GlossyBox September 2013 Review

Today I’m back with my last GlossyBox from my 3 month subscription, sob 😥
Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to review it as everyone likes to hear about it. I will also be giving a short review on GlossyBox in general at the end, so make sure you stay tuned for that!
This months GlossyBox is the London edition. The box has a Union Jack on the front and is blue. I am completely in love with the packaging, it’s by far the best looking GlossyBox I’ve seen.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4 (3)

photo 1 (2)

The goodies are wrapped in a gorgeous red wrapping paper with cute little drawings of things that resemble Britain.

photo 2
Instead of just coming with the usual leaflet about the products, it comes with the leaflet AND a GlossyBox magazine! It talks about the latest trends, new products and has a few interviews too! Love this new addition to the box!

photo 5
Now onto what’s actually in the box.

photo 4
Here is a list of the products that it contains:
~Eyelure Pre-Glued Eyelashes, £5.06
~ Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips, full size £11.50 for 15ml
~ Elizabeth Arden Untold Perfume, £69 for 100ml
~ TONI&GUY HairMeetWardbrobe Classic Shine & Gloss Serum (Limited Edition), £7.19 for 30ml
~ Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Onyx Eyeliner, $14 for 3g

Now I’m going to review each product.
First up, the Eyelure Eyelashes.

photo 2 (3)

I think it’s nice that they are pre-glued, but it’s not very helpful for me as I can’t seem to get these kind of eyelashes to stick. Luckily, I have some lash adhesive so I can always use that when I wear these. The lashes themselves are quite nice, instead of being single stranded they have a few lashes feathering out of each chunk, if that makes sense?!

Next is this Lip Balm.

photo 5 (2)

I’ve heard a lot about this brand and this lip balm, so I’m excited to try this out. However, the name is slightly putting offish. Then again, it’s made to multi task. GlossyBox claims it can be used for the following:

– Chapped lips
– Burns & Abrasions
– Minor Incisions
– Cuticles
– Eczema
– Dry patches
– Mixing Pigments & eye glitter
– Shaping Eyebrows
– ‘Last minute Shoe Polish’ ?!

So I haven’t tried this out yet purely because I have too many lip balms that I am trying to get through, so I don’t want to open it for the sake of it, if you know what I mean?? Also, I was rather disappointed that I received this instead of what else was on offer- either a Rimmel stay blushed cheek tint or a HD Brows Bronzer. This product has the value of £2, and the bronzer has the value of £19. Oh well, I was curious to try out this lip balm so I guess it’s good for me.

Next up, the perfume from Elizabeth Arden!

photo 1 (3)

Boy, was I excited to see this brand when I opened the box! This gorgeous, unique little glass perfume bottle stands on my dressing table with a sense of class and elegance. Perfect.

The smell is a lovely, floral & feminine scent, with fruity yet warm tones in it. Great for nights out!
Also, GlossyBox was kind enough to offer subscribers a free 100ml Untold body lotion! I shall definitely be claiming it!

The fourth product in my GlossyBox is this hair serum from TONI&GUY.

photo 3 (3)

I really am looking forward to using this again and again, because not only is the scent lovely, but it is meant to be used on dry hair, which is the kind of serum I like! Yay!

The last product is an American product that is best selling and has brilliant reviews on. It is a felt tip eyeliner that is very 2 (2)

It doesn’t release too much product and the nib doesn’t move too much, which is great if you need to reach near your inner corner or you are prone to smudges. I really like this product because you can create tiny thin lines which are great if you just need to create the appearance of a thicker lash line. However, by using a bit more pressure you can create that bold, feline flick that has been seen on the catwalk a lot lately.

I was nearly at the end of my Collection 2000 (Collection) eyeliner so I’m glad I got the chance to try out this!
That’s all I received in this months GlossyBox, but now I’m going to do an overall review on the GlossyBox in general.
If you always like to try out different products, drugstore or high end, skin care or make up, or you simply love beauty, GlossyBox is the beauty box for you. If you don’t mind spending £12 on a box full of 5 or more beauty goodies that have the value of £25 and up, then I would definitely recommend it. I really don’t want my GlossyBox subscription to end as I love trying out new products that I wouldn’t usually, but the best part is the surprise and excitement of seeing what’s in there!
Thank you to my parents who bought me the 3 month subscription, I really loved it!
Thanks for reading! What did you get in your GlossyBox?
Don’t forget to follow me for more beauty!
Kavi xox


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