Beauty And Fashion Wishlist!


Hey there guys! Todays blog post is going to be an Autumn Fashion & Beauty Wishlist! There are so many new and lovely things out there that I’d love to have, so what better way to show you what I want than a wishlist?!

1. TOPSHOP Joni Jeans Black– I love the comfortable, jegging feeling of these jeans, and they have the most amazing fit. I think these will be a lot nicer to wear than leggings because I know they are not see through and are great quality! They’re just a tad bit pricey, at £36 I think they can stay on my wishlist for now!

2. LUSH Oatifix Face mask– I was ‘prescribed’ this by a fellow beauty blogger, the OxfordOwl, who is a Lush addict. It smells absolutely incredible, it’s like breakfast your face! Mmm… I luckily have used up 5 Lush products so I’m going to go swap them in for this lovely face mask!

3. Barry M Nail Paint, Cappucino– This colour is so gorgeous and lovely for the autumn, because it’s quite a dark grey but has pretty purple undertones in, which looks great. At £2.99, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist.

4. I love Cardigans like this one from TOPSHOP, as they are so warm and cosy, which is perfect for the kind of weather we have here in England. I feel like cream coloured ones are particularly nice as they can go with anything basically.

5. TOPSHOP Frilly socks– Every teenager and their mother and their mothers’ sister and dog has raved about these. They are so pretty and feminine, and I think they look great for jazzing up those old sneakers that we all own. I particularly like the cream, grey and burgundy ones as I feel like they appropriate for the season.

6. I love these gorgeous khaki Parka coats! I’ve had my eye on one from Primark, it looks so lovely and I’m in love with the furry inside, however it’s not very warm… Any recommendations for an affordable, good quality, warm one?

7. Last on my wishlist is these Creaseless Hair ties from Primark. My hair is the sort that will leave a dent everytime you tie it up, so I think these babies will probably be my life saviour.

That’s all I’m craving this month/season, how about you? Is there anything on my wishlist that you like?

Thanks for reading!


Kavi xox



12 thoughts on “Beauty And Fashion Wishlist!

  1. Nikolettax says:

    I LOVE THIS! ESPECIALLY THE COAT & HAIR TIES/BRACELETS! I bought some similar a few months ago from Accesorize they’re amazing!

  2. thebeautybeans says:

    Too many things actually…I just wouldnt be able to list them xD I need a coat too, and I was thinking exactly of something like the one u listed! on my list there are also some comfy sweaters and cardigans because here in Milan the weather is terrible in autumn and winter! Oh and I have been looking for striped jeggings for a long time… I found them last week…gonna buy em asap xD

    • Kavi says:

      Ooh! Yes I love comfy sweaters! It’s hard to find the perfect one though :/ The weather is horrid in England, it’s all windy and rainy and cold!
      Ooh they sound awesome! Where are they from?x

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