Despicable Me Minion Nail Tutorial!

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Hey there girlies (and guys)! Hope you are all well!

The weather has drastically changed from last week, where the sun was bright and warm, and now it’s very windy and pouring down with rain. It’s horrible but oh well, it’s England.
Anyway, to make you and I feel happier, I’m back with a nail tutorial! But this one is not any old nail tutorial… It’s a minion nail tutorial!! 😀
I love minions, they’re so cute and funny and I just love em! So what better way to show my love than on my nails?!
Lets get started!
First of all, paint your nails yellow. As yellow is quite a light colour, and my yellow nail polish is quite sheer, I had to paint around 3 coats of it.
After they are dry, pick the nails you want minions on. I decided that I only wanted minions on my ring ringer and my thumb. Using a black nail striper, paint a thickish line straight across your nail, leaving space between the line and your cuticle.

photo 1 (5)

Then, whilst the black is drying, use a blue nail polish to create a small square on the top of your nail. This is creating the dungarees!
Outline the blue square in black, and then draw another black line below the square. This means that the 2nd black line should NOT be on the tip of the nail.
Once your first black line is dry, use a dotting tool and a grey nail polish to create a circle on the line. Just to clarify that this is going to be the rim of the minions glasses. Wait for it to dry.
After, using a smaller dotting tool, create a white circle inside the grey one. Again, wait for this to fully dry.
Once dry, draw a small black circle in the middle or side of the other circles. This is creating the eyes! As you probably know, minions are quite crazy so their eyes are looking in all directions!
Finish off those cheeky minions with a cute smile underneath the eye and you’re done!
Ta daa! Super cute, adorable minion nails!
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photo 4 (2)

^ Minion Cake I saw today! OMG!! ^
Thanks ever so much for reading! If you try out these nails, let me know, I’d love to see some pics! 😉
Love you guys!
Kavi xox

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