Help- Best Highlighter??

HELP- Best drugstore highlighter??
Hi guys, quick post today because I just need your opinion. I’m looking for a highlighter that makes you look really glowing and healthy because I don’t like the one I have at the moment, which has big glitter chunks in so it don’t look so good (that’s Poundland for ya :D).
I want an affordable/drugstore highlighter, so I was thinking on getting the sleek contour kit, which comes with a matte contour and blush as well as a highlighter, of course!
If you have any recommendations, please let me know by commenting on this post. I’d love if this became a group discussion, where we reply to each other about our thoughts and opinions of each one! Please feel free to comment, as I really need your opinion and love talking to you all.
Thank you so much!
Kavi xox


20 thoughts on “Help- Best Highlighter??

    • Kavi says:

      Yeah I’m always debating with myself whether to take the plunge and buy that one, as it’s had so much hype! Is it really glittery or does it have big shimmer chunks in? And also, would soft and gentle suit my skin type as I have darker skin?? X

      • Ashley says:

        Soft & Gentle is very shimmery and doesn’t have any large chunks so it applies smoothly. My sister’s skin is a lot darker than mine and I’ve used it on her before and it looks great. If you have a MAC store close to you I would suggest going in and playing with it to get a better feel for the product.

  1. hiddenbeauty123 says:

    I use the topshop one in sunbeam which is a golden highlighter, but they also have the moonbeam one which is a pinky one. They are both £10, which seems a lot but you really do not use much so I can see this lasting me for about a year!

  2. The Polka Dot Poppet says:

    The MUA highlighter is very pretty if you want a powder highlighter and about £3. Or the MeMeMe Highlighter is a liquid and about £5??? XXx

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