Quick And Easy Nail Tips!

Quick and Easy Nail Tips!
Hi guys, it’s Blogtober Day 3 today, and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. I think daily blogging is great! 😀
I thought I’d share with you some easy and quick nail tips, because we often paint them, get acrylics, or do some kind of damage to them and so it’s important to look after them.
1. File your nails in one direction. It’s tempting to file them back and forth (I’ve been there too) but it actually helps them to snap and break. It may seem weird at first filing them in one direction, but you’ll get used to it like I did.
2. Moisturise your hands. Make sure to rub the cream into your cuticles too, as these are often forgotten about and can get really dry. It’s so simple but very effective.
3. Protect your nails with a base coat. There are so many different kinds of base coats on the market these days, from strengthening to lengthening, but for me a base coat is a base coat. A base coat that works should do one thing and one thing only: protect your nails from getting stained. I have one from Revlon which I use every time I paint my nails, and although it’s gloopy and I hate it, it does what is required so that’s why I use it.
4. Clean your nails. You can use a nail brush for this or even a toothpick to pick out the dirt. Trust me, it’s make a hell of a difference. If you saw two hands each with a French manicure on the nails and they both looked different, which one would you choose:
– The one with green bits of dirt an grime shining through the white
– The one that looks put together, shiny, white and fresh
?? I think we all know which one we’d choose. So just take a minute or two when you’re travelling or something to quickly clean out the dirt.
5. Add a bit of colour or shine. You can use a nude polish for this and it will look glossy, sophisticated and it also looks like you’ve made an effort.
That’s it for my nail tips. I hope you guys remember them and try them out!
Thanks for reading,
Kavi xox

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