Chevron Nail Tutorial (Autumn Inspired)

Hey everybody! Hope you are all having a nice weekend!

photo 3
Today I’m doing a nail tutorial, which I haven’t done in ages! This one is pretty cool, stylish, but also it’s very easy and autumn inspired!
You can do this manicure with any colours   of your choice, but as autumn has decided to pop up, I thought I would incorporate some darker colours.

photo 2
I used this lovely purple berry colour for the base colour, which I got from my friend Emily in a giveaway! I actually really like it, even though it’s from 17 (me and that brand don’t really get along), it’s such a nice rich purple but it’s not too dark, if you get what I mean?
Then I contrasted the purple with a cool metallic gold colour and black, for detailing.
So now I’ll actually teach you what to do to create this chevron autumn inspired nail art!
Firstly, apply a base coat. The reason you apply a base coat is so that your nails don’t get stained once you take the polish off. The one I use is from Revlon but it’s quite old now so it is veryyyy gloopy. It’s time to get a new one Kavi!
Then, choose your base colour. Like I said, I’m using 17s Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Royal Indigo. I applied 3 coats of that to get the desired colour I wanted. You can use any colour you like, but I really wanted a darker colour this time so I went for a purple.

photo 1
After the nails are completely dry, get a metallic colour such as the gold one from enchant. You now need to paint a triangle on the nail. Make sure to start at the tip. Wait for the triangle to dry.
Then, using a black striper/thin brush, inside the gold triangle draw a V shape. At the tip of the nail, draw a tiny black triangle.
Lastly, seal your nails with a topcoat for added shine and no chipping.
That’s all you need to do to create this nail look, so easy right? 🙂
You don’t need any skill to create this look, just nail polish!
I hope you enjoyed reading! Don’t forget to follow so you don’t miss out on any more nail art!
Kavs xox


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