Fun Summer Toenail Art Tutorial

Hey! Today I’m going to do another nail tutorial for you all! I love nail art and being creative, and now it’s summer I have the best excuse to be doing my nails all the time!
One of my favourite nail designs I have created this summer, is this super simple rainbow pedicure!
Personally, I think getting your toenails to look decent with nail art is quite tricky. But I managed to do a design that makes every foot look nice and gives a pop to each skin colour! It’s also amazingly simple, literally anyone can do it!

photo 3

You will need:
– White Nail Varnish (Base Colour)

– Lots of different, bright colours (I used the rainbow for inspiration)

– A dotting tool or toothpick

1. Start by painting your toenails white. I like to do two coats to make the colour opaque.
2. Next, dip your dotting tool/toothpick into one of your colours. Then draw dots across your nails, going in an upwards diagonal motion.
3. Repeat with each other colour, next to the dots you just did.
4. Lastly, for extra shine, add a topcoat. My absolute favourite has to be No.7’s Stay Perfect Topcoat. It makes you nails so shiny and gel like, and lasts for longer time too

And that is it! I know right, it’s so simple! You do NOT need a steady hand for this, you just need enough colours!
I wanted to do this tutorial for summer but also for complete nail art beginners!
I hope you enjoyed reading!
Like this post for more summer nail art!
Lots of love,
Kavi xox

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