelly paint! I recently bought one in pink and I love it! It keeps a nice shine and doesn’t chip easily plus is affordable! Check out my blog where I did a review on it if you wish x

    • Kavi says:

      Thank you! 😀 Same to you! Oh what a shame… I love fall! Although at the moment we haven’t had the best weather- there has been storms, thunder, lightning, hurricanes and tornadoes! It’s crazy!x

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