There’s Lead In Your Lipstick?!

There’s lead in your lip products?! What, no!! I must have read wrong!
The shocking title is right. If you own any lip products (that includes- lip balms, lip gloss, lipstain, lipstick) then there is a 50/50 chance that it contains lead. Lead can build up to cancer or other Illnesses in the long term. So If we can avoid it some way, why not? I know you lippie addicts will probably exit this post straight away, like I did when I saw an article about it, but really, when it comes in the long term of living longer, why not help yourself?
And I’ll tell you how to find out if there is or not.
Lead, the stuff you use to write with, is harmful and can poison you. Lead-in lipstick?? No! Yes. It’s been proven and I’ve also seen it myself. And you can see it yourself, by doing this simple test:
You will need:
– Lip products
– Foil/Aluminium paper
– Tissues

Using the shiny side of your foil, squeeze a small amount of your lip product, an using a tissue rub the product in circular motions for 15 seconds. If the tissue turns black or grey or a dark colour, it means that that lip product contains lead in.
Over half of my lip products contain lead. Here are the products that do contain lead:

photo 1

I was so disappointed to find Burts Bees, MUA, Maybelline and L’oreal amongst the lead lippies. I would definitely watch out for the products that claim to be long lasting, as these ones seem to contain the most lead.

Here are the products that do not contain lead:

photo 2

I was surprised to find that a lot of the cheaper brands were the ones that DIDN’T contain lead. Strange :/

Anyway, I hope you will try this out. I will be throwing a few of the lip products I do not use much away, but I’m sure like many of you, I won’t be able to throw away all of them.
A little disclaimer: I’m not saying that you must do this test and must throw away all of your lip products out either, I’m simply making you aware/warning you. It’s up to you whether you try it or not though πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading,
Kavi xox


32 thoughts on “There’s Lead In Your Lipstick?!

  1. tamsnakedbeauty says:

    I’ve given up worrying about cancer lol if i’m gonna get I’m gonna get it, according to the press EVERYTHING causes cancer so I decided to ignore the lot of it (not that I smoke or anything) and enjoy my life now and worry about if I ever do get it lol

  2. thetrickyniki says:

    Noooo! Dont get rid of your lipsticks! I am a materials engineering students and the science of materials in cosmetics is something I love.

    Normally lead comes in lead compounds in products like cosmetics. The addition of lead is usually for colouring I believe so its also used in food (possibly clothing). Normally an agency approves these products as it has a range for how much lead is acceptable. The lead compounds in cosmetics are usually tiny and inorganic, which means your body cannot synthesise it or use any of the lead. So don’t worry, it won’t cause harm. Most things these days are carcinogenic to be honest but dont let that put you off πŸ™‚

    Its really good to be aware of what goes into your make up though!

    • Kavi says:

      Wow! Seems like you’ve got a great interest/study/job! Thanks so much for clearing this for me, I will be updating my blog post as soon as possible to clear the air! Honestly, I’ve been kind of confused with a mix of feedback… And snopes didn’t clear it for me either! Thank you x

      • thetrickyniki says:

        Its a great article, if you research it on Google you will find lots of stuff on it. I would find you a link but Im on my phone at the moment. Its definitely good to know what goes into your beauty products and as a materials student Im always happy to see people take an interest in my field of study πŸ˜€

  3. kater123 says:

    This is a great post to raise awarness of this, how ever (and i know other people have commented on this) the anount of lead in the products is very small and would cause no health problems, so don’t get worried about it or that could harm u more than the lead would! Also, they’ve took lead out of most products including pencils.

  4. The Legal BombSHELL says:

    Reblogged this on The Legal BombSHELLβ„’ and commented:
    After seeing this post by the fabulous Kavi, I had to share it with you Bombshells. I’m a huge fan of lipsticks and lipglosses, so it pains me that there might actually be lead in some of them and I’ll be forced to stop using them. I’ll definitely be trying this test later tonight and seeing which products make the cut. Thanks for the heads up Kavi!

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