How to get MASSIVE eyelashes!

Hey everyone!

Recently I have been experimenting with my (many) mascaras, and I managed to achieve these massive, voluminous, long lashes! Honestly, they are so big and dramatic, you wouldn’t need to wear any other make up at all!

photo 1

Now, I know some people may hate this look, but sometimes when you don’t want to go all out on a full on/heavy eye make up look, this is great because it only brings focus to your eyes.

So is what I do: I start by curling my eyelashes using an eyelash curler from fcuk.

Next, I will roll through my lashes using Clinique’s High impact mascara in Black. And then I will run it through my lashes again with more mascara. I will keep building this up until my eyelashes look longer, and clump free.

After, I will apply EstΓ©e Lauders Projectionist mascara. This really helps the lashes to stand out and also, it gives them a lovely fluttery effect too. I can’t stress enough about the wand on this-it’s extremely long so it’s fantastic for reaching hard to get to places on your eye.

Then, I will build up the volume by using L’oreal’s Volume Million Lashes mascara. I love the brush on this mascara because it really pulls at your lashes, and gets to the roots, coating them in black. It slowly builds volume, but also, it is clump free! This is perfect to apply last because it makes your lashes look feathery and long. And my one has glitter in too-great for a glamorous finishing touch! I just keep wiggling the mascara wand and blinking my lashes until I have got the massive desired effect.

For my bottom lashes, I will use The Bosy Shop Super Volume Mascara, as this has a small brush. I don’t like this mascara much, but it is good for bottom eyelashes. Lastly I will run an eyelash comb through my lashes and get rid of the clumps.

And that is how you get massive eyelashes. Obviously you do not have to use these exact mascaras, but I certainly recommend them! Thanks for reading! Follow for a cyber hug! Kavi xox


13 thoughts on “How to get MASSIVE eyelashes!

  1. Organic Makeup Girl says:

    Wow that’s quite the eyelash process you have going there! I’d like to share with you something much easier that give the same effect. This mascara
    is the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara made with green tea fibers. It comes with 2 products, the gel with the colour in it and the fibers. You apply the gel first then apply the fibers while the gel is still wet, then seal with the gel again. DONE! Amazing lashes. You could layer it if you want… but the one coat I find is quite dramatic as it is. Feel free to check my facebook page for photos of it as I can’t post photos here! This mascara is also fairly waterproof and sweatproof and won’t leave black eyes when washing it off!! There’s a great one with one eye wearing 3D Fiber Lash Mascara and the other wearing another mineral based mascara brand with 2 coats.

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