Happy Birthday kavichick2000!

Hey guys! For my blog post today, I’m going to be giving you an overview of my blog and how I have improved through 365 days.  Yup, you read that right, it’s been exactly a year since I started to my blog! I’ll be sharing some embarrassing moments and telling you how I have improved.This time a year ago, I was looking at my computer screen, puzzled on how and what to write, and to be honest with you, a bit  clueless. Over 3 months ago, I was celebrating 100 followers and 6000 views, and now it has doubled with 363 followers (including bloglovin). To be honest with you, as happy as it makes me to see I get a new follower, it’s not all about the follows and the likes. For me, it’s about enjoying writing about topics that you love, connecting with your readers and finding out new things and making friends with people who have the same passion as you.


A year ago I had no idea that there was such thing as a ‘like’ button, and only realised until my 7th post that there was such thing! In my 7th blog post, I talked about winter skin care tips and a ‘small competition’ that I held, which no one actually entered, aha! The competition was what is actually known as a ‘Guest Blog post’, but I made out that it would be such an honour to win it, when really it wasn’t so great…

Here is a little snippet of that blog post, so you can see how I started out… :/

‘Hey guys! Thank you everyone who has been reading my blog and telling people about it- I was so happy when I hit 54 views and now I have 94! Special mentions to Anja who told all her friends about it in Kent ( Hey guys!) and also made me some posters to hand around to my friends! Then my friend Katie who also has a blog, go check her out I think her address is http://www.katiesugar.wordpress.com , anyway she mentioned me on her blog which is fantastic advertisation for me! Thank you very much everyone! Also, soon I will do a special post that has been requested by many people! All you have to do is going to my ” about” page and email me what your name is, how you found out about me, what you like about my blogs, and the post you would most like me to do! I need your name so I can mention you! Email quick! Closing date is tomorrow at 5:30pm so you have a little time!’

So, this post was written a year ago, when I had 94 views! I was so hyped about this number-94 people of which 20 must have been me had viewed my blog. Wow. And now, I have 9,990 views, which is nearly 9,000 more than last year! That is also a staggering amount of views, and to know that many people have read my blog, means a lot. So thank you! 🙂

Now I’m going to talk about the look of my blog and how it has changed.

I’ve used so many different themes on my blog, and after lots of changes, I’m still not completely happy with how it looks. I’ve used different backgrounds such as mustaches, flowers, hearts etc. I’ve also played around the name of my blog ; it has ranged from kavichick2000 to BeautyJazz back to Kavichick2000. I have to say I’m much happier with kavichick2000, because it is unique and comes up in google search! 😀

What do you think about my blog name?

Writing wise I think I have improved greatly. Although I am tempted and sometimes do write in text talk ( u, omg, lol etc), I have learnt to write properly and use my capital letters appropriately too. I sound a bit like a 5 year old- using capital letters!! I think I can also go a bit overboard with exclamation marks, but to be honest, that just shows my excitement! I also think I am learning to use different vocabulary and use different forms of detail when appropriate. Sorry, I have just realised I am starting to sound like a self evaluation of an English essay…

I think that I do a good variety of posts that hopefully make my readers happy, but please remember if you guys want to read any blog posts I haven’t done, request it in the comments and I’ll be sure to put it on my blog list. I like to keep my blog posts unique and original to me, after all, clones are not worth it are they?

Now I’m going to show you how my blog posts look like now, which I am quite proud of:

‘Today’s blog post is an Autumn Inspired OOTD, which is also a collaboration blog post with my blogging friend Olivia, whose blog (blushingbeauty9) I love so much! I’ll leave her link at the end of the post!
I’m doing the daytime look, and she is doing the evening look, so it is complete for you all. We have both gone for very affordable options for you all as we know, like us, y’all may have a budget.
For my outfit, I’m wearing these black leggings which I think are great quality and last me ages.’ 


‘Why should you apply it? The base is used to cover up any imperfections, such as spots, blemishes, scars, dark spots or evening out the skin tone. Ask yourself ‘Do I need it? Why? What do I need to cover up?’ If you don’t have anything to cover up, you don’t need to wear anything. It’s a waste of money and you’ll be wearing unneeded make up, which could result in bad skin. I just have dark circles and a couple of blemishes, so that’s all I need to cover up which can easily be done with just concealer.’

Now that leads me onto my last topic, the readers and friends I have made through blogging. Every single one of you (yes you!) mean so much to me, because you are taking the time of day to actually read my blog. Follower or accidental clicker, I really hope you enjoy reading my blog and I hope my efforts are good enough for you.

I’ve made some lovely friends through blogging and although everyone is my friend, I thought I’d list some lovely people I get along with and blogs I love to death:








Check them all out! You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it! ALL my followers mean the world to me, and I’m sorry if I didn’t mention your blog, but don’t take it personally, these guys are just some good blogging friends!


Wow, ok. One year has gone so quickly, and I have progressed a fair bit. Again, thank you all- I really hope you like my blog and will continue to read it forever and ever! Thank you for letting me see hope in blogging, and thank you for all your kind thoughts and comments.

Now time for the classic ending…

Don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed reading, and follow so you don’t miss a single post!


Kavi xox

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday kavichick2000!

  1. thebeautybeans says:

    OMG thank you so much for mentioning us. It means the world to us, really! Thank you so so so much! ❤ And, by the way, we love this post! The idea of sharing with us your blog "history" from your point of view is great. It's a cute and unique thing to do, because no one actually ever stops to think about how we ALL start as noobs, how we ALL get so excited about the first likes, the first followers.. How we ALL try hard to make our blog look better and try to improve everything we can 🙂 We loved this post and, besides saying thank you, again, for mentioning us, we wish you all the best 🙂 you really deserve it girl 🙂

    • Kavi says:

      Aww you’re very welcome! You girlies are lovely, and have a fantastic blog so that’s the least I could do! Thank you for being so supportive 😊

    • Kavi says:

      Sorry, only just saw the rest of this comment now! Woah, this comment nearly made me cry with happiness! You girls are so kind and lovely! I’m glad you liked the concept of this! Well for me the most inspiring thing IS how we ALL were clueless at some point of our blogging journey! Thanks again, love you girls! :’)

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