My favourite Hair Oils

My Favourite Hair Oils

Hey, it’s BBlogtober Day 2 today! Are you joining in with it? Today’s theme is hair care so I thought I’d talk about hair oils!
I love hair oils, but I am yet to try the Moroccan oil that has been much raved about. Why? Because it’s so expensive. But I’ve heard it’s worth it, so I may just take the plunge one day and buy it.
My hair is dry and frizzy, and hair oil has become it’s saviour, because of the way it feeds it and makes it shine. I’ve only tried out two great ones that I thought I’d quickly review today, and these are the Avon & L’oreal ones.
First of all, I love the smell and packaging of both, they’re so lovely! The Avon one is blue and gold, and the L’oreal one is simply gold.
The Avob hair oil is fantastic if you worry about getting greasy hair. You can slather loads on but it won’t get greasy, it’s just nourishing. I put this on dry hair, slept with it in overnight, and by the morning it felt and looked gorgeous. This is also very affordable.
Onto the L’oreal one now. This is slightly thicker and feels a slight bit heavier on your hair than the Avon one. Although, it really helps with frizz and smoothing out your locks, and the heaviness doesn’t last for long. It’s really great because you barely need much, so it lasts you a long time. I think this retails for about £3-£8, not sure though, so don’t quote me on that.
What are your favourite hair oils? Do you use any that I use? Is the Moroccan oil worth it?
Thanks for reading!

Kavi xoxloreal-elvive-extraordinary-oil hair oil


12 thoughts on “My favourite Hair Oils

  1. isthatolivia says:

    I actually work part time in a hair salon and we stock the Moroccan oils. They’re defiantly worth the extra investment. We get people asking about them all the time and do seem like the latest craze ☺️ But yes, I would say to get the light version instead of the original because it doesn’t feel as heavy on the hair. They should help out with dry, frizzy hair though. ☺️ x

  2. anastasiias says:

    I didn’t try any of those . I wanted to try Loreal one, but I didn’t have it in stores in my country only online. And I bought Loreal professional Mythic oil. And few months later this elvive oil appeared in stores and I already have different one. Mine is twice expensive I think, btu I read review that they are kinda the same, someone like Elvive more because of smell, but they are two similar from cheaper and more expensive. Actually it makes sense as they are both from Loreal.

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