Starting Make Up – Face (Why, How and What)

Hey guys! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and the sunshine!
I’m not doing a BBlogtober post today for a few reasons. First one being that I feel like a lot of the themes are things I have already done, and second being that I’m not sure you guys are benefiting from those posts, and also I think there are many of what I have been writing in BBlogtober is out there already. If you know me, you will know I like to keep my posts unique and original, and I also like to write things that I know you guys will enjoy.

Now, I’m still going to participate in BBlogtober but I’m not going to blog everyday, unless the theme is something I haven’t done before or posts I genuinely know you’ll enjoy.
I think BBlogtober is a great idea if you have a lot of time to blog everyday but with the amount of homework I get, it’s quite hard.
Anyway, the ramble is out of the way now so I can get onto the post.
A lot of my friends have been asking for recommendations on make up and how to apply make up for beginners. A great project for this is the Starting Off project, which many bloggers participate in because it goes into detail about how, why and which make up to use.
So today, I thought I’d do a similar thing except I will do a post on each main area- the face, eyes and lips. I’ll teach you why, where, what, and how you should apply make up. I’ll also give you my top recommendations of very affordable products but fantastic quality. So lets get started!
I’ll start with the base, which can be foundation, BB cream, tinted moisturiser or even just concealer.
Why should you apply it? The base is used to cover up any imperfections, such as spots, blemishes, scars, dark spots or evening out the skin tone. Ask yourself ‘Do I need it? Why? What do I need to cover up?’ If you don’t have anything to cover up, you don’t need to wear anything. It’s a waste of money and you’ll be wearing unneeded make up, which could result in bad skin. I just have dark circles and a couple of blemishes, so that’s all I need to cover up which can easily be done with just concealer.
Which one should I choose? These days you can get different kinds of foundations which will be adapted to your skin type. Tinted moisturisers and BB creams are usually more moisturising, so if you have oily skin this is not for you. My favourite foundation which has light coverage and makes your skin look dewier (more glowing) is Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation. This is always on offer some where, so you’re bound to get it cheap.
If you are like me and only need concealer, then I definitely recommend Collections Lasting Perfection Concealer, which has amazing coverage, is so cheap and lasts all day.
How do I apply it? You can use a brush or your fingers, just make sure they are clean because you don’t want to be putting dirt onto your face. Apply a small amount onto the back of your hand and then put dabs onto your face. Thoroughly blend in making sure it’s blended into your jawline too.
If you are wearing concealer, dab a tiny bit on the problem area and using your ring finger to pat in using a stippling motion, which is when your finger presses up and down lightly against your skin.

Now you are ready for the next step, which is powder.

Why should I apply it? If you have oily skin then powder is your make up saviour. It will mattify your skin so it doesn’t look or feel so oily. If you have dry skin, skip this step!
Which one should I choose? I love Rimmel’s Stay Matte Powder because it has lasted me forever and it’s so cheap at only Β£3.99.
How do I apply it? I use a big powder brush ( Real Techniques Buffing brush) and sweep it onto my T-Zone, which is my forehead and nose. Simply sweep it on, but don’t apply to much as it will look cakey.

The next step is contour, blusher and highlighter.
Why should I apply it? Contouring makes your face look slimmer or more bronzer, blusher adds colour to your face and can perk up your appearance and highlighter can bring light to your face, making you look more youthful and glowing.
Which one should I choose? Finding a bronzer/contour that suits your skin can be quite a challenge. You don’t want it to look orange nor muddy. My favourite contour would have to be from Sleek’s Contour kit, because it’s the perfect matte brown shade. I hate shimmery bronzers so that’s why I like this kit. It’s affordable and long lasting, and also comes with a mirror and a highlighter. The highlighter is also very nice and has lovely gold tones to it. A highlighter has to match your skin tone, so you need to see whether pink or gold tones suit you best and then you can decide which highlighter you need to buy.
Blusher comes in sooo many different colours and again it depends on what skin colour and tone you are. I love coral shades but they don’t suit me, as they make me look like a barbie. You can get some good quality ones from L’oreal, which I’ve heard are very pigmented, or Sleek again have some lovely colours. Or if you are looking for an extremely cheap one then MUA do some nice shades for only Β£1!
Cream blush or liquid blush is also a favourite in the beauty world, and I know Revlon and Rimmel do some lovely ones!

That’s all for the face. But make sure you are following me so you can read the next bit in the series!
What are your favourite products for the face? Do you have any top tips or recommendations? I’d love to hear and I’m sure my readers would too!
Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to hit that like button so I know you guys want more of this series! And follow me why don’t you? It only takes a second!
Kavi xox


7 thoughts on “Starting Make Up – Face (Why, How and What)

  1. kazz1n says:

    Really well written post. I wish that when I was starting off with make-up I had something more like this to read! I mostly read a lot of magazine articles on make-up that had recommended products and colours (most of which didn’t suit me!!). I definitely think that if someone is just starting off with make-up then they should either get one of the beauty people in Boots or whatever to help find them the right colour or choose one that adapts to your colouring. The Max Factor colour adapt is really good, I used this for years and would definitely recommend it.

    • Kavi says:

      Thank you so much! πŸ˜€ Yes, I agree. Have you heard about the No7 scan colour match thing? That sounds good. The only thing that’s not trusty in store is the lighting, it’s always wrong and can cause many mistakes when choosing a colour, don’t you think?
      Thanks for your tips!

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